Portuguese Language

Beyond exploring the imagination and enriching the lesson of foreign language, the exploration of the teatrais parts collaborates for the interaction of the pupil with the group, desinibindo it and stimulating the autoconfiana. To the times the professor if worries about the criteria to be observed when choosing the literary text for one determined group. Aebersold and Field (1997) suggest that: … for the election of the material, the professor must consider, as each group: cultural aspect, making possible the use of the previous knowledge of the pupil, this factor also is detached by Lazar (2005, p.14) when mentioning itself it ' ' literary background' ' , that is, the knowledge that the pupil presents regarding literature. Another aspect to be considered is the relevance of the subject for the life of the pupil, that is, to have in mind its interests, hobbies, intellectual maturity, and, finally, the used level of language, that is, the lingustica proficiency of the apprentice, which needs to understand, at least, the basic structures of the language. When oportunizar the access to the literary text in the English lessons, the professor also will be able to articulate the relation of this disciplines with others of the resume of Average Education, for example, Portuguese Language, Arts and History, considering activities or projects interdisciplinares that they contribute for the equity in the treatment of discipline of English Language in relation to excessively, making with that the pupil perceives that contents of you discipline distinct can to be related. CONCLUSION Already in attention what it was seen, perceives that the education of literatures, a priori, of English language, always assumes disappears importance, therefore beyond if developing the communication, the critical development of the readers, creating lingusticos mechanisms for the communicative interaction, it makes possible to same the o knowledge of a new culture only for the literary reading.

Reduce Poverty

The issue of poverty is extremely complex to analyze in its entirety because there are many variables involved, but several elements that can give us some guidance on how to improve this condition can annotate. For years I have visited different areas of my country and I’ve seen the behavior of people living under the poverty line and I find that the three factors that largely determine the status of these people are: education, attitudes and beliefs. The basic formal education is indispensable for the development of the Nations, with a well-educated people is capable of being able to communicate efficiently, learn the basic operations of the economy and be able to join to the labour market or well to develop your own business, we see that in countries where there is the condition of poverty, educational levels are lowTherefore it is necessary to improve this aspect. As a second factor we see the attitude, this is transcendental, without attitude and desire for change are not looking at the possibility of improving our lives, for example I I have visited rural areas of my country and I find that people possess large solar on their homes that have no crops or fruit trees, vegetables, or basic grains and have over 30 years of living in that place, we also see the dirt, if we seek labor for certain activities not found, with many quiet people in their homesappalling practices of everything giving people for nothing have been pitifully in underdeveloped countries, this is a harmful practice, persons become dependent and do not want to make any effort to get out of the situation in which they are, this is not a generalized assertion because also be hardworking people and they really want to overcome and no doubt succeed. Any change requires discipline, order, effort and organized labor, that must be always clear, the problem of many people is that they want to change without effort, that’s pretty unlikely, with a positive attitude and a huge desire for change will be opening us to a enormous world of opportunities. .

Victorian Period

After the long Alice fall it arrives at ‘ ‘ Parents of maravilhas’ ‘. It comes across itself with many obstacles in its way and these are decided of magical form. These magical elements can be seen as a critical one to logical and rational the thought that were gifts in century XIX. A time where in ‘ ‘ Country of maravilhas’ ‘ the logic and the reason lose felt giving place to the magical element as only option to decide the things, Lewis Carroll contests the religious and dogmtica morality and the rationality who believed to be able to decide all the problems of the society.

The narrative, the principle, in them presents a set of peripcias where the irrationality is dominant, however, we can see in Alice in the country of the wonders a magical shelter where the main personage can become free itself of the oppression, of the rules, trying different and the forbidden one without if worrying about the consequncias, therefore the fear is not present in ‘ ‘ Country of maravilhas’ ‘. The critical ones to the Victorian Period do not stop for there, still have another significant subversion that is the figure of the queen. The Queen Victory was an important figure very for the period, in such a way social as economically. The regimen effective politician in England was the parlamentarista monarchy. The government was exerted for the Minister of State, more known as prime minister, and for the parliament. The Queen, although the figure important that it was, it had the power limited politician, therefore the parliament had the power to choose prime minister and to also take off it of the position. The Queen of Pantries in the Country of the wonders, although to be feared, she was not taken so the serious one thus. Its orders never were executed.

