Mailing List

Your readers do not just share with you their knowledge, but also an interesting subject will be asked why the materials to your mailing list and your site will be more relevant. Keeping your mailing list has a disciplining factor. To succeed online, you need to work very hard. When you only have a website, and it hangs itself on the Internet, cereal is not asking, you sometimes feel that there is no sense in its constant renewal, and can be a little rest. But having your newsletter, you assume the obligation to produce it regularly, and to prepare for each issue interesting stuff. If you forget about it, it will remind the administration of service deliveries. This external monitoring your activity serves you well – you always have new material to supplement the site.

If you already have a website, but not its distribution – its head quickly and put a subscription form in a conspicuous place on your site. Many visitors come to your site by accident. Maybe they like your site and they'll think I will visit it again – but they are likely to forget to do it. Either because of rapid forgetting, or distracted by another project met on the Internet, or want to come back, but can not remember the address of your website (here good name of your site can help them remember where they were – another plus for creating a good domain name – see "Domains. How to choose a domain name for registration? ').

Internet Questions

Questions answered by Ilya N. Sadowski, co-owner of the Agency of Public Communications GoldenRing begin with historical perspective. As a born and PRv advertising online? The Internet was originally selected out of the lot metropolitan universities and leading research centers such as Novosibirsk. For the masses of Russians Internet became available sometime after '98. Then, to go on the Internet, people went to friends who have worked in large and advanced enterprises (personally I have a box in 1999).

In all of the Ivanovo region by 2000 active Internet users were about 10 thousand. Advertising and PRv Internet in Russia were all the same stages as the West, for all laws of the market, with the only difference being that in our country the rate of transition from stage to stage was the new fast. It is clear that in such a "penetration" of the Internet in 2000 to talk about how a significant opportunity to influence the Internet – advertising in the mass market is naive. Although sites in RuNet was relatively little, at this time began to take shape segment and technology banner advertising, thereby advertising on the Internet was expensive then $ 10 per CPM (if it is measured the number of times the banner, now – go to the site.) Now steers contextual advertising, when to buy and sell your ads next to search results and the budget can begin to a few dollars – it all depends on the degree of competition is your search query.