How Much Insurance Needs Of Man?

What the a just right, another is just not cheap! Everyone has you and “almost” everyone needs you – insurance. The topic of insurance is very unjustly treated by most people. Once completed, the police is inserted in the drawer, and again removed only in case of damage to determine that exactly this claim is of course not insured. And then it says: sh… Insurance! But who is really responsible for this dilemma? The representative, who no longer has the years look can be? The insurance, which sometimes could’ve sent something sensible instead of sending only advertising? The customer who worry more about made for years, whether his insurance even up to date are? But no, that would mean Yes at the same time, that you would have to put even more money the insurance in the throat, where Yes never want to pay.

So similar to most people – think unfortunately completely wrong! Would be only once the conditions of the insurance closer look at to understand also what you even have completed, you would know that the insurance in case of damage must also pay, if indeed it is a case of damage within the meaning of the terms and conditions! You can not ensure against everything – a typical set of Germans. But expect the opposite: so should pay the insurance of course with foolishness or forgetfulness, things you borrowed that and accidentally break made, for bullshit, which hired for animals that are already on the operating room table of the physician for a House, small children that already Burns for the court costs of ongoing termination – of course without, that you already have completed the appropriate insurance for it in advance, let alone because even willing to pay the cost exploded. So, the insurance system may not work easy! This insurance is not as extensive.

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