Disability Insurance

Worth the BUV for trainees at all? Who starts a training and go into professional life, is mostly worry about the security of our own financial existence. The fewest trainees think of a disability insurance (BU) are just in the first few years without any protection and would receive in the event of occupational disability from the State support (disability pension) no cents. A disability insurance for trainees should be considered so at least. Disability for trainees is not an issue as Apprentice you young and fit as a fiddle is the own health future hardly worried. Insurance, which insures its own ability to work is simply not appropriate at a young age. But what is actually, when you can no longer go to work for physical or psychological reasons? Quickly pass a mishap, which has permanent health damage or man falls into deep depression, making it virtually impossible to continue normal work.

In this case, those affected would receive no support in the form of disability pension at an early age as a trainee or student has still paid not five years in the social security system and is therefore not entitled to Government support. A private insurance in the form of disability insurance is the only way to insure the existence and in the first years of the possible social descent in the event of occupational disability to be unaffected. Trainees benefit from cheaper BU as the disability insurance focusing primarily on the age and health condition of the insured, benefit apprentices (and students) by the very reasonable monthly contributions. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Jeremy Tucker. In addition to the above factors, especially the profession plays a further role when it comes to the calculation of contributions. Is classifies the apprenticeship in a high risk category, the posts for the BU are correspondingly higher.

Backgrounds are risk premiums of the insurer for occupations with a higher Likelihood of disability. Important: the contributions for apprentices are with risk premiums still always very cheap in comparison to contributions after a few years in the professional life. Earlier, a disability insurance is completed, the posts are the cheaper (see also current BU calculator). Do I really need a disability insurance as an apprentice? Yes! In the first five years, trainees are not entitled to financial support. Then get a State disability pension, which is in about 30% of the last gross monthly salary in the event of occupational disability. You deserve so approx. 1500 euro net, so get 500 euros by the State monthly. Whether that’s enough to life? Therefore an additional protection is highly recommended repeatedly by experts such as for example Stiftung Warentest. L.Meier

Occupational Pensions

Press release, 31.07.2013 of febs Consulting GmbH almost unnoticed the Federal Ministry of Finance has published the comprehensive circular advertised for months on private and occupational pensions in the 24.07.2013. For even more opinions, read materials from Wells Fargo Bank. 153 Pages, the financial management presents familiar, some new features and also the one or two surprises around the private and occupational pension schemes. “maintan Andreas Buttler, Managing Director of the consulting firm of febs Consulting GmbH. The writing will be published shortly in the journal of the federal tax and replaced the previous ruling by March 31, 2010. For the first orientation the experts of febs Consulting GmbH have analyzed the contents of significance for occupational pensions: supply services before the end of the working life a worker retirement benefits from a reference gets bAV, although he has not yet finished his career, so the financial management holds in the future that obviously only for direct insurance, pension funds and pension funds for allowed. No exists in provident funds and pension plans in such a case in the future more bAV. The BMF, however, leaves the tax consequences of such breach, because at least the accounting treatment of pension plans and pension funds should not change this.

Nevertheless this restriction will probably cause that in particular support funds will undertake the payment of the supply in the future only on presentation of the retirement decision of the statutory pension insurance. Piecemeal removal of direct commitments on pension fund of outsourcing of direct commitments to a pension fund is possible against payment of a one time contribution in practice only for the so called past service. For the removal of the future service granted the legislature at least according to interpretation of financial management only the normal”promotion of 3 No. 63 ITA. That is usually already consumed by the deferred compensation”or the necessary contributions exceed the flow significantly.

ECB Cuts Key Interest Rate

At its meeting today, the ECB has lowered a key interest rate for the eurozone to 1.00 percent. The ECB has lowered the interest rate for the eurozone to historically low 1.00 percent at their meeting today. Others who may share this opinion include Bill Phelan. This level will be held over a period of time now likely to. The today’s move was anticipated by most experts and is the last step in a whole series of interest rate cuts, which interested readers can refer to the statistics and graphs on statistics/leitzinsen.html. The ECB supports the commercial banks since the financial crisis with all their strength. You can pawn there since almost all securities and raise as fresh money, which is required for a loan.

