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There is a time, in the for each of the fantastic is closer than the reality in science fiction is it things that might actually happen in the future. An author was born on February 8th, 1828, who has predicted many technological developments. So let Jules Vernes already in 1865 to fly its first astronauts to the moon. His works have been translated in 143 languages. Jefferies Groups opinions are not widely known. In fantasy novels, is about things that can exist with much imagination not within the physical laws of our world. (A valuable related resource: Marko Dimitrijevic). Fantasy served the people’s desire for heroes and epics.

Today, what once were the myths is the fantasy. It involves magic, supernatural beings, vampires, elves, fairies, Angels, dragons, trolls, Gnomes, Dwarves and magician, but also specially invented beings or anthropomorphic animals. Mixed fantasy and science fiction, is mostly science fiction/fantasy”. The borders are fluid and there are no generally recognized or valid definitions. In these worlds, other laws, which also pick up time and space are as Gravity, body weight or body shape.

The author of wilting takes you into this fantastic world and take times colorful dazzling, but also time in dull gray through very different forms of life. In addition to the pure fiction involves especially the realization that the self is not just black and white but that each character has its strengths and weaknesses. Lavinia (holds for a 12-year old human child) is not only the radiant heroine but an entity that is in each of us. She time friendly and even dark shows up and discovered that in her Essentials slumber, they actually sentenced. With a big Leidschaft and attention to detail designed the author also later in his look human endeavor, human misconduct and failure and tragedy, the page for page slowly in the room occurs. Fantasy is what is allowed, if you take a break from everyday life, it is something that does not exist in reality, and what is devilishly exciting and exciting a different world. “Book title: Lavinia – abduction in the parallel world” author: Thomas Welke. The target group includes children over 12 years of age as well as young people and adults. Lavinia is the chosen one. She believes to be a girl. While it does not belong in the human world. She is a Tarandoranerin. There she is to be the Albaril, a leader with magical powers. But Lavinia is just hard to convince and a path full of doubts and fears is before you. Author Dr. med. Thomas Welke has worked as a doctor in Lunen full-time and has a private practice with his wife. Publisher: tredition (tredition won numerous innovation awards, including webfuture Award and the book Digital Innovation Prize, and he is also a member of the Stock Exchange Association of the German book trade). ISBN: 978-3-86850-849-9, euro: 16,90 (e-book: ISBN: 978-3-8424-0068-9, euro: 6.99). Company information: Jutta Schutz (writer, journalist, psychologist, Lecturer) writes books that inspire, motivate and provide special insider knowledge (diseases, diabetes two, low-carb nutrition form).


The legends surrounding crosses and churches, bogs and Lakes; report on evil, suffering and joy know good powers simply because it is closer to a piece of the sky. And now this natural landscape is opened up by a further Premiumwanderweg. It is the Eifelsteig”. He leads to the most interesting and most distinctive landmarks, with all your senses experience pure nature and becomes an unforgettable experience. In addition, it opens up even notable Eifel culture. And also the many myths and legends have preserved in the formerly so completed Eifel area are common. You are surrounding crosses and churches, bogs and Lakes; they report good and evil powers know suffering and joy, dive into the eerie and ghostly, participate in the life of the Eifel.

It was once…” Some of them along the Eifel dough, were collected, partially re-edited and briefly documented. Eifel lovers and hiking friend can find their places or relax at the reading. And then he finds that the Stories handed down for generations are as up to date as the lively district and so bizarrely beautiful as just the fabulous Eifelsteig. Alois Mayer: Fabulous Eifelsteig. (As opposed to Reshma Kewalramani). The most beautiful legends around the Eifelsteig paperback with sewn binding, approx. 180 pages, numerous illustrations, full-color throughout, available from August 2008

Mercedes Benz

My body trembles and I terrible cold, then again hot. Alternately and at short intervals it travels through my body – the heat and the cold. Drained and dejected I fall asleep again, at short time later through a nightmare to be woken up. How long am I here, what happened to me, where exactly am I? Many questions are not addressed. The pounding in my head, the pain in my joints, the sweats, the shakes of my body and my teeth clattering.

It comes in different intervals, goes through my body to the point of total exhaustion. Sleep, I need to sleep, recover, gain power through sleep. In the morning, as the dark I differs, I see with half glued to eyes, blurred and eaten, my environment. Attempts to map, where I am. Christos Staikouras helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. But it is only a bare, square space. Grey plastered walls, without colors, without even a single item, except my Tin with brown water in the three roaches still try to keep constant leg movement through water. Disgust coming up in me, I must throw me to get up too weak and only supported on my arms, my stomach pumping a burning bile in my mouth.

Slowly these flows on the floor and looking creates once again new disgust in me. Put away the concrete track and once again exhausted sleep. The heat is now stable. My clothes, consisting of a shirt and pants, are wet from the sweat of my body, I have strong body odor. I’m no longer alone, anywhere flies, small black flies that creep into the ears, nostrils and eyes. I can do anything about it, let it simply be about me. Slowly try I my thoughts to arrange, how was that going with me and. Yes Brehima”means the black Africans. We us a few days ago here in Bamako Mali West Africa made an appointment in the city had jointly selling my uptight through the Sahara, a Mercedes Benz vehicles 200 D and a 406 D vans, for sale.

