Reducible Walls

All panels are of similar design. The frame is assembled from wooden beams cross-section 50 x 50 mm on a bed of nails, the connection "in the spine." It provides sufficient space stiffness. On the inner side of the frames nailed sheets of plywood of the same shape skeletons. These sheets form the inner walls of the booth. The material for the outer walls can be tight fitting to each other board or "Lining." Since the width of the frames front and rear panels is less than the width of the floor (they are inserted between already installed on the floor of the side panels), the board of the external walls should have the allowance, the appropriate thickness side panels.

In this embodiment, the reducible 70 mm. (Similarly see: Jeremy Tucker). Fastening the wall panels to the floor – nails, bottom, through his frame. Boards of the outer walls of the front and rear panels, in addition, are nailed to the ends of the side panels. Roof frame issues should be front and rear to 150 mm. It is not something Nissan would like to discuss. Board for the cover roofs are nailed to the side with the release of up to 100 mm. As already mentioned, the enclosure panels, including floor and roof, is filled with foam or some other insulation.

After assembling the roof of the booth to cover the appropriate tar paper or roofing material. And another tip, again for the harsh winter: a hole in the doghouse you can hang a piece of cloth or quilted fabric, the type of that which warmed in winter vehicle engines. Such "soft door" does not interfere with entering and exiting the dog out of the booth and at the same time help to better retain heat. But still if you want to prevent a dog from a chance to go all over and do not want it attach to the chain, then you will need more and the construction of such devices is not very abstruse as the enclosure for the dog, who will act as a constraint on the territory of which may be a dog. Construction enclosure refers to mild robots.

Booth Company

The growth of the market supplies for air conditioning and ventilation systems is directly linked to performance pay as businesses and population. Favorable world commodity and financial markets become a kind of impetus for economic growth 2001-2008 period. The first half of 2010 showed growth of Russian economy, where key factors and indicators are increasing the income of the main sectors (exporters production) and the slowdown in inflation. Outflow of savings from bank deposits by the end of 2008 was reduced only by early autumn 2010. When savings denominated in rubles, more than 20% higher than pre-crisis level. In summer 2010, the growth of expenditure of the consumer market, not only slowed but also significantly decreased. Official site: Bill Phelan.

But it did not affect sales of HVAC equipment, ventilation systems and consumables. Their adjustments in consumer behavior has an anomalous heat of summer. It should be noted that the spring-summer 2011 is expected to increase demand for ventilation products, diffusers, diffusers, air, products of air conditioning and much more, so companies are engaged in air conditioning and ventilation now need to determine the suppliers. There is still in some areas related to the goods conditioning. An example of such a deficit is a quality trumpet made of copper. The company "Armada Climate", which is a major supplier of equipment and supplies for air conditioning systems and ventilation when working with partners in the Moscow region of Russia, keeps prices affordable and stable supply. Company website: The company is a regular exhibitor online exhibition Expo-Pages Booth Company: Satisfactory rates in purchasing power have shown, for example, grilles and diffusers, which have a clearly defined role in the ventilation system – safe cover is not very aesthetic hole ventilation duct or the duct.

Metal Furniture

Metal furniture today are widely spread, it can be seen in offices, warehouses, it is used in production, fitness centers, schools, shops, etc. Safes divided by type, purpose and equipped with: accounting and archival, medical, lockers and shop for the keys and possession of arms. You can list up to infinity, then that can be used cabinets made of metal. If you require an office closet for storing various types of documentation – it is recommended to pay attention to accounting or archival boxes, if you want to equip locker room gym, a fitness club or business, there is no doubt – wardrobes. Using the tool cabinet at work or service station in an orderly storage of tools and equipment, thereby increasing productivity, as well as rational use of available floor space. Versatility, reliability and efficiency – this is not all advantages. Convenience and ease of installation makes it easy to carry design to another room quickly disassemble and assemble.

Metal furniture can be cleaned and washed many times and be sure that these actions did not affect the quality of products. In addition, in most cases, cabinets installed grilles are especially important when installing these pieces of furniture in fitness centers and gyms. Finally, it is always a great look of furniture made of metal. Resistance to corrosion environmental influences, as the polymer coating (powder), and the ability to paint it any color makes this furniture indispensable element of your interior. What are the advantages of metal furniture? 1.

