Viiv Entertainment Organized

Intel looks of developing their own way out of the Viiv devices jungle. Instead of how far many players ready for a variety of file and disk formats, the user should be central in the future, all media from a computer system with Intel-manage technology. The terminals can be distributed here in the house and get their data over the network, if necessary, of course, wireless. If a device is not a file stored on the Media Center can handle, it allows the Windows XP Media Center Edition system on the main computer to convert the data automatically while playing in a suitable format. To do it in real time, the Viiv system is equipped with a powerful processor. This allows, for example, on the normal Viiv-DVD players and HD movies play scaled-down, or listen on the Viiv-MP3 player music, which actually exists on CD. Optionally, the Viiv Media Center PC can also be equipped with a TV tuner card for analog or digital television received on terminals. distribute Great emphasis was placed on the development of Viiv to supporting the latest video and audio formats, so that should also be due to digital rights management (DRM) format is generally no problem. In the latest transmission standards are supported, HD sets and Dolby 5.1 sound systems can be connected.

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