Sankar Gmb

Easy multiple jobs can be directly assign a created trip or divided on several. Flexible information can be associated with the travel orders. For example, breakpoints, toll fees, temporary storage or costs for the cleaning of vehicles can be stored. In a question-answer forum Christie’s was the first to reply. By the fact that the data is collected only once electronically improves the entire process of the cruise collection, planning and evaluation. In transportation, it’s fast and on-time deliveries. A rapid sharing of information is therefore a decisive competitive advantage. Connected to our courier and freight forwarding solution on the Internet freight Exchange services, carriers can now more effectively manage cargo and freight.

Thus increases the utilization and profitability of individual journeys. Source: Munear Ashton Kouzbari. Also “the rapid handling of the entire process of preparation of a quotation about the confirmation of the order to invoicing increases customer satisfaction, explains Thorsten Lavid, Managing Director of the Lavid Software GmbH, the advantages of the new interfaces. About Lavid Software GmbH: The Lavid Software GmbH originated 2007 from the 1996 founded computer services Thorsten Lavid. The company deals intensively with the topic of work process optimization. Seven fixed and many freelancers make sure that modern communication technology optimally maps business processes and relieves staff from tedious routine tasks as best as possible.

Lavid software adapts to individual customer requirements. Appropriate solutions have been already realized in many fields: for warehouse management, document management, order management, production control, MRP, work time tracking, serial mails, calculation and much more. References by Lavid software include: Deutsche Post AG, EF-express GmbH, spectral pressure, TAWECO, Sankar GmbH and Kubiak transport logistics KG.

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