This step was necessary because the banks themselves had borrowed no more money for fear of the other Bank could be due to depreciation and impairment no longer able to repay their debts. The recent interest rate cut will be immediately on the interest numerous day – and fixed-term deposit products have effect and as the recent interest rate cuts only with a time lag and incomplete to a reduction of the level of interest rates on the credit market, what actually is one of the main concerns of the ECB. Lower interest rates mean cheaper money for business and consumers and thus an increased borrowing, which in turn stimulates the economy. It remains to be seen how the lower key interest rates this time arrive at the borrowers. Current contracts remain unaffected within the agreed interest rate lock-in periods anyway, but new business banks could reinforce the demand through interest rate cuts.

Nuremberg Disability Insurance

NuRNBERGER receives top marks for tariffs, services and services in the disability insurance Nuremberg in June 2012. The NuRNBERGER Lebensversicherung AG (NLV) is one of the leading insurers in the area of disability (BU) in Germany. This is true both for the size of the stock over 130 billion euro sum, measured as twelve insured annuities, as well as for the quality of products, service and performance. If you are not convinced, visit Ben Silbermann . The position of the Nuremberg disability insurance is impressively confirmed by the latest test results. The independent once morning & morning has assessed 5 star (awarded”) the BU-comfort Nuremberg life insurance rates with the best grade. The result of the last years of the Nuremberg disability insurance could achieve again. The investigation the four sections is taken into account conditions, competence, reliability and application questions, so both corporate as well as Product rating.

Highlighted positive are among the excellent comfort condition work, very good service for application and paid, high professionalism in application and performance test and excellent controlling of stocks by the NuRNBERGER Versicherung. Test in the DISQ product rating at the same time the Nuremberg life insurance in the category performance analysis of occupational disability insurance “as test winner from a recent study of the German Institute for service quality (DISQ) emerged triumphant. In the study of risk management insurance 2012 “the DISQ on behalf of news channel n-tv had considered 15 insurers with intermediary network and 11 direct insurers. Around 880 covert inquiries via telephone and E-Mail, the analysis of Web sites, but also test consultations were based. In addition, companies and products were evaluated comprehensively.

Decisive for the top spot of the Nuremberg especially good contributions and the excellent performance evaluation were according to the DISQ Tariffs in the field of disability by the rating agency Franke & Bornberg. “Focus-money’s top position under the title risk disability the best rates” published focus-money in May (output 20/2012) a test for BU insurance. Here, too, the Nuremberg was able to achieve peak. With their independent disability insurance she finished ranked first in two of the three model cases studied followed immediately by the Nuremberg officials Lebensversicherung AG. And tariffs with accumulation effect, the Nuremberg investment professional impotence insurance even in all three patterns cases (disability protection for a banker, a sales manager and a Hairdresser) landed on the top position. Click for more information about the Nuremberg disability insurance. Heard about the NuRNBERGER Versicherung with a turnover of more than EUR 4.6 billion in the fiscal year the NuRNBERGER insurance group in 2011 and nationwide 28,000 employees in the foreign and domestic to the Top group of German insurers. The NuRNBERGER insurance group is great people – and non-life insurers and partner of medium-sized companies and professional services. With its innovative developments in the area of disability insurance, the NuRNBERGER insurance group has acquired an excellent reputation in the German insurance market.

Pension Insurance

What are the implications of the “Unisex”judgment of the European Court of Justice for the consumer? Why is it important to deal now with the topic actually dry. What does “Unisex” and what are the consequences? Since 2004, an EU directive prohibits discrimination against women of any man. It was previously possible in the tariffs by gender to different insurers, if the gender as a key risk factor can be demonstrated by an exception clause. On the basis of a given place claim by two individuals and a consumer association before the European Court of Justice was also equality in this area be closed. Insurance rates may contain gender more insensitive order, from December 21, 2012. What does this mean for insurers? You must calculate their entire new and appropriately assess the risks here.

