Learn Singing People

If you have questions, the majority of people will tell you that they like this or which singer because she has a good voice or because he sings well. What actually happens is that the way of singing which has, both for her voice and by its presence as well as for his show, by its melody and by its lyrics, produces emotions that like his public and his fans. Said another way, when like someone sings as an interpreter what you mean is that the interpreter produces emotions that he likes. There is the story of a flutist who visit a town infested with rats and offers the people get rid of them in exchange for a certain amount. The town, desperate, agrees, and flutist launches a very peculiar plan to get rid of the rats. What happens is that the pied music has the power to hypnotize the rats which haunted continue flautist who takes them to a river where die drowned.

Once finished with the problem of rats, flutist returns to the city to collect his money. However, when she reaches the town, people, already without the problem of rats, does not want to pay him with the excuse of that resolve the problem or even cost him so much work. People refuse to pay him and make him leave the city. Annoying, the flutist returns to the city, now at night, and begin again playing his flute with what now hypnotizes the village children (without waking the adults) and brings them to the forest. The next morning, the villagers see that children have disappeared and afternoon flutist appears and tells people that if they want to see the children will pay. Of course, this story has several morals but what I want to talk about is that hypnotic effect that has good music, that forces us to move your body and makes us feel alive, makes us laugh or cry that I want to talk about you, how you can too that your audience will fall in love with your way of singing.

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