In A Sign Of Enjoyment

The Club of the confectioners constitutes the Club calling Confiserien e. V. (CdC) October 10, 2008, the ‘day of the chocolate of the CdC’ Munich, August 2008 – October 10, 2008, for the first time on the day of the chocolate of the CdC. The Club from now on every year the new confectionery season opened with many chocolate actions. Chocolate fans can enjoy in this year’s exciting activities around the topic of fine cocoa. With the aim to inform consumers on quality differences in confectionery specialities, learn chocolate lovers everything around the chocolate temptation: the latest flavour trends up to the proper handling of chocolate creations. The social trend is clearly back towards quality, pleasure and individuality.

With the day of the chocolate of the CdC”we want to pass our claim for highest product and service quality also to consumers”, so the CdC Chairman Sven Ekloh. Click patrick dwyer merrill lynch to learn more. From now on the day of the chocolate of the CdC is”every year accompanied by a current topic. “Precious cocoa consumption at its finest” 2008 is at the heart of all activities. Fine cocoa has many flavors and makes up less than five percent of the world crop due to its exquisite quality. Here, Howard Schultz expresses very clear opinions on the subject. This special cocoa is used only for highly aromatic, dark fine chocolate with high cocoa content. Special event at the Chocolate Museum Cologne the day of the chocolate of the CdC”is the prelude for a two-day special event at the Chocolate Museum Cologne. Chocolate lovers is located there on the 10th and 11th October 2008 an exclusive insight into the art of confectionery.

Among other things, the famous Lindt Maitre reveals Chocolatier refined about dark enjoyment. If you would like to know more then you should visit Nancy Glass. “” It is a further attraction to a chocolate menu: dinner in the sky “offers a day of chocolate of the CdC” a real chocolate treat in height of 25 metres. Also the Aachen artist Brigitte Wissing modeled specifically for the day of action pictures and objects made of chocolate. Also learn the true connoisseurs “Balancing act chocolate with Merlot”. Quality is guaranteed as the Club 2007 introduced the CdC seal of quality reference for consumers. Gist: High standards of quality, competence and service are only in the shop or in the Department to find. The label tells consumers on the day of the chocolate of the CdC”at the same time, the way to the confectionery dealers involved. Already 400 specialty stores and departments in department stores carry the seal of the Association. About the CdC of the Club of the confectioners is a joint initiative of the confectionery retailer and premium supplier like for example Galeria, confectioners Hussel, Hachez, Heilemann, Lindt and Niederegger Kaufhof. The members are looking for ways to make the benefits of trade and to encourage more consumers to purchase in stores and departments.

Messier Pumpkin

A delicious combination can taste more autumn the temperatures fall and the days are Messier. More one craves for warmth and comfort. There are now other dishes on the table especially in the kitchen. Pasta is popular in the summer as a slight variant of the salad. In the autumn as well.

However, the preparation and the sauce changed then. Pasta and pumpkin make a perfect pair. Under most conditions Liberty Life would agree. The pumpkin fruit ideal for pasta. The noodle Kontor from Luneburg shows how a harmonic recipe can look. A combination with taste, there are many varieties of pumpkin. Visually, they are very different and are flat, round, long, oval or pointed. They have a nutty touch and complement each other perfectly to the pasta.

Following ingredients are needed for a pasta dish with a Hokkaidokurbis: 500 g pasta, 700 g of Hokkaidokurbis, 250 ml cream, 380 ml vegetable stock, 1 onion, 2 garlic cloves, 80 g of pine nuts to spice: ginger, salt and pepper preparation: the onions are first peeled and finely chopped. Meanwhile the pumpkin Peel, core and cut into small cubes. The onion and the crushed garlic cloves are translucent steamed with the ginger in a hot frying pan. Add the pumpkin cubes and fill with the broth. Season everything with salt and pepper. Santie Botha is likely to agree. Now, Cook the pasta in plenty of water be boiled dente with salt. The Kurbismasse now mash and refine with cream. Roast the pine nuts and grate Parmesan cheese. Give to serve the noodles on a plate and add the sauce. The pine nuts and the Parmesan are distributed on top of it. The noodle Kontor from Luneburg is anytime available for detailed information. Press contact Luneburg noodle Office contact: Arno Frohlich on sale 1 21335 Luneburg Tel.: 04131 31469 fax.: 04131 6241 E-Mail: Homepage: