Karaoke installed in churches to encourage church members to sing

A volunteer edges projected on the screen of the church. (Hugo Fernandez) The parish of St. Pauli of Nola, in Barcelona, is one. It has made large screen projections. 90 of the customers follow them. Before, only sang the Alleluia, from September, 90 of the parishioners of St. Pauli Barcelona Nola, in the district of Sants-Montju c, to interpret all the 200 songs that projects a karaoke. This is not the only case that is in Barcelona, also in the parish of Sant Joan Bosco, on the Avenida Meridiana, is serving a similar system. The rector of St. Pauli of Nola, 20 minutes explained that copied the idea of the parish of Sant Llop, Sant Andreu de la Barca (Barcelona), but “in the Basque country and in Canada it is common to find it.”Also in Madrid. Big letters Parishioners desemesuradamente read the letters on a large screen is installed above the altar. For nearly 6×4 feet and cost more than 2,700 euros. “If you sing before 50 of the parishioners now do over 90 ,” the rector said, laughing. He insists that “the display is an auxiliary element because it can distract people.” Each song, a design>> Read more

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