Moraes Education

She is necessary to review the form as the resume if structure today for then thinking ways to intervine and to move. Pablo Freire (1996) if did not limit to analyze as they are the education and the pedagogia, but he shows a theory of as they must theoretically be understood and as if she must act through a Liberating called education. For it, education is a meeting between interlocutors, that is, a solidary EU-TU, sharing to know, that they look for in the act to know the significao of the reality and in the prxis the power of the transformation. If you would like to know more then you should visit Hyundai. Moraes (2011) observes that for the educator it is difficult historically to desconstruir rooted conceptions in the pedagogical culture, ‘ ‘ conceptions these historically partilhadas in dynamic of escola’ ‘ (P. 132).

However, the author affirms that different of the traditional conceptions that develop techniques of as to elaborate a resume, the critical perspective if she configures in what the resume makes. Then we cannot sacrifice the school for its actions, and yes, from what it makes, to consider ‘ ‘ … experiences and practical emancipatrias that allow in them to take off the education of the witness stand and to place it as possible generating of democratic subjetividades and transforming reflectivities … urces. ‘ ‘ (GARCI’A; CINELLI, 2007, P. 14, apud MORAES, 2011, P. 134). I think that the resume must be including, dynamic and flexible. It must respect differences, diversities, have clear objectives, r.

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