Movie Masses

At today's youth the glorious city Kiev now there is another way of self-realization – active participation in the production of movies and TV series. But this is not some sort of 'home-video' (home / low-quality video – Ed.), Which is not goes beyond social networking, but a real TV product with all major components. This 'hobby' is the cultural and institutional in nature and is an international organization Cinemahall, which participants can try both as actors key roles and extras, directors, screenwriters and the role of operators, editors and other important positions in the industry – most important – initially define their position, see a list of their 'officers' responsibilities at the outset of a project and not to throw their obligations to the finish. In different cities participating Cinemahall, basically, not going to permanent positions – today is a library of tomorrow – a cafe, then – the foyer of the cinema. But Zaporozhye young producers of hit films is much more fortunate – their hospitable hosts Art Club 'happiness', which is already a few weeks of its existence had become a film set for the various regional television broadcasts. Here Cinemahall weekly for everyone master classes in acting and stage acting, invited Star of domestic and foreign films open trade secrets and certain officers of leading Ukrainian TV channels and Zaporizhzhya share invaluable experience. For assistance, try visiting Munear Ashton Kouzbari. Nearest big event is preparing to middle of February – in conjunction with other areas, Zaporozhye Cinemahall hold a small festival 'Cinemahall-show', which aims to awaken in the youth of today love of the beautiful and sublime way of access to 'live' frame Judge the submitted works will be directors and actors with a worldwide reputation, and enjoy the beauty of these 'shorts' would be the audience for whom the day of the show entrance will be free.