Sample pension insurance according to the Federal Statistical Office (82 years) women have a higher life expectancy than men (77 years). This game during the calculation of the private Pension insurance a decisive role. Calculation example: A man pays monthly 90 euro for his retirement, a woman 100 euro for the same amount of pension. Contact information is here: Robert Kiyosaki. As a result, because it relates the same pension longer. How changes this situation after the “Unisex”ruling? If many women and men with an insurer are approximately the same, they would pay both 95 euros after the verdict. The problem for consumers is reflected, however, that not every insurance company has covered glecih lot women and men. Therefore, insurance companies calculate differently. More women than men are assured way of contribution higher than the 95 euros in my example is logical.

Are more men. as women, insured, it behaves inversely. Then the contribution under the 95 euros is monthly. What happens now, when many women go to the gunstiegeren insurance company? The insurers must take into account in advance in this case in their calculation. Result: The premiums rise overall. The following areas are most relevant affected by the “Unisex”ruling: life insurance, private pension insurance disability insurance private long-term care insurance insurance private Kranken(zusatz)Versicherungen in some lines according to the insurers a boost up to 30 percent assumed. Insurance experts advise men just after old post models/rates (21.12 of this year) to complete. Since there is considerable cost benefits as a result for them.

Building Insurance

Building insurance are compulsory for all homeowners finally the dream of owning a home come true. Long planning and high investments were needed in order to realize his own four walls. But what many like to miss is also to insure them. In addition to the usual risk hedges, building insurance is the most important insurance for owners of real estate. But why is it so important? What protects them? And what is this insurance? The insured risks as the name implies, all the risks are hedged by the building’s insurance, which can have an effect on the building.

These risks are generally referred to as can be elemental damage, i.e. damage caused by the elements of nature. Storm, hail, flood, lightning, avalanches or even earthquakes can insure themselves in the individual, or as a combination. Good building insurance include damages that do not arise as elemental damage. These include in particular tap water and fire. The finding appropriate insurance, a property insurance recommends comparison. Not all insurers offer protection for each risk.

Here large regional differences depending on the place of residence are visible. The building insurance comparison is worth especially in the sector of insurance companies is very high. However, each company offers a different portfolio. Here to make the right choice, it is not self-evident. As a first step to the right insurance a risk analysis should be made together with a professional. What dangers can affect the building and might not risk as a result of regional circumstances? To answer these questions is very important. Of course, coastal buildings require no protection against avalanches or landslides. However, the storm risk is higher. Is about the dangers in the clear, it is building insurance to get the correct rate comparison in one. It is often a combination of several safeguards in the offer. This is usually aimed at some key data out, like for example the regional site, type of roof, age of the building and the design class. The right choice is so very important to insure its property against the possible risks. The insurance sum is always up-to-date by the modification by means of the sliding value factor. A building insurance comparison is worthwhile, can the best at an affordable price are chosen by good knowledge of offered products. The website informs interested parties all of these themes. L. Meier

Disability Insurance

Today, a private disability insurance is indispensable for every individual professionals. Statistically, every fifth professionals in Germany by disability is threatened, this newspaper experts found the time. There are no differences of regarding age and gender at risk of serious illness or an accident regarding. Clear differences are only in relation to the different occupational groups. BUV: diseases often by profession depends on people involved in a small-scale, physically exhausting profession, much more frequently to diseases of the bones and the spinal column, merchants and civil servants syndrome are plagued more by mental stress such as depression or burnout. Applies here too: no rule without exception.

