An egg of 33 cm in diameter and about 12 kg, is on sale at the Chelsea Antiques Fair, for 500 pounds (536 euros).The egg was laid 400 years ago by an elephant bird that inhabited the island of Madagascar to extinction in the seventeenth century. Sweden’s Therese Alshammar has been dispossessed of the world record in the 50m butterfly to bring two swimsuits.The referees said that wearing two swimsuits and certain type, is a contribution of extraordinary buoyancy. A coach has been fired from a Catholic school to win a basketball game 100-0. The principal and the other nuns said that winning this was a sin, and why he was fired. A baseball stadium sell a hamburger with 4,800 calories, and give away a T-shirt who gets to eat it.The burger contains: chile, salsa, sour cream, melted cheese, fried potatoes, lettuce, tomato and five slices of cheese. A Chinese girl is 13 years since she was 8 months with a strange disease that causes uncontrollable laughter.

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