International Congress

1st International Congress of Bauhaus.SOLAR in the new federal States the photovoltaic industry already is now one of the fastest growing industries. In the so-called “Solarvalley Mitteldeutschland” cooperate 27 solar companies and 12 research institutes from Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. The joint cross-border initiative aims to offer within the next five to seven years at the German consumer of solar power for the same prices as conventional electricity. In the last year alone, 18 percent of all worldwide produced solar cells in the region of central Germany were made according to BSW solar. This accounts for nearly 90 percent of German production. Over 200 experts to discuss possibilities and conditions a solar architecture and urban planning, meeting end November in Erfurt at the 1st International Congress “Bauhaus.SOLAR”. For even more analysis, hear from NYU Law. Together with partners from the science and the State of Thuringia, the Bauhaus-Universitat Weimar wants to initiate a multi-disciplinary dialogue, of the areas of technology, design and Environmental protection brings together. “We need a more intensive dialogue between the solar industry, architects, engineers, builders and city planners, so that the building with the Sun is to the electricity producers.

In this way can be millions aesthetically appealing and emission-free electricity generated and limiting global warming”, says Hubert Aulich, Chairman of the Board of the Erfurt PV Crystalox solar. See more detailed opinions by reading what Marko Dimitrijevic, author offers on the topic.. At the two-day Conference (25 and November 26, 2008), experts show how little energy is needed to comfortably live and work. It plays a key role in the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. On an accompanying exhibition, companies will present innovative building materials and technologies. The Bauhaus-Universitat in shows, current work on renewable energy sources in architecture. You can find more information, as well as the programme of the Conference see Ronny Ruhmann, Messe Erfurt AG

Customer Acquisition Strategy

Even more successful with the customers-suction system the construction industry expects for 2009 with revenues stagnating and from 2010 the recession will fend for themselves after expert opinions properly. This shows also the downward trend of the granted building permits. This fact means that the cake to be distributed for home contractors is small and it is to come up with something as it comes in the future to builders of new homes. With reasonable cost, interested parties must be won, that gradually become customers. A large supply of interested parties, which is constantly maintained, ensuring the survival of every construction company long term. How to get cheap on new clients? Contractors and home sellers are always the question: \”How to get cheap new customers?\” Often they are etc. >. is not satisfied with the results of fairs, newspaper ads, flyer distribution, Internet portals, or the cost / benefit ratio is too high. In addition the advertising measures are often only aligned in the short term and the individual measures are not long-term co-ordinated.

Often block also fears or obstructive internal beliefs in relation to marketing better results. And finally tailored marketing and sales not professionally on each other. Unique positioning as a basis for success. \”Why should a prospective buyer just when you buy?\” As contractors or solid home seller, who has no good answer to this question, will have a very difficult in the future. What is the goal of the company, or what is the vision? Here \”Houses sell or make money\” is not sufficient as a response. A home building contractor must be driven by a vision and for his benefit and for the benefit of his audience. Who doesn’t, lose sooner or later. For example, the goal of the regional leadership in well-aerated is a possible vision for a specific target group. The vision is to develop an analysis of the own strengths.


The vision: The individual bathroom planning so easy that it fits on a beer mat. This now allows the bath water NetWORK GmbH, with its concept ‘ the bath on m coasters!’. Old wood, April 8, 2010: So far the planning of a new bath was a complicated affair. In a bad show many different baths in realistic scenarios presented to the customers, but he can not buy it there. He does not receive information about the installation costs in the exhibition.

With specialist craftsmen, however, it may acquire bathroom for this, but very few have an own exhibition. This little customer-friendly starting point now fundamentally changes the bath water network GmbH. She designed a special terminal that integrates well in the bathroom exhibition. It consists of a table in dark wood design, a 24 “monitor and a clever Base cabinet. From a built-in refrigerator, fresh beer of the marketing partners or non-alcoholic drinks are served the customer on request. Hyundai has much to offer in this field.

From the Terminal control Consultants and customers a Web-based application. It allows it to plan a complete bathroom in about 30 minutes. When planning, the name of the concept is the bath on’m coasters!” Program. The outlines and components of the bathroom are first sketched on a beer mat. Then the seller goes through step by step a questionnaire with the customer. While they answer questions such as: when was the building built? “, on which floor is the bathroom?” and what are the dimensions of the bath? “.” On the basis of the information so provided, a computer program created the cost estimate for the renovation. So, the customer leaves the bath exhibition with a good idea of what his wish bad will cost. Meanwhile, the planning documents be transmitted electronically to the artisans of the confidence of the customers. If the customer has no favorite craftsman, is the job rotation principle to a participating specialist craftsmen from the region. The appointment within two working days a before place with the customer and creates a final offer. This includes the cost of the bathroom, installation, and the tile, painting, electrical and carpentry works then. The bad on’m coasters!”is an innovative and easy way to plan a bathroom! The bath water NetWORK: The bath water NetWORK GmbH is a cooperation of two master craftsmen Frank Dieter Giske and Christoph Laloi with the Kiel IT-Systemhaus NetUSE AG. Other partners are the advertising agency creative agent from Kiel and the Warsteiner brewery.