Swedish House Pergo

During these dates the launches of new products are produced in the parquet and laminate flooring market. The laminate flooring market is at a level of maturity and requires high levels of innovation by numerous manufacturers. As usual, leading brands are those carrying the front enforcing relevant product lines, as well as developments and solutions to the market. Does not seem to affect much the current context of economic these portents, since in this period we are witnessing ambitious bets regarding expansion of existing ranges and multiple new features relating to the quality and aesthetics of products. The Belgian manufacturer Quick Step, who last year incurred with moderate success of penetration in the segment of natural wooden laminate floating flooring, has just extended their already vast catalog of products with the addition of Quick Step Go, Elite and Vogue series; noteworthy excelsa transition between the blades of the new bevel patented in the range Vogue. Another of the leaders in innovation is the famous Swedish House Pergo, which surprises us this year with a renewed menu of products and styles. Four series are awarded hundreds of elegant designs, from traditional Woods until the most inspired as ceramics, cement and stone. Pergo Original Excellence, Domestic Extra, Living Expression and Public Extreme are the names that make up this fabulous proposal.

Finally, the Belgian Berry Floor parquet producer also has the floor. New collections such as Berry Floor Riviera and Quadrum confer even more prestige to the extensive range that precedes them. Designs with and without bevel, wider than the conventional and the already consecrated Hidroplus application panels, a technology developed by Berry Floor that neutralizes the vulnerabilities of the laminate to moisture. Note that large developments in the field of innovation are still carried out in European geography; distance from the philosophies of low price of Asian markets responding with quality and innovation constitutes a factor of relevant differentiation that must mark the path of European manufacturers, fall into a vulgar competition of price, not to mention the loss of prestige, would be a suicidal attitude in commercial terms. Naturally other manufacturers are also in the process of launching of new products to the market, a strategy this year seems to be more incisive than others, despite the times running.

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