Life Lessons, Part 6

Today in LESSONS OF LIFE “The Idiocy” How many times in life you feel an idiot In 90 of cases we think so, but always that 10 in which we feel: idiots, imbeciles, or total stupid … What would those maxims of estupides In my case … the flia front of the TV and I back with video cables in hand … just fucking whores are 3 entrances: one white, one yellow and one red … supposedly would go in the hole of his color … but NO! … not that simple … because God made us things so easy … came to this world to learn and that’s what I try to do and I want you to do through these “life lessons” … well … I still …. here is where we feel more stupid … look at the cable … look at the holes .. and for no reason … we started to talk: “Damn you, damn cable irias here!” The cable you look dumb … no answer …so it slips through your hands … And on top manuals !!!… I went to my grandmother who bought a new refrigerator … well … How can a fridge comes with many manuals Do you realize the folly A manual for that … to open it, remove ice, look Ablaj and shout “Who the fuck ate yoghurt ! ! !”… ( !) FiN Click here yours below

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