Professor Hofer Per Hademar Prevention!

Professor Hademar Hofer is the first celebrity, who advocates more Health in Germany through its participation in the campaign, celebrities per prevention of the German Competence health and nutrition. We are delighted that we could win with Professor Hofer Hademar the well-known health experts in the German-speaking countries, and thereby find the most prominent support for our campaign, now sharing the board members and graduate teacher Almut Carlitscheck dietician Alain Beausoleil in Cologne . We are convinced that they are not deployed in Germany as too few resources for prevention, but rather the use of these funds is wrong. In health promotion has been pure information in the foreground, which is not appealed to the consciousness, rational and shaped the face of the lack of this pattern. Health promotion needs more than money, because only multi-dimensional concepts that are tied to prominent people and the emotional leveltouch to reach the consciousness of people. Better health is possible for anyone to have Almut Carlitscheck and Sven-David Mller Nothmann absolutely secure. If a face behind a statement is on prevention, it is easy to understand. A model example of the use of the health of people in Germany is the statement by Professor Hademar Hofer. For Prof. Hademar Hofer, medical journalist, author and TV health expert, is prevention a part of life: “For me, prevention is a part of my life, because you have the secure feeling that one up to a certain degree of comfort, say in health and disease can be. I respect correctly on a regular fluid intake in the form of water and herbal teas. For me, meat is on the plate in principle, the Supplement to steamed vegetables or crisp salads. Moderate exercise I enjoy sports, and I especially love the cycling. Also, I try to always in daily life, thesee the glass half full and never half-empty glass. “We are proud that our campaign” Prominent pro Prevention costs nothing, and achieved a lot and even more moving. Since the movement of particular importance in health promotion, we are proud that brings fitness guru Dr. Ulrich Strunz his competence, his personality and his face. In addition we report shall Almut Carlitscheck with exhaustive. For more information about the association can be found at too. German Competence Center Health Promotion and Dietetics Association, c / o: Almut Carlitscheck, Allerseelenstr. 16, 51105 Cologne, Email:,

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