Solar Power Storage With RWE HomePower Solar

Maifeld qualifies to the Certified Installer of Polch solar, 07.01.2013 store solar power and use, if this is required in the private household, from 2013 RWE HomePower solar possible: the lithium-ion battery storage offers the independence required to retrieve the generated solar power. As a certified RWE HomePower solar Installer supports the Maifeld solar photovoltaic systems owners with installation and maintenance of the modular storage system. Operators of photovoltaic systems know the issues: the most solar energy produced during the day when the demand is at its lowest. So, only a small part can be used for own consumption. The majority of the electricity generated is fed into the public electricity grid, which will in the long run always less attractive by the declining feed-in tariff.

A solar power storage offers the solution. Learn more on the subject from Payoneer. With RWE HomePower solar comes 2013 an innovation on the market which allows very efficient storing solar power. Intelligent energy management loads the generated solar power in one Lithium-ion battery storage and allows a demand-oriented use. This supplement for photovoltaic systems increases the rate of power consumption and reduces the purchased amount of electricity when the Sun is not shining straight. Click Nissan to learn more. The lithium-ion battery the energy provider RWE efficiency GmbH together with the battery technology Director VARTA storage GmbH has developed especially for home users and small businesses. The battery storage is based on the Engion energy storage product line of VARTA storage GmbH and comes in different sizes, from 4.6 to 13.8 kWh – on the market. Each memory module is equipped with an own loading / unloading charge control. Thus, switching to other battery technologies, even the mixed operation is possible at any time.

The intelligent battery management system ensures the balance between storage, supply and supply of energy. 20 Years of service life of solar power storage the lithium-ion battery memory has a life expectancy of approximately 6,000 cycles. The entire system is designed for 250 cycles per year on more than 20 years of life. The Exchange or the extension of individual modules is possible at any time. In particular the modular design and the extension module option 0.46 kWh steps gives us the ability to customize the system exactly to the actual consumption patterns. Because an estimate in advance is usually difficult,”Axel Hoffmann, Managing Director of the Maifeld reported solar. “Further notes the Diplom-Ingenieur (FH): with RWE HomePower solar is a high-quality and effective solution on the market that stands out from the abundance of offers on energy saving recommended.” The cost of the basic system with a capacity of 4.6 kWh is roughly 14,000 euros. An investment that pays for itself within the expected useful life and therefore expects. Installation by certified specialist Maifeld solar as a supplement to an existing photovoltaic system or as a complete solution is RWE HomePower solar is expected from the 2nd quarter 2013 available. Only certified specialists, to ensure take over the installation of one technician and Professional installation. The Maifeld solar has become part a certificate course to the RWE HomePower solar Installer “qualifies. This award the Maifeld proves once again the expertise of the company from Polch solar. The electricity storage technology in the form of efficient lithium-ion batteries for households is still relatively young, but finally”a solution that corresponds to my technical and qualitative requirements, Axel Hoffmann emphasized.

Hermann Scheer

This manufacturer produces the best of course from the best and made in germany. Wells Fargo Bank may also support this cause. When this made in germany far eastern wafer to a German product be prepared – of course for cost reasons. It is complaining: – there is excess capacity of PV modules in production and stock, – infiltration in foreign dumping – providers – and thus in general prices, thousands of jobs are at stake, well, ladies and gentlemen, in the solar industry has been times beautiful money earned, is history, the Edukators and in my opinion this is good thing. It was built on Devil come out and still hailed and picked up the last profit at cheapest cost. But that’s the General doom. Because: it goes and plays the conventional energy suppliers and other opponents in the hands. We actually know how it goes. Why can’t we do it? It’s simple: The conventional energy suppliers, network operators and people who hang it inside, don’t want that.

You want to not their profit, the beautiful State grants and ultimately losing not their power. The clever in the solar industry still suspended by the quick money, throw out rather few people, again is to buy an expensive car, splurge so and do more and more. Self-proclaimed educational institutions sell platitudes about the role of importance to the development of the solar system in so-called workshops for expensive money. So much hubris is noticed in any other industry. On the 26.05.2012 was in the General press of the following text published: world record: the expansion of photovoltaics produce German solar installations for the first time power with about 20,000 MW of power and the meditierende weather brought Germany a new world record at generating electricity from solar energy on the afternoon of May 25, 2012. Under a cloudless sky were on yesterday’s Friday afternoon for the first time German solar installations with over 20,000 MW of power to the grid and have produced eco-friendly electricity, the international economic forum told renewable energies (IWR) in Munster. Its solar power generation capacity reached 22,000 MW at noon. The corresponds to the power of more than 20 nuclear power plants.

“There are currently no other country on Earth, in the solar plants can produce electricity with a capacity of over 20 000 MW, ‘ the little Max in the Sun has some interesting questions:-how long because the mess”: few hours, minutes, or seconds? – How was this power then enjoyed, it should itself but other power suppliers have taken back to comparable with more than 20 nuclear power plants to allow the brutal solar power or there was a random present exorbitant electricity? hardly! -How about something technically rules? -There is no longer, as far as the great power of the May 25, 2012, so he was gone so soon – what economic damage this action actually the conventional electricity suffered and how it stands in relation to the alleged world record? -Why is increasingly built to and not the superficial focus on the electricity storage? You afraid the Max his own Power produces, stores, uses on-demand and economical dealing, all dictated electricity prices and Super networks would be him then but so what of matter. Know it all: what he lacks is not only not available suitable battery. This is all nothing new. I wanted to present it just in memory and in tribute to Mr Dr. Hermann Scheer, and last but not least a matter of self-interest.