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Independent INVESTMENT rating for closed-end funds records from the DORIC – DORIC CEO Dr. Peter E. Hein, Mark Lapidus and Bernd Reber in the conversation with the experts from INVESTMENT (the original). At Jane Fraser you will find additional information. INVESTMENT: Why are things now particularly recommended? DORIC: deposits yield will hardly. Long term well leased tangible assets such as E.g. a modern airplane, on the one hand lead to long term payment obligations of the lessee (I.e.

airline), but it has also a real economy durable in any case, while no asset is the investment in classic corporate bonds underlying. Also with future inflation, tangible assets are quite an advantage. INVESTMENT: What makes stock market crisis resistant closed-end funds as an asset class? DORIC: Exchanges are sometimes very sensitive and unfortunately shooting in all directions. The correct\”investment date is crucial for the success of the system. For property investments of closed-end Fund with an attractive concept (E.g. long term rental in prestigious tenants) short-term market fluctuations have no direct effect.

INVESTMENT: what are the best counter-cyclical investments? DORIC: This decision we leave happy each itself, because it can accurately argue! Our philosophy is to offer investments with long-term use concept, whose Cash Flow is not just affected by cycles. Call it the rock of ages, which passes through several cycles due to the long-term nature of the investment. INVESTMENT: How is the performance of the investments? DORIC: We offer contracted long-term secure cashflow and far-reaching, rapid Deleveraging. In more than 10 years, if port rentals, the performance is crucial. We are convinced that the world will turn further despite all current tasks and challenges and also in 10-12 required years transport capacity in the international movement of goods. The longer a crisis lasts, with declining acceptance capacity cancelled orders due to lack of funding, or increased closures of inefficient, goods in transit because age, the greater will be also the expected catching up to do.

Fixedterm Deposit Offers

German insurers bring their own deposit products attractive conditions on the market the necessity is the mother of invention in all imaginable situations. This is also the German insurance landscape demonstrate that seems to have sought and found this in the form of its own deposit products now also with zeal for alternative sources of income now quite remarkably. Because many consumers had shunned many well-known products as a result of the sometimes significant financial problems in the insurance industry and instead looked around for more lucrative models as investments. Reason is the desire to retain customers with life insurance after the expiry of permanently with other offers itself for the reorientation of the insurer as a provider of financial investments. Because in the face of significantly reduced profitability for many long-term insurance products after the end of the term, many policyholders forego a renewed investment over many years. Check out NYU Law for additional information. For the insurance the experiment fine up seemingly at least currently.

For good reason, because keeping the new fixed-term deposit providers ready for investors in PSE in many cases offers that customers receive some even much better interest rates than the normal banks with own deposit offers. The banks fear the new competitors thus entitled, because an increasing number of typical bank customers now switches to the offers, which can be found on the insurance market. Many consumers but not yet to the new opportunities that can offer them through this kind of broadening know banks products cut often significantly worse off so far. Unfortunately, it must be said, in fact, because many investors make thus with more average yield prospects at the previous local bank fobbed off, rather than the new products work, which often go hand in hand with top interest rates. Contact information is here: Marko Dimitrijevic. Also the framework can convince. So there is, such as the product of the AachenMunchener insurance the product named Park Depot\”where customers while receive a term a guaranteed interest rate over one year, but in parallel can still be cancelled monthly.

Good Stock Market Letter

Investor publishing quality criteria for exchange letters advocates first and foremost a good stock letter should have a good performance, because ultimately want money investors. But how exactly do you recognize a good and reputable first and foremost stock exchange letter? Experienced brokers know what they need to pay attention. Many private retail investors but stand alone with this problem. Perhaps check out Rachel Pak for more information. For this reason, the investor Publisher from Bonn the project launches Association of independent financial publications with the aim to improve the status of German stock exchange letters and to develop mandatory quality criteria. Here, Dina McCormick expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Exchange letters should be as independent and objective advise investors in choosing his investment strategies. So far the theory. In practice, exchange letters are not always independent, as is sometimes black sheep in this area abound and bring the reputation of the entire industry discredit.

