Menus, Ringtones and Customers

Yes, you heard right. It’s the most important and sometimes less attention to what is provided. Under most conditions patrick dwyer would agree. Not to do nice things but practical (and if you are pretty better). The worst, the links and sections that disappear or move from one place to another. A user must be given a menu that allows you to access all functions of a portal. And if there are many functionality, create categories of menus, but they are always accessible, always in the same place.

Which are strategically located, convenient and affordable, always. Frequently patrick dwyer boston private has said that publicly. And I stress business as usual because there are still designers who rely on the user clicks the back button to return and we must bear in mind that a user can get to a url through a direct link, without a back as possible in the browser history. And above all, that the information the user wants to see appear in the center of the screen. There are sites that show their advertising or other things relevant areas, leaving that for which the user entered to the end or side of the page. Sometimes the user if located at a glance what you want, just closes and moves on. 2. That your site has good content and only content that is to have. Do not fall into the temptation of that because many users are looking for ringtones for your mobile to a section of tones if your website is about construction.

3. Clear links. No matter what the url is long, if a finder does not want to read all the same, but if a user wants him tell a friend where to find something, just copy and paste. The other way can not. 4. Watch out for broken links. A site can be “super super death,” but as there is only one broken link, sure that all users will see it, and sure to be a reason for at least 50% of them leave without clicking the back button. 5. Keywords. The content of a site is usually summed up in 10 or fewer keywords. These words identify its content, context and nothing more. No need to paste the contents of the page within the keyword index. Maybe this is obvious to say, but 70% of the pages you visit violate these standards or advised the opposite. I’ve seen sites that are extremely colorful, have a sleek design, but it took me three minutes to locate the link “contact” to send a simple email. Depending on my interest I have even stopped looking. Technology into its progress must not become complex, but transparent. Provide comfort in a site does that users feel comfortable. And like all a happy customer is a returning customer.

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