HoumKreditBank Computer

August 2001 r – Dnepropetrovsk branch opened Computer Academy "Step" in 2003 – the first graduates of professional programmers, system administrators and designers. 2003 – opened a corporate office in 2003 – opened Mlaya Computer Academy in 2006 – open line of European Computer Education in 2010 – scheduled to start the project "AGE". Our graduates have found a decent job at the enterprises of Dnipropetrovsk and Ukraine among them: Privat, Brokbusinessbank, HoumKreditBank, Bank Forum, Kyivstar, Beeline, Life, MTS, Yuzhmash, Dneprotyazhmash, Electromash, Dneprvagonmash, 34 TV, RTI, 11 channel, PrePress, Printing House, ArtPress, The development of computer games: Alawar Five-BN, Absolutist, developers: ISD, StarSoft, Luxoft, SiteCore, advertising agencies, studios for creating websites … and thousands of other companies. The mission of the branch: "We provide education generations who change the world for the better." At Dnepropetrovsk Branch of the Academy of Computer 'Step' open: Center employment to help each graduate to choose the best option raboty.Malaya Computer Academy Computer School and Sunday, giving opportunity to receive computer education to children from 10 to 14 let.Professionalnye computer courses. "European Computer Education", which allows students to schools and students receive a diploma Grades 9-10 Computer Academy of pace and a state diploma. Now, the question of where to go, what college Dnepropetrovsk choose to receive computer education – there is an adequate response. Currently, Dnipropetrovsk branch Computer Academy 'Step' has the following statuses: Microsoft Certified PartnerMicrosoft IT AcademyAutodesk Training CenterAvtorizovannye Testing Centers and Pearson VUE PrometricLokalnaya Academy CISCOInstitut CiscoAvtorizovanny Business Training Center 1C Authorized Center For SUN students and graduates of the Academy are: Employment Service, which teaches job search technology (training, CV and portfolio), weekly, provides information on new positions in enterprises regiona.dopolnitelnye opportunities to improve their qualifications (master classes, IT-tracks, seminars) psychological services, which can turn any uchaschiysya.Dopolnitelnye training (personal growth, team building, job search, time management, etc.). Computer Academy "STEP" in Dnepropetrovsk – is not only an interesting study, but also a fascinating recreation of students: the dedication of the students – in competition intelligence, skill, agility, allowing freshmen to get acquainted with each other to showcase their talents, it's great to relax and remember for a long time "entry" in the student life, participating in competitions and championships, from local to global level (!) – it allows you not only a sea of prizes and experiences, and self-actualization. Students Computer Academy Step outside the top 12 best teams mira.vecherinki – vivid entertainment programs featuring music and dance groups, a lot of competitions, awarding the best students gifts, beauty contests – a true celebration of charm, intelligence, creativity and fantasy, final balls – after graduation, the protection of the diploma project, you can breathe freely and plenty fun with your friends and teacher! Computer Academy "STEP" is waiting for you!