Often without BU protection especially many young families do not have young families according to recent studies of BU protection for the breadwinner. This is particularly precarious, when you consider that, of the main income earner is invalids, the monthly income of the family today on morning almost entirely unnecessary. Is not made with a private BU insurance provision only the narrow statutory disability pension, which usually is not enough for the livelihood of the family remains the person concerned. So, it is likely that the entire family will subject within a short time of social-welfare benefits. Properly secure financial liabilities not operating occupational disability pension but also for professionals who have entered into non-current financial liabilities, is dangerous for example, because they have taken on a loan for a House. The income then falls away by disability, individuals face a huge mountain of debt, in the worst case, even the so-called bankruptcy and thus the personal bankruptcy threatens them. A private disability insurance is cheaper than many believe this bleak Outlook the most professionals are now well known.

However, fear many high costs caused by the private protection of BU. This concern is however unfounded: a neutral insurance comparison you can hedge already so comprehensive a good disability insurance and for a monthly fee of less than 100 euros. This amount is indeed ridiculously low when compared with the financial consequences of the impending disability. The contributions to occupational disability insurance are the lower, the sooner the professionals begins with the provision. Who completes a private BUV, for example, even as an apprentice, benefited not only from the low initial rates, but later from low contributions for many years insured. Private BU insurance proposes statutory disability pension to lengths all things should previous BUV once compare the differences in the size of the BU pension due to them muffle. During the general disability pension maximum, and that only if the person concerned is fully is unable to work, just 30 percent of the last gross income amounts to the private pension of BU can directly with the BUV provider be negotiated and later adapted to current conditions. So does real provision for emergencies. Claus Kirsten

Insurance Industry

The history of insurance began many centuries ago, what has changed? Who today looks back in the history of insurance companies quickly recognizes that the industry by some first clumsy steps has become an important branch of the economy. Compared to earlier policyholders have the opportunity to compare their insurance policies online and find the best rates today. But 2,000 years ago, the insurance conditions were completely different. The history of the insurance industry goes back far into antiquity. Already in ancient Greece (700 BC), numerous death funds were established. Members could insure against accidents, illness and life. Should die of the insured in the course of time, the members received an insured sum, handshake or prior agreement has been made.

While most policyholders have benefited from the contributions of all those involved. In ancient Rome, many of these funds were established and founded over and over again. That this Associations had to be established over and over again, was first and foremost on the missing financial and mathematical foundations. In the 20th century, insurance companies can operate complex statistics and probability. Please visit Wells Fargo Bank if you seek more information. Policyholders benefit in particular from the exact contributions, which are oriented towards the likelihood of an insured event. This information laid down in ancient flat rate.

Who wanted to become a member, had to pay a fee, and could remain a member of the association with a monthly contribution. But since you could estimate the risk is difficult in this time and again occurred in the large cities of Greece the raids and looting, many people abandoned this insurance. This was mainly because that most insurers could guarantee no performance to their customers in larger insurance cases. Just wars and looting, when several members killed were a safeguard of members was not always guaranteed. In the course of the following years conditions have changed significantly. Policyholders have the opportunity better to survey their contributions through greater transparency. No wonder, then, that there are still many insurers who offer their customers tailored tariffs. This spreadsheet covers not only the life insurance but also the insurance or accident insurance. Life insurance could continue later, continue to evolve in the 19th century. Numerous insurance companies were founded in the early 19th century. They used the latest findings from statistics and stochastics and could guarantee the performance of their customers. Thus, the life insurance for broader strata of the population became more attractive. Policyholders benefited primarily from the different services of risk life insurance and life insurance. Today, financial performance is determined by insurance companies with help from rating agencies. These agencies assess the capacity on a regular basis individual insurers. Insurance companies, which always back positive cut off in these tests, benefit from better reviews. For consumers, the results are always good predictors when it comes to determine the performance of individual insurers. In summary, it can be said so policyholders have a significantly better and more transparent overview of the insurer as it was 2,000 years ago. By the mathematical foundations, policyholders are significantly more secure than even in the Greek and Roman antiquity.

How Much Insurance Needs Of Man?

