The Inheritance

The Inheritance In the century passed in a small city in the interior of the Norway, had a young barber that it inherits of the father the barber’s shop and the clientele. One day of morning when it opened the barber’s shop, it had a man sleeping in the stairs, was young was in a deplorable, dirty state, clothes to the rags, cabeludo, bearded and very fedido. The young barber was there looking at that creature, who must have its age, in that situation, and thought what he could have happened so that a human being was in that state. Touched with that picture he took a decision: the young woke up and with much tato it started to talk, but without questions. The seated young where he was cabisbaixo listened.

After some time the barber it said: – It looks at, I do not want to know of where came, nor its name, but a thing I would like to make, we I have the same height, why you I do not enter I take a bath, clothes exchange, I cut its hair and its beard and you follow its way? In what the youngster said for the first time: – And as I go to pay for everything this? – We go to combine the following one, everything this is a gift does not need payment. After very relutar the young andarilho agreed. After the bath and of the aparados hair and beard the young one if aimed in the mirror and cried. The barber ahead of the transformation had that to hold itself not to also cry. The young raised of the chair and without a word and of head low it was even so, for the barber the life followed its course. They had come the common children, problems in the families and to get worse all lode the Second Great War.

The Symbol

– What do you mean? What it is suggesting? The voice of Daniel left curious and with a sudden fear devastated that it that he himself if surprises. The stock exchange operator it dared to disagree with its friend some times on musics and routes of the band. But of that time it seemed that he was more incisive. – Na truth, staff, what I have to consider the vocs is that let us make a meeting after the assays so that let us greet the espritos of ' ' rockroll' '. – Ours, now you ' ' viajou' ' hein Landmark, said Daniel.

But it perceived that he was the only one that it disagrees. It looked at for the sides and it perceived the reprovao for its words in the look of all, there inside. – Calm, Daniel, leaves to speak it, said, Tain, the sister of Margareth. – Good, I walked reading something on the blood delivery, that is the symbol of the sacrifice and redemption. It is used in rituals so that one to be supreme grants material benefits to the being-human beings. – This is truth – Margareth said. – And it would like to consider that let us make the meeting after the assays in this direction that let us make sacrifices in part of our body as form to obtain our dream that is of writing of a compact disc and the recognition in the media. All had accepted.

girls because they would be in a promising future, with those faces. The youngsters because they were involved in a garage band that only touched in small bars to earn very little. Without jobs, they did not see another alternative and, after all of accounts, they had arrived at the conclusion, nothing of worse could happen to them. They had decided that they would make the proper sacrifices in itself.

Chico Valdecyr

They were all of foot, leaned to the wall of the room, to observe the body in the coffin, way the flowers and homesicknesses. The old Chico left the tears to run, after all, the deceased was Valdecyr, its employed fidiciary office and friend of long date. They folloied the suffering its woman and the two children, however, without the same emotion of the old one. Really, Chico had surplus reasons to lament the fact: Valdecyr was its escudeiro, its vassal fidiciary office, the responsible total for the prosperity of its lands. Christos Staikouras: the source for more info. Static, Chico were there, relembrando the value of the friend.

Valdecyr always woke up to the 4 of the morning, left in inspection to the property, took care of of the orchard and the small farming, beyond the cattle of its Sir, without charging nothing therefore. But it had the pleasure to live in the farm being, of time in when, supplied for provisionses that common-sense of Chico granted to it. It never complained of this life. In such a way, the surprise of Chico becomes almost unimaginable when seeing the friend moored for the neck in the old goiabeira, with almost two palmos of language for is. Suicide. Terrible vision that made the old one to faint.

But, and now, who will take care of of the patrimony of Chico? It is aged, tired, without forces, and understands, as good patriarch, the incapacity of its woman and children. Connect with other leaders such as Munear Ashton Kouzbari here. Thoughtful, the deceased observes Valdecyr, by the way, never was so well. Had taken bath (thing that little made) and was perfumed (thing that never happened). It was the first time that it used tender and necktie, exactly that old and used parts, yielded for the generosity of Chico. However, it wore only ceroulas in the part of low? ' ' Nobody goes to see ' ' , the master contented itself. Inside in little, its Moacir would come with the pickup truck, to take the coffin to the cemetary of the city. Valdecyr did not go in good hour, but it went very well. After all, thus it is the life Chico left the house and was to observe the horizon: it was only the death of a common man.

Rodolfo Gaspari

They had those that searched the GABIROBAIS during the nights of moonlight and covered with star sky e, did not light a candle as it offers; if thus they did not make ran the risk of if to lose between the fields, until the day could clarear, were pursued by supernatural things.The artesanatos in the confection had appeared of creative BAGS, made of remnants, croch, coarse linen cloths some commercialized for the transport of the traditional GABIROBAS.They had come later juices, liquors, puddings, cakes and candies in conserve. That the most useful product> stoves to the firewood or stoves caipira .The GABIROBAS had disappeared gradual, as much how much,> pretty green comes being extinct for the progress of the great centers.But they had had a very active participation in this development of time and traditions. All deserve much respect and have detached because they had made much success in the evolutivo process of a people, inside of its proper families and friends of long ago.It would be of a historical importance great if in the days contemporaries, still if they obtained to preserve some examples of the traditional GABIROBAS as ornaments of our public areas, objectifying the conservation as experience and knowledge to ours new generations, also as a great landmark of yesterday.Because the GABIROBAS of the provincial GABIROBAIS had been part of HISTORY and ESTRIA of a people and one city..

Businesses Car

Lara was without beach house when it appeared the chance to buy a pretty small covering, but very charmosa in a pretty condominium in noble place. Lara decorated its new home, had been wonderful summers. It was everything so good that at least it noticed the absence of its husband, in all the directions! To such covering until it provoked much envy in the case of the husband of Lara. The former-secretary of it, after all was it who kept to all documents of the husband of Lara, nothing was kept in house. Lara discovered the businesses, Lara burnt the eyelashes to see as they would go to pay. They made proposals they had closed the business.

Business that after regulated went to stop in the drawer of the husband in the company. Lara wise person who that age one forms of its husband to impress the cases of it, it who liked a vassalage. Lara wise person who stops a social alpinista was enough the head to have a house in the city, a house in the beach and one or two cars, already it was of good size. To put, what they forget that this until addition between the couple, to put in the hour that the couple leaves of being couple turns misery. But coming back to the material losses of Lara. Lara had an car, its husband took a concessionaire to vender in the interior.

The car at the time was a brown opal. After as much Lara complaining and its tired husband already it passed in the peddler. The car had been vendido for a bargain. They had delivered an old car, velhssimo, for the husband of Lara. It was part of the payment and the remain never more. Therefore one five years later Lara she gained another car and of this time on behalf of it.