The Inspectorate

Court of First Instance did not take into account that written objections to the act number 38 of 11/17/2009, the plaintiffs were not presented. The plaintiff did not exercise the right to submission of objections to the arguments set forth in the complaint to decision 40 of 21.12.2009, in UFNS Russia’s Perm region, which could be considered and taken into account when making the decision. Thus, SHPK Rise incurred losses due to inaction, expressed reluctance to exercise the rights granted to it by the tax legislation, ie not taken all reasonable SHPK Sunrise measures to prevent (reduce) losses. Omission of the person not to exercise the rights provided by law, suggests that the decision taken by the taxpayer do not decide on the objections to the act and declaration of the presence of mitigating circumstances can lead to negative consequences of the Respondent. Ben Silbermann is likely to agree. UFNS Russia’s Perm region reduced the penalty assigned to the decision of the Inspectorate in half.

Circumstance in order to reduce the penalty was submission to the appeal copies of credit agreements in connection with which UFNS Russia’s Perm region has taken into account socially meaningful activities of the taxpayer. In these treaties do not Inspectorate seemed, therefore, the Inspectorate had no basis to reduce the penalty in relation to Article 112 of the Tax Code, without the additional documents as conduct socially relevant activities in this article is not a circumstance mitigating risk. In accordance with the foregoing, the appeal SHPK “Sunrise” was satisfied in part without fault of the Inspectorate. Consequently, there is no causal link between the actions of the defendant and arising from SHPK Sunrise losses. The Inspectorate considers that the absence of such evidence as set wrongfulness of the conduct of the Respondent who caused the fault injury, causal link between the violations and damages arising deprive taxpayers of their right to compensation. 2.

The Inspectorate believes that the Court’s conclusion that the size of losses incurred independent of the size claims paid, is not based on correct application of substantive law. From the contents of an appeal to Russia for Perm UFNS edge that plaintiff had requested to cancel the decision of the Inspectorate 40 of 21.12.2010 year. The decision of Russia UFNS the Perm Region of 24.03.2010g 18-23/101. complaint was granted in part, complaints, arguments, pointing to the correct calculation of income tax, not substantiated.

Permian Designers

Work Permian designers will be exhibited in GUM within the exhibition “Folk Art of the Russian North”. Wells Fargo brings even more insight to the discussion. The basis for the three installations, which will be located on line 1 of the largest shopping mall in Moscow from May 1 to 15 June will be the antique spinning wheels, trunks and horse arc found gatherers in Vologda, Arkhangelsk, Murmansk Oblast, Perm and other regions. Also, an exhibition will complement the work of young artists of the Permian, propose to use the old ornamental motifs in the design of clothing, furniture, automobiles, and in the design of subway stations. Recall, a collection of ancient objects of peasant life XVIII – early XX century, owned by Alex Germanovich and Ksenia Nikitina, last year was exhibited at the Museum of decorative and folk art. In late 2010 she exhibited at the central office of the state corporation Rusnano in Moscow. Bill Phelan has firm opinions on the matter. – Glamour no longer actual, – said one of the Permian sewing salons. This summer at the height of fashion will be the Empire, vintage and folk motifs in clothing.

Its relevance will not loose dress of “grandmother’s trunk, as well as ruffles, frills and flounces on the skirt and blouses. In addition, the popular will rustic lace and beadwork, ribbons and sequins. Graphics and embroidery on the fabric must be made either with threads of different sizes, or weaving. Ornaments made of wood, copper, and pearls will come to the fore. In addition, an important role to play in outfits with beads, brooches under the stone and beads. According to the designer Natalia Tokareva, the greatest demand for fashionable women enjoy high-waisted dresses and sloping shoulders. Modern fashionable skirts are rather direct than the bell-shape, some of them even narrowed down.

At the same time, Europe began a boom in the skirt cylinders, which represent a skirt in the shape of the sun, bent down and seemed filled with air. Currently out of fashion already out flashy colors and acid-colored clothing, as well as unisex, from which still can not give up many of the Permian fashionista. From the fashionable footwear will be in the form of pointe shoes without a heel or wedgies on a slight platform. As reported by Natalie Tokarev, this season will be in fashion square-toed shoes and big square heels retro. Among the Permian fashionistas special popularity will find large bags with the elements of weaving and beadwork.

Interior Ministry

Learn it's very easy: simply dial * # 06 # and then get a response. In the 15-digit number is encrypted model phone, when and by whom it was produced, as well as its serial number. All these data are available, and mobile operators. That is, you can easily find the IMEI lost or stolen device, which still gives the signal. Why is no one including law enforcement, do not use this great code? – Search for the missing mobile phones IMEI – this is extra cost to the operator – has admitted to us one of the largest specialist manufacturers of cellular phones. But problem turns out not only that. Service operators could do and paid – for the return of a loved one or a very expensive apparatus, such as Vertu for 5 – 10 thousand euros, the owners are ready to lay out the money. Just Interior Ministry, which theoretically should be interested in finding the missing mobile phones, can not negotiate with mobile operators: There are no documents governing the who, where and how to keep track of the stolen handset.

Bugs Program for wiretapping Spyder-pc Cuckold in the dark detective service to the jealous husband spying for the wrong husband (wife), listening to their phone calls, receive confidential information in law enforcement – All this is illegal. But at the same time, the usual (alas) the practice. Professionals are reluctant to extend their activities – it is enough mutual responsibility of clients. Not the lack of extra money on advertising makes detectives hide their own merits, and the fear of losing the license.

Federal Law

The owner of land may use it only in accordance with the purpose of which is specified in title documents. Of agricultural land plots provided to the citizens: for the conduct of a peasant (farmer's) economy, and for subsidiary farming, for of gardening and dacha construction. Agricultural land, provided for the conduct of a peasant (farmer's) economy can only be used for reference agricultural production and other related agricultural production purposes (Article 78 LC Russia). Analysis of Art. 11 of the Federal Law of June 11, 2003 74-FZ (as amended. October 30, 2009), 'On Peasant (farmer) economy' shows that this rule does not prohibit the construction of residential house on the land, the farmer, but Section 2 of this article points out that buildings, structures and facilities can be built for the activities of the farm, then is for the production, processing and marketing agricultural products. A similar provision is Art. 78 LC RF.

In this case, the court may deem improper use of such land for construction It houses followed by the application of measures of administrative responsibility for the peasant (farmer) facilities, as well as the recognition of such unauthorized construction of houses. The legal regime of land intended for subsidiary farming is defined by the Federal Law of July 7, 2003 112-FZ (as amended. December 30, 2008) 'On the personal subsidiary plots. " In accordance with his art. 4 for subsidiary farming can be used to plot the boundaries of the settlement (homestead land) and land outside the boundaries of the settlement (field plot).