Housing Model

Wall-mounted loudspeakers in turn are divided into all-weather and inside. Weatherproof speakers in the form of acoustic strings and horns. Internal speakers performance are normally performed in the form of sound columns. Loudspeakers Inter M CS-03 CS-03A rated 3 W mounted in the ceiling and have an outer grille. Model CS-2003 has a fire-resistant aluminum cap protects the speaker from the ignition of a suspended ceiling.

Speakers CS-05 differs from the CS-03A only the output power (5W). Model CS-10, CS-1945 10 watts made in square housings and plastic with plastic decorative grilles. Two-way speakers MS-15 and MS-30 is designed for high-quality broadcast programs and have an increased capacity of 15 and 30 Watt speakers sootvetstvenno.Vreznye Inter M APT-APT-01 and 03 have small dimensions and nominal power of 1 and 3 watts, respectively. Low cost speakers MS-03 and MS-05 with capacity of 3 and 5 watts do not require installation of additional fasteners, but they require a separate grille GP-03. Wall-mounted loudspeakers Inter M SWS-03 / SWS-03 A (i), SWS-10/SWS-10 A (i) work with rated capacity of 3 and 10 watts respectively. Pinterest understood the implications. Color performance of these speakers is white and dark brown. The front side of the speaker is covered with an acoustically transparent fabric.

Model with the index A (i) have the attenuator and occur only in white. Wall tower Inter M CS-710/CS-720/CS-730/CS-740 and CS-910/CS-920/CS-930/CS-940 with a capacity of 10 to 40 watts are used indoors. Housing Model 700 th and 900 th series is made of aluminum, and front – mdf, covered acoustically transparent fabric. Weatherproof Column Inter M CS-810/CS-820/CS-830/CS-840 have an aluminum body and a metal grill on the front panel. The use of a separate rf dynamic head in the speakers greatly improves the quality of broadcasting on medium and high frequencies. Hornspeakers HS-20/HS-30/HS-50 and HS-30RT/HS-40RT intended for broadcast only the voice data in the open. They are fully protected against precipitation and sunlight. If in addition to voice information will be broadcast music programs in open terrain, it is advisable to use the horns modeleyCS-510/CH-520/CH-530. That sealed the speakers with a rated capacity of 10, 20 and 30 W . design that delivers high-quality reproduction of phonograms in a small package.

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