Site Technology

The German manufacturer AEG typology of models is indicated in the letter or digit that follows the name of the series: Protect A, Protect B, Protect C. We can not, however, say that everything is so clear and transparent like Eaton. For example, Protect A – This is the configuration line, interaktiv, Protect B – interaktiv too, only complicated, Protect C – it's online. Additional figures indicate power charger, the number of units, etc. But in If the situation with the adequacy of the APC name specification model is somewhat complicated. Under one umbrella Smart-UPS sold as a line-interactive and online systems. In fact we are dealing with a line of all-range as in facilities and technology. By the way, not always, even looking at the site of the manufacturer, you can quickly figure out which model to buy – online or online-interektiv, as these parameters are written in small print and somewhere in the backyard.

In it there is quite a logical rationale, as the first developer declared that the series is based entirely on the technology of online-interektiv, and then adding a range of online bespereboyniki, probably just decided to avoid explanations on this topic. Small UPS: twins or just friends? Due to the fact that APC from the early 90 carries quite an aggressive marketing policy in the segment of SOHO devices and solutions for small server, in the mass consciousness of the consumer terms UPS and Smart-UPS virtually united in one common generic concept. And often, when a person searches for UPS, he does not think of what technology it needs, just wants to "buy smartups". The main parameter that is considered – the power to protected equipment.

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