Strength. Wooden furniture will not withstand shock, permanent effects of the environment. Metal furniture will serve for many years even in swimming pools, schools, shops, gyms, day care centers. Metal pozharoprochna furniture and not prone to corrosion. 2. Durability. The service life of metal furniture is many times the service life of wood furniture, and even more furniture made of chipboard. Furniture of metal is very easy to repair, If you have any chips or scratches, this furniture can easily be repainted, returning to her excellent appearance. 3. Environmental cleanliness. Metal furniture is not processed and not saturated with harmful chemicals and resins compounds. A furniture made of wood and particle board – is impregnated and processed. 4. Ease of use. Metal cabinets can be washed and cleaned every day if they do not deteriorate. Dust can wipe a wet cloth, do not fear deformation. Many cabinets are installed special ventilation grilles, which is especially important when you install them in gyms and fitness centers. 5. Aesthetic appearance. Metal furniture is resistant to corrosion and external influences, it is much harder to break than wood, and if any damage is easy to repaint. Metal cabinets can be repainted in any color, so this furniture perfectly fit into any decor. More Information about mettalicheskoy furniture, you can get by visiting our company website:

Site Technology

The German manufacturer AEG typology of models is indicated in the letter or digit that follows the name of the series: Protect A, Protect B, Protect C. We can not, however, say that everything is so clear and transparent like Eaton. For example, Protect A – This is the configuration line, interaktiv, Protect B – interaktiv too, only complicated, Protect C – it's online. Additional figures indicate power charger, the number of units, etc. But in If the situation with the adequacy of the APC name specification model is somewhat complicated. Under one umbrella Smart-UPS sold as a line-interactive and online systems. In fact we are dealing with a line of all-range as in facilities and technology. By the way, not always, even looking at the site of the manufacturer, you can quickly figure out which model to buy – online or online-interektiv, as these parameters are written in small print and somewhere in the backyard.

In it there is quite a logical rationale, as the first developer declared that the series is based entirely on the technology of online-interektiv, and then adding a range of online bespereboyniki, probably just decided to avoid explanations on this topic. Small UPS: twins or just friends? Due to the fact that APC from the early 90 carries quite an aggressive marketing policy in the segment of SOHO devices and solutions for small server, in the mass consciousness of the consumer terms UPS and Smart-UPS virtually united in one common generic concept. And often, when a person searches for UPS, he does not think of what technology it needs, just wants to "buy smartups". The main parameter that is considered – the power to protected equipment.

Combined Fire Fighting

UKTP 'Blizzard' Concept extinguishing fire extinguishing foams different there is not the first day. Foam of low multiplicity provide a similar range of water supply, but can not provide insulation foams like a hearth, and the average high multiplicity. A foam of medium and high multiplicity are unable to provide the latch pumping distance. Installing the Combined Fire Fighting (UKTP) 'Blizzard' is a unique development NGOs 'Sopot', not having independent in the world. UKTP 'Blizzard' is designed to supply fire extinguishing foam at much longer distances than previous developments in this field. The installation is a foamer. Original decision in the facility design is a special combination of foam generators and low-medium ratio. The conception of the Institute of Fire Prevention of the Interior Ministry to study the effectiveness of fire extinguishing foam and with different degrees of dispersion.

In fact, UKTP represents a synthesis of the two devices. Using the first device (similar to GPS-600) served an average multiplicity of foam with excellent insulating ability. But This device provides a small range of filing. In contrast, the second device provides supply foam of low multiplicity, which is supplied over long distances. Combining the two jets can greatly increase the filing range, without compromising the insulating properties of foam.

The main applications of the above units – oil industry. Plants performed well in this area. Also set a 'blizzard' used to create light and thermal shields in place accidents and disasters, as well as natural disasters, decontamination and decontamination, to disguise the object of civil and military aircraft. There is a large number of models and designs UKTP: mobile, handheld, in the form of tips for Automotive ladders of fire trucks, remote control, etc. The main advantages of setting 'Snowstorm' – high productivity and economy. 'Snowstorm' consumes much less foam with a more efficient fire fighting.

Legislative Assembly

The main component of the messages held on March 18 the Governor to the Legislative Assembly became the edge of the theses on modernization of the regional economy, providing structural change. This issue is among the representatives of industry and expert community discussed a long time and with admirable uniformity. About updating tehparka, which is one of the most important conditions of possibility of reorganization of the economy to an innovative development does not speak now just lazy. The company "PROMOYL": – Industrialists Perm region, for that matter, and elsewhere, talk about the update, for example, metallobrabatyvayuschego equipment for more than 20 years. But between "thoughts" and thing sometimes lies a huge gap filled by the lack of adequate funds, lack of labor market of skilled personnel to operate and maintain equipment, as well as lack of facilities for specialists able to participate fully and with the responsibility to take time choosing new means of production.

"The market is in contrast to last year has changed significantly. In the opinion of experts companies can not just talk about the restoration of demand from enterprises to acquire new and modern means of production, but also a return to pre-crisis levels ", – says Mikhail Shavrin, Deputy Director "Kama-IMS." Recall that in the past year with industry recorded decline in orders for industrial equipment by 50-80% depending on the direction against the previous year, and also noted that the acquisition this kind of goods dealt only regular customers. According to experts, to more and more executives come to realize that business development is impossible without the technical innovations in their own production.