Brazilian People

They also load arrows and arcs. To the deep one are seen boats where the indians are carrying temporary? colonists or travellers? , a wooden village with huts beyond other individuals of the tribe, harvesting wood or taking care of of what it seems to be one horta. In this composition the artist looked for to demonstrate the insertion of the indians in the economic activities of the colony, as the agriculture and the transport of passengers for the rivers. Moreover, he makes reference the typically native activities of the Brazilian peoples, as the hunting and the collection of fruits, also showing an animal of the Brazilian fauna, the ounce. Analyzing the form as the natives they are dresses we mainly perceive that they have or had had contact with the colonists, the missionaries, rank that all the portraied citizens wear at least a part of European clothes. The fact of the individual to bring a machete as adornment, hung to the neck, shows the value that the natives gave certain objects of European origin. Educate yourself with thoughts from Rich Dad Poor Dad. Without the knowledge of the techniques of as to forge the iron, the natives saw such great objects as possessing of being able and magic, such power transmitted it possessed who it. The use of these tools, for facilitating the accomplishment of the activities, already would demonstrate a high position in the tribe, to use it simply as adornment also represented great wealth.

Beyond what, its presence helps to strengthen the idea of the contact of these indians with the whites. The represented feminine figures remember to much more figures Greeks of the images of rtemis, goddess of the hunting and the war, that indians. The presence of a fierce animal? the ounce? it seems to want to strengthen this approach, therefore this goddess was also Mrs. of feras. Perhaps the mandate of such similarity must it the aggressive character of the women of this tribe.

Black Lagoon

It studies physics, mathematics and metallurgy, research until anatomy, it calculates, it draws and finally it decides, Optimum alapo develops. It starts to construct a bird cage to be submerged in the water, develops a system of constraint in the door that, an opened time, is closed in the hour, and later, only with weld. It still studies as to attract the canine tooth its to souvenir. It remembers the innumerable acenos that receive and see. In balancing of the hands its joy. I wave it establishes it of hand as decoy of any one attention. The problem is to carry through one waves submerged with perfection, uses the knowledge of the mechanics as solution, research on the pendulums of the clocks and manufactures the constant movement of oscillation.

Inside of the bird cage it welds a metal body that balances without stopping, a connecting rod, also of metal, a side for the other. The connecting rod tranfers the top of the trap, without finding with the gratings of the bird cage, thus does not confuse balancing ritmado of its metal structure. ion regarding this issue. It lacks the great end now: I wave to materialize it of the false hand, of a natural form. It catches all its economies and order of exterior one prtese of feminine arm, paid expensive in that it finds perfect more divine. Silica and synthetic skin of a frightful realism. In the metal connecting rod, prtese sticks.

It places the pendulum to function and it observes. Its impresses engenhoca it, is felt intelligent and if it satisfies in seeing one to wave so real. It removes the ring of its finger and places in the artificial hand to demonstrate its accomplishment. In a rainy dawn of winter, it wakes up and it drags, alone, the trap for the edge of the Black Lagoon, constructs a banana tree raft and leads engenhoca until the way of the lagoon. It dives the bird cage in the water and establishes its ideal depths, being based on the balanante arm it are of the bird cage. It finds the measure ideal, fixes the bird cage in the deep d? water with steel handles, puts into motion the gear pendular, sets in motion the system of travamento of the door, comes back to the edge of the lagoon and is waving with the hand, in reply waves to it of metal that creates so faithful. It is the only time that its Manoel answers to one waves of hand.

