Simple Content Management System

a simple content management system for all displays that number of mobile Internet devices is growing and growing. More and more websites are called not from the desktop computer, but by tablets or Smartphones. Previous Web pages are not readable and can be operated on these devices. An alternative to build mobile, Web pages is cumbersome and costly. But there is the possibility to create a Web page for all screen sizes. This type of website creation is called too responsive design. A such homepage detects the size of the screen and adjusts the graphical representation of the Web site for the resolution of the screen. So, the homepage on all devices, also tablets and Smartphones remains readable and usable.

A Web Agency helps build of such a Web page. Just for online shops is this kind of Web design a must, since many customers via the mobile device shopping nochten. The Web Agency of olai web solutions has developed a simple content management system the responsive design makes easy. Makes the simple CMS the management of a website much easier. The user selects a layout. Then articles can be written and edited.

These links can set and video or images are high feasts. Every article, every image and every video is automatically adapted to the layout. Thus arises a responsive design website almost alone. The user of the content management system has to manage the benefit a website, without having to have knowledge of Web programming languages. This means that a homepage in idleness Web design can appear without a Web Agency. Michel di Vito

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