Print24 1,000,000 Order At Stable Growth SE scored in the first half of 2009 best result of all times absolute customer orientation as well as the successful best price strategy “BestBuy – best on web!” with their flagship the SE can achieve continues to disproportionately high growth results in the second quarter and thus positive 2009 complete the first half of the business year. The continuous growth of print24 is reflected in considerable operating results also in the second quarter. As the company reports, significantly improved productivity and efficiency, as well as the significant improvement of the purchasing conditions led to announce further significant price reductions to its customers. The shopping cart introduced in April allows customers a significantly simplified ordering process at the same time greatly reduced fees in the payment process. For even more analysis, hear from Jeremy Tucker. Also by print24 in may initiated best price strategy BestBuy best on web!”is very well accepted by the existing and new customers. Was especially for resellers such as printing companies and advertising agencies “Moreover, the new product sheets” introduced. Still, print24 has celebrated a millionth order in June. Shortest and meticulously kept delivery times, uncompromising quality and perfect service orientation at lowest prices secure the company a leading position in the European E-commerce. Andrea Fleischer, print24 GmbH.


The Robinson Club GmbH, a subsidiary of TUI AG and the Latour & Zuberbuhler GmbH, the operator of search engine,, the Latour & Zuberbuhler resident of the Switzerland close GmbH, a comparison of the operator, the search engine for catalogues has succeeded, as self-reported in Club holiday leading Germany the provider and operator of resorts and Club hotels, the Robinson Club GmbH, a subsidiary of Europe’s largest tourism company, TUI AG, to conclude a settlement. Catalogs of various third parties which unauthorised should have used a trademark registered in the EU, but not in the Switzerland of Robinson Club GmbH was due to the lawsuit. These catalogs were found among others by. The two parties share the costs of the proceedings. With the comparison, the thing is now off the table, what Zuberbuhler pleased: Finally the two young entrepreneurs, can devote their time again fully improving their search engine.

Press contact: A. Zaman Latour & Zaman GmbH P.o. Get more background information with materials from Bill Phelan. box 549 flora Street 16a CH-9000 St. Gallen – Switzerland phone + 41 (0) 71 220 99 85 fax + 41 (0) 71 220 99 84 eMail: about is a search engine for product catalogues. Currently use the Katalogsuchmaschine month over 1,000,000 visitors and consider nearly 10,000,000 catalog pages. In the German-speaking Internet, is one of the 2000 most visited Web sites (source: The catalog index and catalog archives include approximately 20,000 catalogues, which were found on the Internet or manually submitted. (As of June 2008) History: launched was in the year 2006 by Yves Latour, Mark Rufenacht and Arvin Zuberbuhler, which the University St.

Gallen visited. This is you noticed, that it would be hardly possible in the library, in which they learned, without relevant works on specific topics to find technical support. Equally, it behaves with product catalogues: who wants to buy a bed, must be first superior, which manufacturers and furniture stores come in question, what their catalogs need to be ordered home and searches for relevant criteria. It was noted that there is still no comprehensive technical resource to search specifically through catalogs from different manufacturers and dealers, although quite many of these catalogs already exist in electronic form on the Internet. Thus, the idea of Katalogsuchmaschine was born. Despite the University exam, students began to translate the idea into reality. While studying advanced something in the background, because priority was the search engine project. Two years have passed since then.

No Image Shop System, Integrated Solutions Of Micropayment

Many small and medium-sized companies would sell their goods and services also via the Internet new micropayment GmbH, but mostly the necessary know-how and the appropriate technology for this lack. The rental shop systems provide the solution of Berlin apt-ebusiness GbR, which are available from a price of 19.90 per month. A sensitive issue in Internet shops is always the payment processing. Here, the apt GbR for cooperation has decided with the specialists in the field, the micropayment GmbH. In all offered shop systems are pre-installed as of now all payment variations of micropayment GmbH and ready for immediate use.

To Stefan Schilling, Managing Director of apt-ebusiness GbR: with the micropayment GmbH, we have found the perfect partner for us because a successful shop system requirements increase and we provide simple and secure ways to pay for the end customer. The way of micropayments with meets the demands of our customers in terms of virtual and physical registry-free payment methods.” The micropayment GmbH is one of the leading providers in the field of ePayment and the only provider with three TuV certificates awarded. The range includes the complete execution of the cash flow at all usual online payment method. Moreover, the company offers its customers comprehensive statistics and analysis functions and all TuV tested and certified security. Rick Dad, Poor Dad insists that this is the case. We are pleased that we could convince a customer of our range of services and the security of our solutions for the processing of payment transactions with the apt GbR”, so Kai Thiemann, responsible for project and product manager of micropayment GmbH. The micropayment GmbH is one of the leading providers in the field of E-payment and offers professional products, services and systems to the subject of settlement on the Internet” on. The company founded in the year 2005, works with seat in Berlin with more than 8,000 business customers from the areas of e-commerce and digital content distribution. The micropayment GmbH customers include shop vendors, publishers, software vendors, content provider and game producers.