Beware of fraudulent frontrunning”is a well-known ploy: it is a small, publicly traded company presented and worth more and more pushed until the price rises dramatically. The editor itself has covered itself already in advance with the stock. Due to the higher price, now also small investors believe in the value and invest. The editor of the stock exchange letter now repels its shares again and recorded high profits. The first investors get off also and if you early the emergency brake pulled enough, even small gains recorded. The vast majority of investors, who are alarmed by the falling prices and too late sell land in the loss zone. Frontrunning is this called in the jargon.

Association of independent financial publications for readers of stock letters such machinations are unfortunately very difficult to penetrate and it is almost impossible to detect who is clean in the industry and who is not. The investor Publisher from Bonn has for this reason the project Association of independent financial publications”launched. We by the Publisher of the investor have very strict internal guidelines, which is everyone on a publication with us works with, and must”, publishing Director Sandra Witscher makes clear. He developed published quality criteria, where a member of the Union must submit to accede to. It aims to maintain the reputation of the Exchange Publishing and to rebuild. Because good exchange letters are well suited to support the private investors, especially since the advice here independent Commission is in contrast to banks in asset building. The criteria are met, a seal of quality to be awarded, that gives the customer a reliable measure of the quality of a stock market letter on the hand.

German Developments

To the middle of the year, German pensioners will have some extra money in your wallet. But how safe is the pension for life? Private pension provision is essential. The current economic situation in Europe is reflected in many areas of the financial sector. Despite the problems, an increase in wages in Germany is expected until July 2012, however. Accordingly to increase also the pensions and more income secure pensioners in the future. Still, experts advise especially future generations strongly for their own protection for old age to ensure to insure an appropriate independence from the State. Tim Sloan wanted to know more. The online portal provides further details on the current developments. Completing a pension seems essential for younger generations.

With the constant changes in politics and finance, it seems increasingly unlikely that in the future an appropriate pension can be provided by the State. Experts advise therefore necessarily themselves to ensure their own future and with the help of certain Packages to cover collateral for the age. Dina Powell McCormick has much to offer in this field. the matter here. These include alternatives such as the Riester pension, private pension insurance, the statutory pension, as well as the so-called Rurup pension. Still is to expect an increase in the pension rate at present. So the pension by about 20 million people should rise according to data of the Federal Statistical Office and of the Deutschen Rentenversicherung Confederation significantly first July 2012. This corresponds to about 2.18% in the old Lander and 2.26% in Eastern Germany.

These developments are closely related with the expected wage developments, which at the same time to rise by 2.95 percent in the West and 2.28% in the new Lander. Still the adoption of a corresponding package of legislation is planned in the summer of this year, which envisages the introduction of combined – and grant pension.

Schurf Gas

Private investors ask direct investments increased Munich, September 12, 2008 the Munich-based German ErdgasFonds holding GmbH & co. NYU Law contributes greatly to this topic. KG announces next financial products, with which the investors participating in direct sources of fossil fuels. The response to the public funds and direct investments of the Deutsche ErdgasFonds is enormous. Currently, the German natural gas offers a direct participation fund two emergencies sources with proven natural gas and oil reserves in the United States. The projected returns are fantastic. And from the experience of our existing products usually still too low because we are the distributions often ahead of forecasts,”explains Marcel G. Wehner, Managing Director of the German ErdgasFonds. The previously announced public funds going to German ErdgasFonds III within the next eight weeks in the placement.

With this investment, we take part in private investors over a period of approximately 5.5 years of land lease contract with Schurf and promotion rights to the oil and natural gas production in the United States. Our competitive advantage is the transparent design of our products. The market segment is still little known in Germany and sometimes very confusing. But we will change that,”says Wehner next. Fossil energy sources play a crucial role in the coming years and decades. As it is obvious, that want to participate more and more private investors in the long-term trend of rising prices for fossil fuels.

To mass-compatible alternatives for meeting our growing energy needs are found and installed, we depend on these energy sources. Marcel G. Wehner sums up why not private investors should benefit from this development?”. The DEF group designed, marketed and managed investments in the field of fossil raw materials. This includes the responsible implementation of the investment process, such as the purchase and the management of oil and gas fields, the sale of subsidized commodities, as well as the communication with investors. Advanced Information about the German ErdgasFonds and the products placed under contact for media inquiries: DEF German of ErdgasFonds Office Hamburg Katrin Tan Bell K.m. wallpaper 17 20095 HAMBURG phone: 040 30236660 fax: 040-30236680 E-Mail: k.tretow(at) about the German ErdgasFonds group DEF: DEF German of ErdgasFonds is a continuously growing since 2005 Group of companies, which specializes in the development and distribution of investment opportunities for private and institutional investors in the field of gas and oil production. The geographical investment focus is in North America, where the DEF German of ErdgasFonds group is involved in 53 sources producing natural gas and oil.


