The Republics of Grenada and Dominica and the British colony of Montserrat, Venezuelan claims sovereignty over Aves Island, at about 500 km from Caracas and 100 of Dominica, the existence and award (which began that it was part Captaincy General of Venezuela) from the Republic makes it be the country with more land on the Caribbean Sea as well as the countries with coasts on the same island is the geostrategic importance, because although it is semi-submerged and is not bigger than one hectare, there is a Venezuelan military base research, communication and protection, there is military presence in Venezuela since 1865.
Frigates Misilisticas ARV Mariscal Sucre (F-21) and General ARV Salom (F-25) of the Navy of Venezuela, were protagonists in the incident along with the F-16.
Colombia claims sovereignty over a part of territorial waters and submarine in the Gulf of Venezuela, according to its interpretation of the colonial and documents related to these waters of the Guajira Peninsula. Venezuela claims the ownership of the vast majority of the waters of the Gulf, as the Los Monjes archipelago of Venezuelan sovereignty, is within those waters and said that during the Treaty of Peace and Friendship signed Queen Elizabeth II of England, on March 30, 1845, is recognized as free nations to Venezuela, sovereign and independent, referred all other provinces and territories and islands which he would be in the Gulf that includes, among other federal agencies. The dispute remains unresolved and since the late nineteenth century, Venezuela has a greater presence and exercised control over most of the waters of the Gulf.

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