Choose Grams

The choice of spinning – not an easy thing, as it may seem at first glance. And this statement is equally true is unknown as to the products of Chinese manufacturers, as well as to such well-known brands as Abu spinning Garcia, Daiwa, Shimano, Black Hole. It would seem that buy expensive fishing rod – and everything will be fine. However, the budget is always limited, and the fish that we're going to catch, too, is different. Pike, for example, a light spinning rod not catch. You also need to think about the amount of reservoir.

For a lake or large pond suitable long spinning. But the main thing – it is certainly a test. Spinning are the following types: ultralight, light, medium and heavy. They differ, use bait. For ultra-light suitable bait up to 7 grams for a light – from 7 to 15 grams, the average optimally from 15 to 40 grams, but hard – at least 40. The test is indicated by 2 digits, for example, 5-15 gr. This means that the minimum weight of 5 grams of bait, or it simply not be felt. And if more than 15 – then the rod may break.

Another important parameter – the system of spinning. This characteristic defines the rod response to the increased load. System can be both slow and medium-sized and fast. It is determined by the bending of the rod under load. For example, a slow spinning bend evenly along the length of the rod, and fast – just the tip. Except for the marriage or buying outright fakes, modern Rods have ample strength. So that the cause of failure are almost always gross errors anglers, such as when placed under negative vyvazhivanii rod angle, or took him behind his back. If going to buy a spinning, try to get as much information about the manufacturer. It is advisable to talk with an experienced fisherman, who had already eaten a dog in this kind of fishing rods. You can also refer to sales assistant in a store. Do not forget about the Internet. Online users a huge number of sites and forums, where fishermen from across the country discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a particular model. And another tip for last – choosing a rod, try it with a plastic coil – the feeling will be quite different. If there is a coil, which are going to catch – take it to the store, or ask the seller to find a suitable one.