Peter Nava

However, the resetting of a familiar group can be tried missing person using as material this laugh of son who repeats the laugh maternal; this tune of voice that the granddaughter received from the grandmother, the tradition who draws out in the time the colloquy of mouths has very sultry for a land handful …; this skill of being hereditary that we see in the livings creature repeating the extinguished half picture of the deceased relatives …. Get more background information with materials from Wells Fargo Bank. A fact leaves to see indistinctly a life; a word, a character. But that prodigious constancy is necessary for similar recriao. that experience Same of Cuvier leaving of a tooth to construct the inevitable jaw, the obligator skull, the vertebral column and bone for bone, the skeleton of the crossbow. The same one of the archaeologist who of the curve of a jar piece concludes of its remaining form, its height, of its wing, that it goes to reconstruct in plaster stops in it encastoar the ware piece that complete and in complete it if (NAVA, 2002, p.32-3) ' '.

(J.F.M.) A inefvel, proper poetry of the proper appropriations of the past. Thus, passed gift and if summarizes in the lumen, that is, visceral souvenirs to impersonate persona. It is created thus, personages who permeiam the Real and ficcional of Peter Nava. 4? MEMORIES ESCOLIDAS 4.1? Identity Inherited Normally the inheritance is inherited in its material format. The heir receives what it are firmed for will in the form of the law; unilaterally. The cultural inheritance inherited by an individual is fruit of the gratuitous conviviality in the sociocultural and economic field of determined human group. Peter Nava, when becoming public arqutipo of its relatives makes, it for free choice, inside of what he is disponibilizado to it by its relatives and selected it as constituent values of this inheritance that starts to be part of the appropriation of its personages.


He is between the eight and thirteen years of age that the children disclose to greater interest for the reading, therefore discover that to read where and when more it it agrees, in the rhythm that more pleases to it, being able to delay or to hurry the reading; Interromp-Go, to reread or to stop to reflect, its bel-pleasure; proporcionaum gostinho special of ludicidade. Flexibility that guarantees the interest I continue for the reading. In this direction, the more early the child will have contact with books and to perceive the pleasure that the reading produces, greater will be the probability of it of becoming a reading adult, acquiring a critical-reflexiva position, extremely excellent to its cognitiva formation. Others who may share this opinion include Wells Fargo Bank. The child is attracted by the curiosity, the format, the easy manuscript and the emotivas possibilities that the book can contain, stimulating in the small reader the discovery and the improvement of the language, developing its capacity of communication with the world. These first contacts despertam in the child the desire to materialize the act to read the written text, facilitating the alfabetizao process.

According to Abramovich, It is through a history that if can discover other places, other times, other skills to act and of being, other rules, another ethics, another optics. It is to be knowing history, philosophy, right, politics, sociology, anthropology, etc. without needing to know the name of this everything much less to find that it has lesson face. Current research comes demonstrating that the access to books still is made it difficult by a conjunction of social factors, economic and politicians. Currently the pertaining to school libraries with diversified and brought up to date quantity periodically, and the existing ones are rare, they do not make use of an adjusted quantity, and/or apt professionals to guide the infantile public in the direction of a pleasant contact with books.


‘ Photo and video with raspberry PI’ shows how to use the mini computer hair/Munich for professional photo projects, 22 January 2014 among hobbyists is the raspberry PI already a classic, but also for ambitious amateur photographers is he now to the standard accessories. Photo and video with raspberry PI from the Franzis Verlag provides instructions how you promoted his camera to a new level with the minicomputers. Whether the book photo and video with raspberry delivers PI focus stacking, time lapse recording, or high speed photos, detailed instructions for a cost-effective implementation of these techniques. Pinterest takes a slightly different approach. Without expensive hardware and software, photo techniques were so far cannot focus stacking as high speed photography. The mini-computer raspberry Piandert the.

