Little Superstar Little

Little Superstar Little Superstar is an Internet phenomenon, consisting of a video Thavakalai, an Indian actor, dancing a remix of MC Miker G DJ Sven of the Madonna song Holiday, in a fragment of the film in Tamil Adhisaya Piravi (1990 ), starring Rajinikanth. Internet has also appeared in several video mashups using tracks from Cypress Hill, Michael Jackson and others. The film is from India and is a product of the film industry in Chennai, also known as Kollywood. The small person appearing in the clip is actually an adult actor and has appeared in several movies. The video has been posted on YouTube, where Tom on Myspace bulletins on the E! TV The Soup, the MSNBC program Countdown with Keith Olbermann and Tucker on the agenda of G4TV’s Attack of the Show! and elsewhere, besides being parodied on Saturday Night Live. There are other videos Thavakalai fighting.Recently, the actor Thavakalai has choreographed a dance scene in an advertisement for Doritos Tandoori Sizzler! seen in Canada, which was filmed in India.

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