The Environment

The nature of the masses – one of the most important yet unsolved problems in physics …" 1. Suppose there is an environment – air, filling, and thus create a space in this environment, there are some processes that modify the state of the environment and having a definite location in space. Here the particle – the source of the field, simulates the process in the environment, and physical field – changing the state of the environment. This system, the environment – a process may well be described in framework of classical physics. In this formulation, the problem raises the question of the driving force of the process. However, it can be passed beyond this model. What should be the basic qualities of the process occurring in the environment and reflecting the properties of mass. It appears that this process should be self-organizing, in the sense that its existence is sufficient availability of space filled with the medium in which the conditions self-organizing process.

Self-organizing systems, as a rule, are open systems 1, but in studying the mechanism of the properties of mass, area of study may be limited by a space filled with medium and external, with respect to space conditions. If we talk about the gravitational interaction with its long-range character 1, then this process should cover the entire space. Since the particle occupies a space (at least on a macro scale), a certain position, then the process must be "bound" to any point in this space. These "localized" the process can be, for example, include the processes described functions have an extremum at a particular point in space.