Vinyl Banner

Synthetic fabric (polyester, dacron). In the outdoor advertising it is used for the manufacture of window drapes, exhibition banners, corporate logos, flags, and also for the scenery. Synthetic fabric comes from a paper substrate, which eliminates the distortions of the material at the time of printing and freely removed after its completion. Vinyl Banner. That's it – the king of banners and many customers, call him a "true banner, scroll alone among all others.

As we know, banner fabric is a composite material consisting of high-polyester mesh at the base and double vinyl plastic coating. Basis is made by weaving or blending with additional stitching threads. For maximum adhesion of the dye with the surface of banner fabric, obtaining strong welded and glued joints, increase resistance to weathering and abrasion surface is covered with tarpaulin further colorless varnish compositions. On technology application layer vinyl banner materials are divided into Curtain, calendered and laminated. Best consumer properties offer materials, manufactured on the basis of braided Curtain technology. " Experts note that in the initial pvc – hard and brittle material. To give him a much-needed properties of plasticity in the pvc is added the so-called plasticizers. However, at the molecular level with vinyl plasticizers do not mix, so over time, especially under the influence of high temperature, plasticizer begins to move to the surface of tissue or migrate. Simply put, leaving the pvc forever. This process is irreversible and leads to a number of unpleasant problems – firstly, the concentration of the plasticizer on the surface of the material complicates the process of drawing the image, and secondly, with the decrease in the amount of plasticizer material again becomes fragile and brittle.

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