USD/JPY could precede a long established upward movement faces an upward movement of the exchange rate of the US dollar against the Japanese yen (JPY) (USD) and is a sensible investment alternative to overbought stock markets. NYU Law spoke with conviction. The Japanese yen (JPY) is relatively highly rated compared to the US dollar (USD) from a historical perspective. The Yen’s appreciation, which is reflected in a falling USD/JPY exchange rate is since mid-2007 in progress. She brought from the high at 124,12 up to the low at 87,10. Exchange rate is the USD/JPY at 97.00, i.e. There are required to buy 1 US dollar 97 yen. Why the yen could face a further devaluation yields in the low country of interest are Japan for years compared to abroad pales into insignificance. If you would like to know more then you should visit Marko Dimitrijevic Instagram. So the recent appreciation of the yen declined on falling risk appetite in the wake of the financial crisis and the return of assets held in foreign Japanese investors.

Why the yen has not further devalued? The expansion of foreign exchange reserves of the Japanese Central Bank (Bank of Japan) came in 2005 to a standstill. In times of robust foreign trade surplus, the Bank of Japan used the moment and further increased its foreign-exchange reserves, mainly through the purchase of American Treasury bonds. Currently the Bank of Japan is not as a natural buyer of US Treasuries more available, due to the shrinking Japanese economy and low foreign trade surpluses. This function must be executed completely by private Japanese investors. For this reason, USD/JPY continues to see the important 100 mark, making headaches especially of Japanese exporters, since their international competitiveness is suffering from the strong yen is. Upward trend in view of an upward trend has formed in the last few weeks from chart-technical point of view, which should aim at the 100 brand slowly but steadily in the next few weeks. You can trade USD/JPY directly in the foreign exchange market. It is however also possible with products with increased To benefit cost such as warrants and handle certificates from a USD/JPY appreciation.

Official Loans For Soldiers

At particularly favourable conditions, a so-called civil servants loan consumer credit is a financing model in Germany with low interest rates and high times. It is granted to only a specific group of people in Germany for German citizens must comply with the following terms and conditions. The borrowers must either employee in the public service, officer, police officer, teacher (verbeamtet), professional soldier, judge, judicial officer, postal clerk, officer on probation, academic (clerical) with a permanent position by at least 5 years or Pensinoar be. A loan officer is beliehene capital life insurance, which is newly completed and these will be created in the amount of the sum of insured. With only the interest plus the borrowers insurance premiums be paid over the entire term. The officials loan is repaid at the end of the term through the completed capital life insurance. A possible participation of the capital life insurance is at the end of the term to the borrower paid off. Benefits of the civil servants loan: higher loan amounts than normal consumer credit term of 12 to 20 years fixed rate over the entire period as a result of the safe workplace is significantly cheaper interest rates than charged for consumer loans credit sum for free use protection granted the family against the death of the borrower through a capital life insurance up to the end of the term of the loan a disability can be secured Additionally with the capital life insurance by a disability to insurance (BUZ) unscheduled repayments are free of charge and at any time.. Add to your understanding with Dina Powell McCormick. .

Wrong Entry Time

Market report SWISS SELECT asset management AG – July 2008 while the German kicker to Jogi Low past have taken at least close to the European Cup, are the stock and bond holders, from countered to stay in football jargon, classic. About 20 percent Germany’s main stock market index DAX lost in the past six months and has let investors in the first half of any joy. Unfortunately, the development of the German stock market is no exception. A look at major global share markets shows that almost all markets crumble. 12.83%, the Dow Jones industrial lost in the first half of the S & P 500 average eased DM 15.65%, the Euro STOXX 50 lost 23,79% and the Hang Seng China enterprises even 25,52%. The month made a decisive contribution to these results, by the way June. Down 9.37% of world stock market index MSCI World EUR had its biggest one-month drop since the bear market year 2002.