The Tradition

The end of the story is very important, it represents because it of a general form. In it we implicitly perceive the relation of the circle of the life in the African cosmogonia, where it has intermittent relations and the union of everything what it represents the vital force. The story if passes in the period after – independence, the author does not make reference to reference no specific city. The author mentions a river, a lake, without nominating it, probably must be a ficcional place. Learn more at this site: johny ive. The main metaphor if relates to the water and the time: ' ' While it rowed one delayed return, they came me to the souvenir the old words of my old grandfather: the water and the time are twin brothers, been born of the same womb. I finished to discover in me a river that would not have never to die.

To this river I now come back to lead my son, teaching to glimpse white cloths to it of the other margem' '. The water and the time represent the circle of the life, a generation that follow and another one that it retakes. Tim cook does not necessarily agree. In the case, the water symbolizes the course of the life that always flows in a direction and the time would be the symbolism of passing of the years. They are twin brothers, because she perpetuates the teachings and the tradition. What it was taught to an ancestor, also is taught to a new generation. It is the meeting of the new with the old one, not if it can oppose the course of the water, because in everything it has a direction and an intention. This metaphor retakes a stretch of the story in page 10, where the grandfather says the grandson: ' ' — Always for the water, never it forgets! If it cannot oppose the espritos that fluem' '.


It would have of raising the tests or more Alberto would not be called. To the measure that if calmed, it also alleviated the rhythm of the melody, finishing for touching ballads so soft that they delighted the ears of the neighborhood, pulling out the most diverse commentaries. During the reflection, it started to feel the evil to be that it feels in the police station, but looked for to concentrate in music, being involved in a compound of dream and reality, as at night. In the thought to go to the barrage, it was left to involve for music, with intention to calm itself, when, suddenly, it jumped of the twig and it heard behind itself an unusual noise in the rind of the twig. It looked at, still lowered, and it saw the rind to be pulled out by the nothing, good to its coasts. It perceived, in a glance what it happened and rolled for the soil.

It freed the guitar and it was occulted behind the abacateiro. Observing around, it tried to locate the shooter, knowing of beforehand that the used weapon would not hear no shot therefore had to be armed of silencer. It waited property per some seconds, but it only heard the racket of one few cars that passed and a snore stronger than seemed to be of a tractor truck or. It gave little importance and, perceiving that the sly shooter to that hour of the morning could not give itself to the luxury to attack a commission agent and to remain much time in the place and discovered being, a little was risked and seeing that the way was free, apanhou the guitar and ran to all speed for inside of house, kept the instrument and, disdaining all the laws of proper security, ran to the city hall. It entered in the building, but it was felt frustrate when passing for the Secretariat of Workmanships, therefore the Dr. .


There, it was not the son of the mayor, but only the namorada one of the commission agent. Except, surprised it at the question: _ Alberto, I can seem bobinha, burrinha, mimada, but I have my moments of reflection and wanted to ask a thing to it _ Diz! If I will be able to answer _ If those men are in the hospital, are sick. If that one requires many cares is because it is serious. Alberto, what it was that happened? It was shot? Without thinking, the youngster felt that he could not lie and said: _ We were attacked and the Clement one was reached, but it is it are of danger! _ And who were that it shot in the other? It asked, of surprise. _ But what it interests this, Maristela? Why it wants to know? _ To Some says me thing that you were who you shot! Soon you, who I loved since garotinho, for the ternura and affection that has given! It relieved, with one soluo and two thick tears draining for the face. The youngster tried to console and hugged it, kissing tenderly, also with a knot pressing the throat: _ Calm, filhinha! He is for little time and will be all behind the gratings! _ But you do not understand that little imports me who is or what they want? You do not understand that she interests only me that you are far from this everything? It noticed the tip of possessive egoism and softly he started to explain that it was not alone who was at the mercy of of the group. That its parents and all that if crossed in the way could suffer destination the same. In a desperation gesture, the young woman spoke: _ But you do not understand? I do not want that nothing of badly he happens to it! _ And its father? my father? You do not import yourself, Maristela? _ I import myself, yes, but are not as to lose you! I love excessively my father, but with you he is different.

Gaiatos In The Ship

I declare gaiatos to you in the ship? (20/07/2010) Today, I decided to write on a different thing, that not yet had placed in the paper (the least in so direct and explicit way): the marriage. Or better: my marriage. This pronomezinho possessive makes all the difference. To speak looking at of it are is very easy. For speaking in ownership, it needs to be restricted to objects (and between them it is not the human being). Now, with the license of Herbert Vianna, ' ' I entered of gaiato in navio' ' , but I do not want to enter for the pipe hehehehe.

