QMS Elements

Traditional conical shape of the dome is crowned by the track structure. Due to the fact that such small architectural forms consist entirely of metal, here we see the purely decorative elements shaped complex, because in addition to the aesthetic function, forged elements serve as a basis design, and simultaneously being a skeleton and facade construction. Grid street pattern of hours is made using a system of horizontal and vertical metal parts massive curly wrought-iron elements are arranged symmetrically round shape in different parts of the structure. The composition of street hours formally incorporated punching, marked on the sketch yellow shaped flowers and balls. They also arranged symmetrically. Metal grille at the base structures in the ensemble with curly wrought iron elements and punching various shapes give hours of rigorous design and elegant appearance.

Bridge structures as small architectural forms from the company QMS deserve a separate discussion. Wrought iron railing of the bridge Koltushi presented at the pictures on the website in the section, have in their compositional composed of a variety of forged components, pursuing the goal of stylization of architectural form in the spirit of South Russian architecture. Artistic sense of design lattice railing meets the functional and the same element smithcraft can be used for aesthetic and practical purposes. Handrails for better grip with the hand obtocheny special way with the help of technology products. However, due to hire wrought iron railing are brilliant and even more elegant in appearance. The composition of the forged lattice bridge, especially in the plane of rails, is dominated by wavy curly components and forged elements of angular shape.

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