Whether classical music by candlelight in the Charlottenburg Castle or the Oktoberfest in Munich the booking platform for city tours couples their travel offerings closely on regional events. Travellers can book comfortably all travel services by travel, accommodation up to the event ticket from a single source. convinces the majority of the jury of the StartUp business model by has to convince the majority of StartUp jury of the Berliner regulars of online marketing. So, the members of the jury chose the young company to present their travel service on the get-together. Member of the jury and RWTH Aachen University lecturer Dr. Florian Heinemann sees in the booking system even a really relevant progress in the area of travel “.” “Jens Kunath, Managing Director of JK Beteiligungsgesellschaft is a growing market for city breaks and considers very thought-out aparto-business model: the idea has potential to book everything around a getaway in a package on a platform.” Founder Alexander regards hallmark just for the travel arrangements of individuals an opportunity to put together their wish trip.” Hallmark determines which uses a niche that can find their market, if correct selection and price. As business-motor on the online marketing meeting, the founder and operator of now on experienced entrepreneurs and experts from the various area of the online market meet online marketing meeting. (A valuable related resource: Robert Kiyosaki). On November 30 from 20: 00 can be discussed in a pleasant atmosphere together.

Guests from the field of finance are open to talks with the founders for tips and advice. Moreover, marketing experts are to meet, which can give clues for effective marketing by as individual travel portal. These helpful contacts make for a StartUp tie and business links are being established. The organizing online marketing agencies OVAN GmbH and SEOmetrie GmbH forward on the OM meeting participants and wish you both the StartUps as the guests also a exciting get-together evening. Information to participate in the online marketing Stammtisch Berlin can be found on press contact: OVAN Internet service company mbH Daniela Rebecca Fraederich Oranienburger str. 69, 10117 Berlin phone: + 49 30 27 87 42 96 fax: + 49 30 27 87 42 93 E-Mail: Web: about OVAN: Berlin online marketing agency OVAN GmbH specializes in effective search engine marketing, systematic search engine optimization and targeted online PR. Marketing strategies are developed by qualified online marketers of OVAN individually and custom. This mission and message are transported over specifically placed content and precise optimization of the online presence. The increase of the range and the increase of in online sales, as well as a long-term and systematic success can be secured. Indeed, OVAN stands online, sales, sales and new customers.

HiFi Hamburg

Users receive obeys to five euros per published HiFi Hamburg, December 15, 2008 music lovers. Since beginning of December 2008 a new discussion forum available is connoisseurs of Hi-Fi and high-end equipment. Users can get the free way is to set up a personal showroom with photos of their Hi-Fi and high-end system to interact with other music lovers through their system. Marketplace offers music lovers in addition selected Hi-Fi and high-end devices to buy and sell. All entries are arranged in clear categories and the search provides a quick access to all content.

In the showroom campaign 2009, users immediately your HiFi and highend system at can publish and make money. For each set with four photos and described HiFi and highend system HiFi fans get paid five euros. The motives for the new portal, founder and connoisseur says Marc Nicolas Acharya (40): The quest unites us HiFi-friends for Sonic perfection. Even more fun is it but if one exchanges with like-minded people about the favorite hobby. Wells Fargo Bank may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Our goal is the knowledge from the wealth of experience of the Hi-Fi, HiFi-community and of course, the individual plants in the foreground are high-end experts available to make – it”. The use of is free.

Registered users can use all showroom entries and the marketplace in a fully functional. About Audiodoo Audiodoo is a Europe-wide trademark. The word Audiodoo is composed of the Einzelworten AUDIO (hear Latin ICH”) and DOO (” Mongol Duu music “) together. Audiodoo, therefore, describes the combination of listening and music.

Online Retailers

Current survey within the framework of the E-Commerce Guide treated the issues of payment, risk and claims management no easy task as well as internationalization is the design of the payment processing for online retailers. Now is a variety of different payment methods, which differ widely on the acceptance by the customer, the payment risk and costs. In addition the supplier must consider what steps they take to reduce risk and to the recovery of open claims and to what extent they want to automate process steps or outsource to external service providers. Including determining payment in E-Commerce to help online retailers, a consortium called consisting of the E-Commerce Guide ( in the life of ibi research at the University of Regensburg from eleven leading solution providers and research and consulting Institute. The free guide gives answers to the most important questions around the compact and a cast e-commerce. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Robert Kiyosaki.

