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So nice the heat of summer and the colorful diversity of nature in the autumn are the winter months also have their appeal. Heilbronn/Leingarten, 8 October 2013: after a day spent strolling through the frosty winter forest home to come and warm up with a hot beverage, enlivened the well-being. To cuddle when it outside storms and snows, spoils the soul comfortably in the sofa by candlelight. Or to have his fun with the snowmen and a snowball fight, to go ski or sled, all include the wonderful winter time. The magical mood prevailed in the world of Visual Merchandising in the winter season in the nature. Decoration specialist Worner 2013 presents the latest trends in the current catalogue fall/Christmas in fully designed winter scenes, which provide for suggestions or invite to decorate, too. The traditional winter colors such as blue in all shades, as well as cold, pure white are the classics in winter arrangements. Associations with the skiing or sledding, a trip to the Arctic or typical winter animal encounters are wanted.

Owls, polar bears, moose, penguins or a Yeti in combination can with branches, snow ball chains, be glittered Icicle beading or white Dekoranken quick magical winter scenarios create. The so-called Paulson”in knitting and faux fur clothing fits perfectly into a cottage scene with wooden skis, antique finish wood boxes and fluffy faux fur raccoon look. An unusual and striking Dekovariante is the frozen room. Icicles and snow crystals hanging from the ceiling. Chairs sprayed with snow spray, a table covered with white pile grass, icy candle holders, table lamps and coffee cups are surrounded by frost. Together with the textile printing old house”as a backdrop is a cinematic decoration, which exudes the icy and fascinating charm.

But the reality of winter can be obtained in the showcase. Bring a winter roads banner, tire tracks or tires displays, blocks of ice and Scatterschnee real Street in the showrooms. Safety cones and road blocks make the illusion perfect signs. And also the cool winter in some color is replaced, the colorful ethnic style with its traditional mix of patterns as colourful eye-catcher, which positioned itself as warm counterpart to the cold winter tones. This trend is wonderful in combination with a Sorrel fur blanket, ethno flowers and glistening sequin chain. The winter can come! The current catalogue fall/Christmas 2013 and the webshop under give ideas for exciting decoration concepts. The following download link interested for free publication see pictures on winter trends 2013 “. PR/2013_09_30_Wintertrends2013.zip image Note: contact for the media: Heinrich Woerner GmbH Liebig Street 37 74211 Leingarten Tel. ++49(0) 7131 40 64-621 PR/public relations: Astrid link email: marketing: Alexandra Novac email: ad: Stefanie Roth email:

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