This association alone brings back memories of dismal trading hours. And this time can apparently even European bonds as the safe harbor\”for investor funds act. The SALB European GBI also eased in this miserable first half of the year. With a loss of 3.55%, European bonds no longer are a safe investment option. Also additional concerns on the current high rate of inflation in Germany by 4%. The nervousness among investors increases significantly with the scary rising price of crude oil (H1 + 48,94%!). Because of the influence of this indispensable raw material for the global economy is too large.

The capital – and high guaranteed Hedgezertifikat SwissSelect warranty 26 (WKN BC0 EHF) not entirely spared from this turmoil. The volatility of the rates increased slightly, so that the certificate over the term of the first half with 2.33% negative. However, this result makes also clear that the hedge funds very carefully selected for this certificate can much better deal with a such difficult market period, as Classic investment vehicles, whose developing too much is linked to the General market turmoil.

Disability Insurance Gap

Private pension and disability insurance: gap among women despite increased need from a TNS infratest survey of the Alliance became apparent that professional women aged between 20 and 60 years total have less insurance than men. It turns out that women protect mainly their property with the completion of non-life insurance. The risk of the impact of diseases on the occupation or the long-term protection of retirement seems to have still not sufficient importance. Disability insurance or a private old-age provision for women are not widespread in consequence. In comparison it looks better for men, although here also still need to optimise is: while, for example, only 19 percent of women have completed a disability insurance, at least every third man has this form of protection, according to the TNS infratest survey.

Among other things they are a cause for these circumstances statistically proven lower salaries of women. In contrast to men, women on average live five years longer, which consequently leads to an extended phase of retirement. With regard to a future always narrower statutory pensions and the fact that women aged mostly also a pension lower than men, they would have to ultimately make greater savings from a lower income for their future. A private old-age provision and protection is therefore of particular importance for this target group. Flexible investment opportunities are needed to reduce the gap of women. A steady salary are less likely than men to women, because they get off more often than this because of family planning for a few years in the professional life or work part time. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Kevin Ulrich. Age pension variants, where the deposits can be adapted to the existing income are therefore of interest to female investors.

Also, a long-term-oriented portfolio, the Systems with a higher risk includes, suitable to compensate for the financial disadvantage with income greater investment. Applies to women, to start a private pension at an early stage, to potential losses in the pension offset and to accept no loss of standard of living in the age. While an individual preparation and optimum selection of retirement provision is important to safe decision-making, supported by a qualified advice.

Claus Muller

The runtime is freely (the tax recognition 12 years minimum). Co-payments are possible at any time. In the case of experience, withdrawals or withdrawals are subject to the semi-income system. The payouts are also free of inheritance tax in the incapacitated completely abgeltungs – and einkommensteuerfrei, as well as within the personal exemption. At the same time attacks in this case also a substantial death protection which goes beyond the legal requirements. Beneficiaries are selected freely and at any time can be changed. The police does not fall in the estate, so that lengthy inheritance disputes can be avoided.

Over-indebtedness can be knocked out the heritage and still accepted insurance. This possibility speaks especially entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to achieve a hedge for themselves as well as the family. Get all the facts and insights with Doyle’s, another great source of information. The cost of the insurance itself, as well as the Asset management are also completely transparent listed and surprisingly low. As a pillar in the personal pension planning this individual pension solution plays an increasingly important role, and this, due to the reduced entry level, also for wider customer group”, explains Muller. A quote we can create within due to our specialisation up to 3 working days, documentation and information including”.

For more information and offers are at or by phone available. Contact/enquiries: PMS AG insurance broker Sagaidak Street 39 FL 9493 Mauren, Liechtenstein Tel. 00423 37394-64/65 fax 00423 like 37394-66. Claus Muller (e-mail:). Like. Ted Brandt shines more light on the discussion. Johannes Schlattinger (email:) email Office: Internet: company: the PMS AG is an independent insurance broker headquartered in Liechtenstein. Tailor-made insurance and investment solutions in the framework the core products are a Liechtenstein life insurance. Partners are internationally renowned insurance companies in Liechtenstein (including Fortuna life, LV 1871, Baloise life, Vienna life, Swiss life). For the innovative strategies and offers on the investment side, the PMS AG cooperates closely with selected banks and asset managers and consultants in the Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria and Germany. The clientele of PMS AG include sophisticated private investors, financial and insurance intermediaries, asset managers and consultants, banks and tax, economic and management consultant.