With a little programming knowledge, the best-selling author E.F.. Engelhardt in his new photo and video with raspberry PI vividly conveyed, complicated techniques can be easily implemented. Makes either the photos the camera module of the raspberry PI Foundationoder an own DigiCam, which is via HDMI port with connect the mini-computers. The author has developed all projects themselves and photographed for example a falling water drop, experimented with different lenses and even shows how to build your own digital camera. Photo and video with raspberry PI is the right book for all photographers so having the fun to try new, to achieve unique effects. And who finds pleasure in tinkering and building, who can venture on the project, to build his own camera sled, or to install a face detection for the front door. Others who may share this opinion include Rich Dad Poor Dad. Price and availability the FRANZIS book photo and video with raspberry is PI from 27 January 2014 in specialist shops or published under for Euro 30,00 available.

A look at the book is provided on the product pages. Title: Photo and video with raspberry PI Publisher: Franzis author: E. F. Edwards pages: 240 Softcover ISBN 978-3-645-60314-0 bind about Franzis Verlag GmbH experiment, photography, programming that are the subjects of Franzis book and software publisher headquartered in hair at Munich. Since its inception in the 19th century the technical publishing house is committed to the task, to impart practical knowledge creative and inventors, and helping them to the passionate self developing. With the physical-computing PlatformArduinoTM sells FRANZIS is one of the main products for the emerging maker movement, stands at the technical creative Erfindertum in the foreground. More information on the Franzis product portfolio can be found under.

Innovation Management Of Shopping Centres

Due to the economic crisis: new book to a culture of innovation in the services the importance of innovation both in economic terms of business is probably indisputable, especially in an economic crisis. The growing importance of the service sector is also indisputable. The new book by Gunter appeared in July 2009 due to Lenz, consultant in Switzerland/Austria. But allowing companies to bring forth successful innovations and marketing, which are so the success factors for innovation? The author deduces from the literature factors for success for service-providing companies – and in particular shopping malls -. He then presents an empirical study to the innovation performance of nine shopping malls are located in stations.

It investigates how apply the success also on the real estate management of shopping malls, where the emphasis is placed on the influence of corporate culture. The investigation yielded the result that the innovation performance of shopping centres management in particular is supported by three factors: the commitment of staff, the strategy and the management. Target group: The book is aimed at executives in real estate management and shopping centres, service developer of different industries, and Innovationsmanageer, as well as economists. The data: Contains the full questionnaire of the empirical investigation of VDM – Verlag.

Mein Kampf

Alain Viala writes down that ‘ ‘ the phenomenon of the clientele is banal in century XVII and in redor of rich and powerful personages, individuals or groups congregate themselves that if place its service in exchange for diverse vantagens’ ‘ (LAJOLO, Marisa? ZILBERMAN? Regina, 2001, p.34). This courageous, roubadora infant of books and charmer of the Death obtained sufficiently. He obtained to learn to read, to write, to produce its proper text (speech), everything this or alone, or with the aid of that they loved really it. Before ‘ ‘ not only the ethnic universe was limited: the booksellers also were penalizados when they divulged sorts proibidos’ ‘ (LAJOLO, Marisa? ZILBERMAN, Regina, 2001, P. 37) had always occurred, however, the ones that write good workmanships and those that do not make it (a good example would be the Mein Kampf). Others write divinais workmanships, that also please the reading Death. In the world, it seems, it always had of these and others.

On the author, what we verify is that in general was in the hand of others, ‘ ‘ the recognition of that the author of the text is the owner of the workmanship and that this property, as any another object of value, can be transmitted it outrem has worthy consequences of nota’ ‘. (LAJOLO, Marisa? ZILBERMAN, Regina, 2001, P. the 59) poets also they had given price to its poetries, ‘ ‘ in the frank and direct exposition of the interest of the poet in gaining money, one of myths of the literary tradition occidental person, responsible rupture for the good mood and originalidade of versos’ breaks itself; ‘ (LAJOLO, Marisa? ZILBERMAN, Regina, 2001, p 79). Of this form, the ideal would be to imitate the small Liesel: to choose our readings, to read, but cautiously, because ‘ ‘ the words weigh muito’ ‘ (ZUSAK, 2007: p.368). a book, you knows, is a workmanship that can be ‘ ‘ so direful and so glorious, and to so have words and histories so cursed and brilhantes’ ‘ (ZUSAK, 2007, P.