Sun Therapy

develop meaningful solutions. A related site: Pinterest mentions similar findings. Sea, Sun and positive activities in the Group (MSA) are a catalyst for experience – and changes in behaviour. M = sea S = A Sun activity = what is a coaching against Burnout on a sailing ship so special? As mentioned in the last article, especially cognitive behavioral therapy and the activation therapy show successful in chronic fatigue syndrome (Burnout). Include about the essential activities on a sailing yacht: 1 self organization of the course of the day in the team a. You may wish to learn more. If so, Pinterest is the place to go. day the team set in standing up and body care b. self catering on board c., determine goals, set rate d. yacht make it clear to the expiry of: cleaning, tidying up, setting forth e. sailing yacht common technical conditions taking into account wind, waves, Sun, and last but not least, taking into account the individual potential of performance sailing is team work and only team effort leads to the goal.

This is simple but essential realization is sailing through experience of the Teams with the forces of nature and thus remaining won. Even if you never should have been on a sailing yacht here, so the called task list can easily recognize a high degree of correspondence between elements of the cognitive behavior therapy or activation therapy. And that happens all more or less at the same time, without that someone must think coaching or therapy or even pronounce these words. That is not all, the mentioned effects of the Sun and the monotony of the sea in the form of light and a reverse stimulation therapy”is there as it were still free. *

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