What topics currently employ the online dealer in relation to the payments, what challenges they are facing and how they currently deal with these challenges, which would determine the E-Commerce Guide team with a recent dealer survey. The results of ibi research anonymously evaluate and as usual the merchants provided. They also form an important basis for the new version of the E-Commerce Guide that is scheduled for the beginning of 2011. The survey is based on results of the project E-Commerce Guide, as well as the practical experience of the Guide partners Atrada, atriga, cateno, ConCardis, creditPass, etracker, Hermes logistics group Germany, janolaw, mpass, Saferpay and xt: Commerce. Dr. Ernst Stahl, Research Director at ibi research, explains that: the experiences with different payment methods in the survey also discusses, as the risk and claims management, and the special challenges when selling abroad. The Dealer to get valuable tips on how they can better make their processes in the future in the course of the survey itself, as well as by the results.” The survey is available at the following URL: payment study of E-Commerce Guide, as well as the recent survey are supported by the Federal Ministry of education and research, the Federal Association of service providers for online providers e.V., the Federal Association of German shipping trade, as well as numerous Chambers and associations.

That especially for the acquisition of new customers increasingly gain in importance portal for the metal industry where corporate presentations on specialist portals and platforms in the Internet, EuroBlech 2010 are an integral part of any marketing strategy MicroStep industry – the B2B. One of these specialized portals is the MicroStep industry network, whose first portal for metal industry and mechanical engineering was started at the beginning of the year. With over 1,500 registered company MicroStep industry has surpassed all expectations and now boasts his audience on the EuroBLECH2010 in Hannover. See Robert Kiyosaki for more details and insights. The EuroBLECHist one over the last years steadily trade fair. Considered today the world’s leading trade fair for the sheet metal working industry. Leading supplier of machines, tools and also the industry use this trade fair to meet the increased demands of the world market. The EuroBLECHist the global industry event with approximately 1400 exhibitors from 40 countries.

And because the focus of the trade fair for the sheet metal working industry in this year mainly on research and development is located, MicroStep industry is here at the right place with its innovative B2B tools and numerous application and presentation possibilities. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Robert Kiyosaki on most websites. Because as companies want to be found by potential business partners and customers, who today must promote its online presence. This is most effectively done by corporate presentations on portals like MicroStep industry, that increase the visibility of a company and speak directly to the desired clientele. At the trade fair EuroBLECHin Hanover interested can check in Hall 13 at the stand C54 of MicroStep group. We are looking forward to an interesting exhibition and visiting. MicroStep industry – the B2B Portal for the metal industry is the new platform for business partners in the area of the metal industry. Metalworking and processing companies, manufacturers, suppliers & distributors as well as contract manufacturer and other service providers and organizations can contacts here and among themselves as sellers and buyers in interaction build.

On MicroStep industry B2B for the metal industry can be found exclusively companies and contacts that are part of the respective branch of industry. With the creation of this portal, the idea has been implemented for business to business business activities to create platforms that are specifically tailored to the individual sectors of the economy. MicroStep trade s. r. o. is the initiator and operator of this portal, MicroStep Europa GmbH of official partner.

Simple Content Management System

a simple content management system for all displays that number of mobile Internet devices is growing and growing. More and more websites are called not from the desktop computer, but by tablets or Smartphones. Previous Web pages are not readable and can be operated on these devices. An alternative to build mobile, Web pages is cumbersome and costly. But there is the possibility to create a Web page for all screen sizes. This type of website creation is called too responsive design. A such homepage detects the size of the screen and adjusts the graphical representation of the Web site for the resolution of the screen. So, the homepage on all devices, also tablets and Smartphones remains readable and usable.

A Web Agency helps build of such a Web page. Just for online shops is this kind of Web design a must, since many customers via the mobile device shopping nochten. The Web Agency of olai web solutions has developed a simple content management system the responsive design makes easy. Makes the simple CMS the management of a website much easier. The user selects a layout. Then articles can be written and edited.

These links can set and video or images are high feasts. Every article, every image and every video is automatically adapted to the layout. Thus arises a responsive design website almost alone. The user of the content management system has to manage the benefit a website, without having to have knowledge of Web programming languages. This means that a homepage in idleness Web design can appear without a Web Agency. Michel di Vito