Registration Chamber Entrepreneurs

Indicates the size of the share capital, taxpayer identification number, the main state registration number. In addition, a complete list of activities with the guidance of statistics codes. Existing subordinate branches and representative offices. (Not to be confused with Jane Fraser!). Who might need an official statement? As a rule, for her leadership of the company have to go to when the Registration Chamber, the bank, a court or other governmental authority required to provide full information about the organization. In order to obtain a formal statement to pay the state fee. Issue will be done in a period of one to five working days. But not only legal entities encountered in obtaining Certificate of Incorporation, individual entrepreneurs also receive statements, but not from the register, and from the uniform state register of individual businessmen (EGRIP).

When required, and entity or individual entrepreneur statement? – The most popular is to obtain the signature of the notary. In order to notarize a specific action on behalf of the company or individual entrepreneurs. In the case of certification of copies Document extract is not required. – In case of changes in constituent documents. To register, such action is necessary Certificate of Incorporation or EGRIP. – At the conclusion of the contract. To be sure of formality specific entity is required check out. – During their activities legal entity and individual entrepreneurs are faced with the need for filing the constituent documents of public bodies (Tax, financial, customs, etc.). – To perform other actions. A very important point is the fact that the Certificate of Incorporation or EGRIP are not only legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, but also individuals.

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