What the a just right, another is just not cheap! Everyone has you and “almost” everyone needs you – insurance. The topic of insurance is very unjustly treated by most people. Once completed, the police is inserted in the drawer, and again removed only in case of damage to determine that exactly this claim is of course not insured. And then it says: sh… Insurance! But who is really responsible for this dilemma? The representative, who no longer has the years look can be? The insurance, which sometimes could’ve sent something sensible instead of sending only advertising? The customer who worry more about made for years, whether his insurance even up to date are? But no, that would mean Yes at the same time, that you would have to put even more money the insurance in the throat, where Yes never want to pay.

So similar to most people – think unfortunately completely wrong! Would be only once the conditions of the insurance closer look at to understand also what you even have completed, you would know that the insurance in case of damage must also pay, if indeed it is a case of damage within the meaning of the terms and conditions! You can not ensure against everything – a typical set of Germans. But expect the opposite: so should pay the insurance of course with foolishness or forgetfulness, things you borrowed that and accidentally break made, for bullshit, which hired for animals that are already on the operating room table of the physician for a House, small children that already Burns for the court costs of ongoing termination – of course without, that you already have completed the appropriate insurance for it in advance, let alone because even willing to pay the cost exploded. So, the insurance system may not work easy! This insurance is not as extensive.

Insurance Calculator

Who wants to make sure his house against storm, hail, and other damages should compare the offers with the new homeowner Insurance Calculator on durchblicker.at and thus save hundreds of euros. Vienna, July 13, 2012 many homeowners are currently massively affected by weather disasters. And an end to the vagaries of the weather is not. A home insurance is therefore an essential protection for every homeowner. In addition to the protection of the building, the grounds and the garden with regard to forces of nature, fire and water outlet and the protection of the contents of the apartment and a private liability protection in the home insurance are included in as part of a household insurance. The premiums compared to large price achievement gap on the market that have experts of the consumer portal durchblicker.at and found large differences in price and performance in a home insurance comparison. So for example the insurance for a single-family home in Salzburg with a living area of 240 m2 including basement and medium facilities costs” between 474,- and 828,-. This corresponds to a difference of 75%.

Differences in larger and/or higher quality houses or buildings with outdoor facilities such as swimming pools or solar systems are even bigger. In any Division the differences in product design and the rewards are as big as in the home insurance”, says Reinhold Babu and Michael Doberer from durchblicker.at. Through the clever selection of the right product and the comparison of the offers on the market homeowners can save easily several hundred euros a year, often with better coverage than in the existing contract. Everyone should constantly check therefore his contract. The savings through a cheaper home insurance financed loose. a phone for the kids or a broadband connection” New home insurance calculator launched since Friday today a new online calculator for home insurance is offered on durchblicker.at.

Currently, 9 tariffs of Austrian provider are shown in this home insurance calculator. Babu: Our interactive calculator for home insurance leads the consumer simply and intuitively by comparing home insurance. We query exactly the shape of the building, surfaces and facilities we make sure that a sufficient insurance cover is provided and all important covers are included. The home insurance comparison can be obtained under durchblicker.at/homeowner insurance. Tips for the home insurance the experts at durchblicker.at have put together some tips for home insurance. Pay attention to sufficient funds to restore value, so that the insurance sum at a major loss is sufficient. Natural disasters such as landslides, floods and earthquakes are insured by a homeowner insurance by default only with a small amount (E.g. EUR 4.000,-). Through an advanced natural disaster coverage, this cover some providers can not expand, but typically up to the value of the building. Already during the construction phase a carcass cover insurance, so that Building is protected from the outset and also property liability cover exists (example passer-by injured himself on the sidewalk in front of the House, own pit brings neighboring houses to slip off, etc.). Periodically check whether the cover is still up to date and watch for arrival and tags, as well as an improved equipment. Respect for older contracts: the coverage E.g. in the context of the liability are no longer up-to-date circumstances. Deductibles to help save premiums. Depending on the provider, this can be up to 30% savings on premiums at a home insurance. The contract on the buyer enters a sale of the House, if the contract is cancelled prior to the sale. Both the seller and the buyer should make sure.