Over 155 Million Websites Worldwide

According to the Internet service provider Netcraft, measured since 1995, the growth of the Web sites in January 2008, there are more than 155 million websites worldwide. Following growth of 5.6 million pages in December 2007 was 354,000 new registrations in January with a clear first registered weaker growth. Nevertheless, growth in 2007, the number of sites by almost 50 million pages. The largest number of sites is managed according to Netcraft in the USA, Germany, China, South Korea and Japan. However, less than half of the sites is also “active”. Netcraft Web sites including, of course are actually used and updated. The number of websites with de-domain has increased since the beginning of 2007 of approximately 10.5 million to nearly 12 million. More than half of German companies make profits in the operation of commercial websites and this proportion will increase in coming years. Thus, after the collapse of the Internet boom to the beginning of the new millennium, the growth trend of returning to the industry. In addition to theincreasing number of national websites and online shops now owns a majority of medium-sized local businesses and informative websites. In addition, more and more websites of sports and recreation clubs, and other artists and individuals. To increase the perception of one’s own website on the Internet, there are many opportunities that are captured by the term e-marketing. The mostly first and best known measure is the entry in catalogs. These are filling up now so that here also threatens the overview is lost, if not to create the appropriate categories and subcategories. This in turn can quickly lead to a confusion that the “casual surfer” on the Internet overwhelmed. In the now newly launched Web portal simple-link.de provided all websites and events so that they are accessible by only “2 clicks from the home screen. Through the concept of local bulletin boards here is a web portal for web pages before, whose reputationshould be increased especially regionally. Moreover, it is the ideal portal for regional event announcements. The basic principle of a classical whiteboard is to obtain maximum information density by optimizing the utilization of available surface. Notice boards are visually learn and live by their ever-changing content. Clarity, variety and timeliness distinguish a good whiteboard. These principles have been implemented by simple-link.de for the Internet. Sun is available for every town and district of Germany, a virtual whiteboard available, are arranged on each of a website and an event portal. This website portal gives all Web site operators the opportunity to advertise their websites in a graphically appealing format. These surfaces can be rented in various sizes and formats on the bulletin boards are decorated with pictures and graphics, and even provided with an information line (tooltip). This advertising space is directly linked to the website with one click. The arrangement of theImages and graphics automatically, creating a colorful compilation of results on the bulletin boards. In the event portal events using text and images are published. The difference in color composition of the various categories (stage, music, kids us.w.) increases the clarity and facilitates orientation.

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