Network Marketing

Here comes the era of network marketing. You sell a program for $ 19.95, but get with it, taking into account commissions, not $ 17 as in the direct sales and $ 11, and the remaining $ 6 gets the affiliate. Whenever Pinterest listens, a sympathetic response will follow. That is your profit with one copy obtained by smaller, but for through traffic, you get more profits as a whole. Here is another plus. When you have a correctly-functioning network of dealers, where the dealer can become almost anyone you can not focus on sales and on completion product to the mind and the new versions are released.

Network Marketing – it’s the same social network, but only in the plane of sales. Here, too, have their own circles, have the same laws by which through 5 chains you can sell your goods to any resident planet, and so on. Gets a job in selling their services to you, first of all, should not look at improving the product and its marketing. And when the sales tied a lot of familiar people, then you can safely work on quality, and buyers will be. For instance, if you have developed our own CMS, which is even an order of magnitude better known to all Bitrix, then to win the market with this system you will have to sweat and nonweak so. Therefore, if You will do this on their own, then this process can be very long, but if you build sales, and will themselves Quality, then the market will win by itself.

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