Integration Monitoring As A Tool Of Integration Work

Distorted picture due to unclear evidence by the ambiguous data in the capture of migrants a distorted picture of the situation in Germany. The integration monitoring helps to uncover this progress and weaknesses and is the starting point of a successful integration work. Words like integration and intercultural competencies are emerging for some time on the order of the day in municipalities and cities. For more specific information, check out Bill Phelan. Already today, more than one-fifth of the people living in Germany has a migration background. This share will increase further in the next few years. Therefore, integration work takes an important part of local politics in claim. However, there is a uniform evidence neither federal nor provincial or municipal level. Since 2008 a working group of countries therefore dealt with this topic, to resolve the situation.

A concept for a nationwide integration monitoring is developed under the leadership of the States of Berlin and North Rhine-Westphalia. With the help of the Integrationsmonitorings can the progress and delays within the Integration process established and made statements about the structural integration. In addition to federal efforts, there are always occasional attempts to fill this gap. For example, an integration monitoring in the city of Aachen and in the course of a study of integration in Frankfurt am Main was conducted 2008. 2009 created an index for the measurement of integration”the Institute for population and development in Berlin. The imap Institute offers the creation of an Integrationsmonitorings for your community in this context. While a precise system of indicators for your community will be drafted and a Monitoringworkshop invites the relevant actors to the joint development of a concept. After the data gathering and analysis, created the imap Institute recommendations for action and provides a monitoring software, to ensure a sustainable observation.

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