More IT Jobs And Jobs In The First Half Of 2007

The big slump is over. Even since last year, the number of vacancies in the IT sector is rising again. In 2000, the gloomy moment had arrived. Suddenly, the big bubble burst, the industry was back in reality. Many software developers and database professionals found himself on the road again – without a job. But for over a year of breakthrough is made, and slowly increase the vacancies. The professionals are becoming scarcer. Not only in the increase of jobs in the online job markets announced the recovery in the IT industry. In its latest industry index from April 2007 Bitkom’s members, according to a survey of around 200 000 vacant posts. Within the survey 54% of companies surveyed indicated that lack of staff affects the business. The percentage of firms for the current year plan an increase in staff increased to 55%. Good for the candidate. Just Applicants who hold a presentable final have good cards. Indeed, in comparison to the IT boom in theMillennium, the recruiters have become more selective. In the training, it plays less of a role in whether the candidate has completed a course of study or vocational training. In the training, the practical approach is a positive point for the candidate. Professional practice is generally an important criterion for a new hire. For graduates, it is much more difficult in a firm foothold as for candidates have already been around for at least 2 years professional experience. Increasingly important for companies will provide a solid knowledge of foreign languages. Especially in the IT industry, globalization is progressing well paced. Without English language skills are the best candidates have therefore very difficult. If the boom continues, it will not last long, and companies are increasingly calling for foreign professionals. There are still jobs for foreign applicants on fixed criteria. Who from a non-EU country comes and wants to be settled in Germany must be able to demonstrate a minimum income of 85,000 euros per year. For a beginner a serious hurdle. ViewedIf the recruitment needs of employers, the opportunities for software developers and IT consultants come from the best. You are currently in the firms most in demand. How long the boom will continue for the industry is uncertain. Adhere to the economic growth, and hence the investment in IT, so will go the “pink” periods for candidates not so quick to end Federal Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media *

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