Fernando Magarzo

And in this case if it would be possible to speak, in one secrecy second opportunity for the bidders who did not obtain the concession to first. But these are truly exceptional assumptions. If it is managed to oppose a contest, the normal thing is that the judicial organ declares the irregularity of a concrete proceeding having to repeat the contest beginning by this one. Payoneer: the source for more info. However, in these cases the result is very deceptive, since it is very difficult that the final result defers much from the first decision and this is necessary to have it well clearly if is desired to resort the result of the same. And this I do not believe that it is the solution wished for the appellant. Why we affirmed this? Simply because whatever phase of the contest to that the activities are pred-date opening of the administrative documentation, phase of admission or exclusion of bidders, or any other, the film stars of this film are the same. Indeed, they become to face the organ of valuation, conformed by the same members that in its original composition, and the same supplies, which, once presented/displayed, cannot be modified or be altered by application of the principles of equality and transparency and competitive equality, cardinal in all process of competitive concurrence. Michellene Davis follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

He would be, therefore, illogical to think that a result very different from the initial could occur, because that it would be to admit that in one first valuation aspects have not considered that yes have considered in second or vice versa. And that yes would be to keep awake clear irrationality, incoherence and negligence in his to act. The hypothesis of a change of criterion that, at an extreme case, could end at a change of order in the scores, feasible in would be only supposed of a difference of so close score between bidders who any mini change of criterion took to this end. In any case the variations are going to be minimum and, almost with complete certainty, they are not going to modify the final result. For this reason, a bidder whose score is been very remote del that has taken the highest valuation in the first consideration is extremely difficult that in one second return to the contest can give upset and this is a circumstance to very consider at the time of resorting the awardings with hope to obtain the license. In conclusion, before making a decision to oppose the results of a contest he agrees to have well clearly and to analyze carefully the possible irregularities observed in the action of the Administration, because in case these can originate the invalidity of right plenary session of the final resolution would only be possible to speak in secrecy of one second opportunity for the appellant. In case of appreciating simple procedural irregularities most possible it is than the result in the end is the same. For that reason the decision to resort properly has to be meditated, in avoidance of majors damages the appellant to reach the same result.

MLM Business

MLM businesses have, like every business, its advantages and its disadvantages. Among the advantages more important, highlights the minimum investment required to launch them, but this usually often become the main drawback. What any person does when he embarks on a traditional business?. You usually have to invest a lot of money on facilities (premises, products, employees, expenses for light, water, telephone, advertising, etc), so it uses all resources at its disposal so that everything works swimmingly, and doesn’t skimp on expenses or in devoting the time that is needed to get it, because what is much is at stake and not that goes wrong can afford to. That happens when it’s a MLM business?. Because in this case he has none of mentioned expenses, so the level of concern is usually much lower.

If the person entering this type of business has not acquired the necessary training, it is usual that you will not you very well at the beginning, and that is very logical and normal, and should not be cause for surprise. If your sponsor is as it should be it should tell you the way to follow, provide you the means for your training and the tools that you’ll need to continue forward, but everything will depend on yourself, your own efforts. The main reason why your business MLM could not operate precisely is their main advantage, i.e. because investment has been very small. This makes that don’t worry enough, and you start to convince yourself that finally, after only entered the business to test, and that it doesn’t matter if you do not work because you have not lost anything, and this will serve as a lesson to not return to the temptation to get you again in this type of business, that don’t work. This reasoning is the usual one that make people who have not endeavoured to take the business forward, but the reality is that the business has not worked for them because they have not considered it as a serious business.

So that if these in a MLM business and does not consider it as a real business, and if you don’t do the same way as what would you do if you had a traditional business, do not wait that it works. That is pure reality. you that would you do if you had a clothing store, for example, and not had much clientele? I am sure that pondrias up a lot of resources, tratarias buy cheapest, pondrias advertising, pondrias a luminous sign, would you do deals, etc. Then because in your MLM business not running put all resources at your fingertips? If your sponsor is telling you that you attend training conferences to learn more about the business and the tools at your fingertips because you do? If your sponsor you is saying that you promotions business in a certain way, to get more prospects because do not? If your sponsor you is telling you to read a certain book where they explain you about certain things that will help you be more effective, or to be more motivated because you do? Hence this key from because does not work your MLM business, only it comes to consider it a serious business. So which assimilates well this concept because it is the first stone of the foundation of your business.