Social Security Wing

The slogan of all the campaign is safety in the workplace starts out of House, with which it is educate workers that protection at work, should also be extended to the journeys of roundtrip to work the campaign also you can see on the Internet and citizens wishing to do so can participate in it through the platform of good practice leaving messages that they consider useful for raising awareness of this risk. Do as the safety at work start to leaving home, traffic encouraged drivers:? Avoid routine journeys: despite the fact that every day are often the same shuttling to go or return from work, the circumstances of the traffic are not equal. For this reason, the driver must be aware of the specific circumstances of the traffic and adapt your driving to them. Monday is the day of the week that more traffic on the occasion of work accidents are recorded. Using the hands-free only for short conversations, never for conversations long. According to various studies after minute and speaking by mobile driver perceives not 40% of signals, your average speed low 12%, the heartbeat is accelerated sharply during the call and it takes longer to react. Avoid distractions and concentrate on driving. Avoid going in a hurry.

70% Of labour traffic in itinere accidents occur when you go to work. Possibly the fastest speed by arriving on time, rigid schedules, the productivity linked to the signing at an exact time generate a stressful situation that usually involves the assumption of higher risk situations. This campaign is part of the areas of action to develop inthe new strategies road safety 2011-2020, with actions like this that will seek to reduce the risks of work-related displacement and incorporate the culture of road safety in companies. March 1, 2011, the labour and Interior Ministries signed a cooperation agreement to promote the execution of mobility and road safety in business plans. The agreement established that companies that put up such a plan could benefit from the reduction of contributions Social Security Wing.

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