‘ Photo and video with raspberry PI’ shows how to use the mini computer hair/Munich for professional photo projects, 22 January 2014 among hobbyists is the raspberry PI already a classic, but also for ambitious amateur photographers is he now to the standard accessories. Photo and video with raspberry PI from the Franzis Verlag provides instructions how you promoted his camera to a new level with the minicomputers. Whether the book photo and video with raspberry delivers PI focus stacking, time lapse recording, or high speed photos, detailed instructions for a cost-effective implementation of these techniques. Pinterest takes a slightly different approach. Without expensive hardware and software, photo techniques were so far cannot focus stacking as high speed photography. The mini-computer raspberry Piandert the.

With a little programming knowledge, the best-selling author E.F.. Engelhardt in his new photo and video with raspberry PI vividly conveyed, complicated techniques can be easily implemented. Makes either the photos the camera module of the raspberry PI Foundationoder an own DigiCam, which is via HDMI port with connect the mini-computers. The author has developed all projects themselves and photographed for example a falling water drop, experimented with different lenses and even shows how to build your own digital camera. Photo and video with raspberry PI is the right book for all photographers so having the fun to try new, to achieve unique effects. And who finds pleasure in tinkering and building, who can venture on the project, to build his own camera sled, or to install a face detection for the front door. Others who may share this opinion include Rich Dad Poor Dad. Price and availability the FRANZIS book photo and video with raspberry is PI from 27 January 2014 in specialist shops or published under for Euro 30,00 available.

A look at the book is provided on the product pages. Title: Photo and video with raspberry PI Publisher: Franzis author: E. F. Edwards pages: 240 Softcover ISBN 978-3-645-60314-0 bind about Franzis Verlag GmbH experiment, photography, programming that are the subjects of Franzis book and software publisher headquartered in hair at Munich. Since its inception in the 19th century the technical publishing house is committed to the task, to impart practical knowledge creative and inventors, and helping them to the passionate self developing. With the physical-computing PlatformArduinoTM sells FRANZIS is one of the main products for the emerging maker movement, stands at the technical creative Erfindertum in the foreground. More information on the Franzis product portfolio can be found under.

Innovation Management Of Shopping Centres

Due to the economic crisis: new book to a culture of innovation in the services the importance of innovation both in economic terms of business is probably indisputable, especially in an economic crisis. The growing importance of the service sector is also indisputable. The new book by Gunter appeared in July 2009 due to Lenz, consultant in Switzerland/Austria. But allowing companies to bring forth successful innovations and marketing, which are so the success factors for innovation? The author deduces from the literature factors for success for service-providing companies – and in particular shopping malls -. He then presents an empirical study to the innovation performance of nine shopping malls are located in stations.

It investigates how apply the success also on the real estate management of shopping malls, where the emphasis is placed on the influence of corporate culture. The investigation yielded the result that the innovation performance of shopping centres management in particular is supported by three factors: the commitment of staff, the strategy and the management. Target group: The book is aimed at executives in real estate management and shopping centres, service developer of different industries, and Innovationsmanageer, as well as economists. The data: Contains the full questionnaire of the empirical investigation of VDM – Verlag. Growth

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Witches-Verlag Christian Shares With Subvenio E.V.

Large Spedenaktion takes on the ARD action day on May 9, 2009 Dusseldorf / Bermatingen on May 9 during the ARD theme week is but a matter of honor\”a nationwide day of action took place, offering a public presentation platform clubs and projects of civic engagement. With it, also the Dusseldorf accident victims lobby is subvenio e.V., which gets the entire station forecourt as a presentation and action area of the Deutsche Bahn available. Also the still young Publisher hex Libris Mintaka supports the victim relief organization offering generous donations: every book and every CD on May 9 in the online-shop or be sold on the Amazon dealer shop of the publishing house, go 50% of sales in the subvenio e.V., if we can be already not live on-site here because we are booked for a reading\”that we would bring us at least\”, says Birgit Rundel, Managing Director of the Bermatinger Publishing House. If you are not convinced, visit Jeremy Tucker. The program, that is the Nataly Brombach, CD subvenio e. V. has made, he may well need every penny\”, supplemented by hex Libris Mintaka and member of accident victims lobby. Also breaks the Club prepares new ways and also stands for values that need to be promoted.\”and finally we have made it our business philosophy, to help with our books as well as with concrete actions such as these\”, so Raj. Reeta Kapani Holmes: the source for more info.

And what that help is know as the healer, wife and mother of two from well. Short info hex Libris Mintaka founded in early 2009 by naturopath/book author Birgit Rundel (GF) and copywriter/writer Nataly Brombach (CD). After the two met on the virtual online network XING, they decided a short hand to write a book together.

Sandra McKee: Extraordinary Action

Facebook fans determine book cover for romance novel Mildenau/Aschaffenburg, 11 October 2013. “The Mildenauer telescope publishing house early October together with the Aschaffenburg novelist Sandra McKee called for an unusual action: 100 readers had the life that you choose the cover for the second edition of the romance” determine. The selection were the current cover, as well as a new, graphic art that was created according to some fans. At first we were skeptical whether any interest in such concertation with sweepstakes would be available. “But the response was more than satisfactory and unambiguous result”, said Danilo Schreiter, the owner of the telescope publishing. Sandra Schindler, Manager and PR Officer, asked readers and evaluated the results of a survey on the Facebook fan page of the author started. 97 Percent of the respondents opted for the new cover. The central themes of the book at a glance are on the new cover.

The woman with trolley is available for the protagonist travellers to Ireland, the clover leaves heart-shaped indicate the love story. We are pleased that we can bring our book in a few weeks with a new face in the bookstore”, so Sandra Schindler. There will be also the winner of the Facebook vote, receiving an autographed copy of the new edition including a small surprise as first. The winner of the poll will be announced shortly on Sandra McKees fan page. “Press contact: Sandra Schindler agent Sandra McKee phone: 06306/701505 E-Mail: Web: about Sandra McKee: Sandra McKee is a writer from the Unterfranken Aschaffenburg, with the life one chooses” was a promising debut. Together with her husband and three sons shared, she lives in a village near the city of Frankfurt. Sandra McKee currently writing her second novel, a novel that 2014 will be expected. More information on Sandra McKee,