Secure Sockets Layer

Every time you have to leave your details and your card in a form make sure sites are secure payment platforms SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). These sites have a protocol that renders the encrypted information and allows further decoding and authentication of data by transmitting messages that are 100% safe. Patrick dempsey helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. There is a free tool at your disposal and I recommend, is called Iconix eMail once you install this tool PC, it shows an icon for each message that arrives in your inbox and this will tell you that it is a safe place. Contact information is here: patrick mbali. It can be used both in Firefox and in Explorer and any web-mail account you own. Works only with sites that have subscribed, but the best known are all. If you have any message that you think is questionable and not the Security icon, simply delete. A standard used by most of the places that can be reliable, is that you will be asked to subscribe so you spend to integrate its customer data base, and in this process there is always an exchange of email between the site and your web address -mail where you must accept and thus confirm the link established between the two points. Then you will need to log in to access the site by entering your username and password.

After completing your purchase with your card you will be directed to a payment page which contains in detail the operation you just did, I recommend that you get used to print these pages so that a check will be printed where it is documented details of the purchase and payment. It is also recommended that the passwords you use on these sites would not be repeated (which does not use anywhere else), try to always be alphanumeric combinations, ingenious and preferably use passwords that do not include a number of the combination of your document or your date of birth. Finally: Do not be left in doubt before the operation, email and all that you query before setting it seems doubtful, no one hurries. Querying is also a way to verify the authenticity and good intentions, all good businessman trying to preserve the business relationship with the client first and foremost, and for that, be willing to assist you as you deserve and clear your doubts.

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