Trick. Valley to remember and to desmembrar the flavors and dissabores of the union the two, going of the house to the church and the rain of rice (before livening up somebody, already I go informing that it enters the flavors are not cake, docinhos salgadinhos nor. I do not go to make party wants to say, only a particular little party, forbidden for the guests and pra any minor of 18). It says the Christian tradition that the man will leave its father and its mother to join the wife. Many interpret this as ' ' how good! Father-in-law and mother-in-law alone they confuse! ' ' Without wanting to oppose the tradition, but already opposing, I chose not to leave my parents. Not, I do not go to live with them nor to divide ceiling the same, but to live close, in a drawn apartment with, small stairs, much sun and peace.

He is dangerous to live in a distant ray of one hundred meters of its old ones. Soon, it makes as I: it is to ones ten, in the maximum. On ap, bommmmmm ap is rented, contract of one year, one month in advance and without bailer. All say: the rent lunchhes, has supper and sleeps with you, is a horror! On the other hand, it is truth, but worse would be not to have money pra to pay to the proprietor, will force pra to search the dream real estate.

Portuguese Language

Beyond exploring the imagination and enriching the lesson of foreign language, the exploration of the teatrais parts collaborates for the interaction of the pupil with the group, desinibindo it and stimulating the autoconfiana. To the times the professor if worries about the criteria to be observed when choosing the literary text for one determined group. Aebersold and Field (1997) suggest that: … for the election of the material, the professor must consider, as each group: cultural aspect, making possible the use of the previous knowledge of the pupil, this factor also is detached by Lazar (2005, p.14) when mentioning itself it ' ' literary background' ' , that is, the knowledge that the pupil presents regarding literature. Another aspect to be considered is the relevance of the subject for the life of the pupil, that is, to have in mind its interests, hobbies, intellectual maturity, and, finally, the used level of language, that is, the lingustica proficiency of the apprentice, which needs to understand, at least, the basic structures of the language. When oportunizar the access to the literary text in the English lessons, the professor also will be able to articulate the relation of this disciplines with others of the resume of Average Education, for example, Portuguese Language, Arts and History, considering activities or projects interdisciplinares that they contribute for the equity in the treatment of discipline of English Language in relation to excessively, making with that the pupil perceives that contents of you discipline distinct can to be related. CONCLUSION Already in attention what it was seen, perceives that the education of literatures, a priori, of English language, always assumes disappears importance, therefore beyond if developing the communication, the critical development of the readers, creating lingusticos mechanisms for the communicative interaction, it makes possible to same the o knowledge of a new culture only for the literary reading.

Reduce Poverty

The issue of poverty is extremely complex to analyze in its entirety because there are many variables involved, but several elements that can give us some guidance on how to improve this condition can annotate. For years I have visited different areas of my country and I’ve seen the behavior of people living under the poverty line and I find that the three factors that largely determine the status of these people are: education, attitudes and beliefs. The basic formal education is indispensable for the development of the Nations, with a well-educated people is capable of being able to communicate efficiently, learn the basic operations of the economy and be able to join to the labour market or well to develop your own business, we see that in countries where there is the condition of poverty, educational levels are lowTherefore it is necessary to improve this aspect. As a second factor we see the attitude, this is transcendental, without attitude and desire for change are not looking at the possibility of improving our lives, for example I I have visited rural areas of my country and I find that people possess large solar on their homes that have no crops or fruit trees, vegetables, or basic grains and have over 30 years of living in that place, we also see the dirt, if we seek labor for certain activities not found, with many quiet people in their homesappalling practices of everything giving people for nothing have been pitifully in underdeveloped countries, this is a harmful practice, persons become dependent and do not want to make any effort to get out of the situation in which they are, this is not a generalized assertion because also be hardworking people and they really want to overcome and no doubt succeed. Any change requires discipline, order, effort and organized labor, that must be always clear, the problem of many people is that they want to change without effort, that’s pretty unlikely, with a positive attitude and a huge desire for change will be opening us to a enormous world of opportunities. .

Victorian Period

After the long Alice fall it arrives at ‘ ‘ Parents of maravilhas’ ‘. It comes across itself with many obstacles in its way and these are decided of magical form. These magical elements can be seen as a critical one to logical and rational the thought that were gifts in century XIX. A time where in ‘ ‘ Country of maravilhas’ ‘ the logic and the reason lose felt giving place to the magical element as only option to decide the things, Lewis Carroll contests the religious and dogmtica morality and the rationality who believed to be able to decide all the problems of the society.

The narrative, the principle, in them presents a set of peripcias where the irrationality is dominant, however, we can see in Alice in the country of the wonders a magical shelter where the main personage can become free itself of the oppression, of the rules, trying different and the forbidden one without if worrying about the consequncias, therefore the fear is not present in ‘ ‘ Country of maravilhas’ ‘. The critical ones to the Victorian Period do not stop for there, still have another significant subversion that is the figure of the queen. The Queen Victory was an important figure very for the period, in such a way social as economically. The regimen effective politician in England was the parlamentarista monarchy. The government was exerted for the Minister of State, more known as prime minister, and for the parliament. The Queen, although the figure important that it was, it had the power limited politician, therefore the parliament had the power to choose prime minister and to also take off it of the position. The Queen of Pantries in the Country of the wonders, although to be feared, she was not taken so the serious one thus. Its orders never were executed.