Rodolfo Gaspari

They had those that searched the GABIROBAIS during the nights of moonlight and covered with star sky e, did not light a candle as it offers; if thus they did not make ran the risk of if to lose between the fields, until the day could clarear, were pursued by supernatural things.The artesanatos in the confection had appeared of creative BAGS, made of remnants, croch, coarse linen cloths some commercialized for the transport of the traditional GABIROBAS.They had come later juices, liquors, puddings, cakes and candies in conserve. That the most useful product> stoves to the firewood or stoves caipira .The GABIROBAS had disappeared gradual, as much how much,> pretty green comes being extinct for the progress of the great centers.But they had had a very active participation in this development of time and traditions. All deserve much respect and have detached because they had made much success in the evolutivo process of a people, inside of its proper families and friends of long ago.It would be of a historical importance great if in the days contemporaries, still if they obtained to preserve some examples of the traditional GABIROBAS as ornaments of our public areas, objectifying the conservation as experience and knowledge to ours new generations, also as a great landmark of yesterday.Because the GABIROBAS of the provincial GABIROBAIS had been part of HISTORY and ESTRIA of a people and one city..

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