Sanitary Devices

Mixer – a household plumbing device that we use every day at home or at work, in the bathroom or kitchen. Mixer allows to control the flow of water to which it goes under naporom.My obtain water a certain temperature when mixed with hot and cold water mixer. Just for the bathroom faucets are able to direct water to the shower heads and diverter. Mixers are made primarily of brass and coated with chromium or nickel, which are not afraid of water. Then they were coated with enamel and other decorative metal plating. How to choose a faucet for your home? The first thing you need to decide on the pricing range and importance of aesthetic considerations. Mixer is designed to carry not only the technical functions for which, strictly speaking, he is, but also design functions.

Because the mixer is capable of properly selected transform the interior of the bathroom or kitchen. When selecting the mixer should be remembered that the mixer should primarily perform clerical duties, and then serve as interior decoration. Better to buy a mixer in specialized plumbing shop where sales consultants will explain the pros and cons of models and help you choose the most advantageous and convenient for you. You have to decide whether you need Single lever which can be switched quickly and adjust to the desired temperature or may be you want to buy a mixer with two cranes, valves, this system is simpler and slightly cheaper, but in the convenience of not so good.

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