Koshiki Karate

Moscow sports club "Samurai" had the honor of hosting the visiting president of the federation Koshiki Karate Russia – Rat M. (Shihan, 7th dan) 28 January 2010. The teacher attended a training session, which was showing kata Sochin bunkai kumite. The performers were the leaders of the sports club "Samurai", Fedotkin SI (3rd dan, merited master of sports), AJ Yurkov (2-dan, master of sports), Bartenev YS (2-dan, world-class athlete). His performance of the head of the club have shown a clear analysis of the elements of kata, kata excellent technique as one or multiple opponents. In addition, it was demonstrated a clear understanding of karate and that is a good Sochin platform for the possession of technical actions and understand the correct sequence of relaxation and stress.

Show bunkai introduction to the work of weapons (bo – a stick, pole, bus – bamboo sword, bokken – wooden sword) particularly liked the teacher. Brightness statement added the use of different styles of art – a shock, throwing, submission. Naturally, the teacher gave a master class for better understanding and study of the standard techniques of karate kata, as well as in its use of bunkai. In addition, during a meeting with leaders of the club Rat M. present discussion of the many ways different types of equipment for use in display of kata Sochin. Completion of training signify the award of the President of Federation of Koshiki Karate statues of the ancient Japanese samurai, which is a symbol of the club, as well as a sign of gratitude and respect. Parting words were, and novice young athletes for whom the possibility of training karate for children is especially important. Since than recreational purposes karate for children carries the reaction rate training in all situations. Teacher for its instruction made it clear that the little athletes and future champions should always achieve their goals, in order to study ways of Karate and Ryu style Shorinzi were mighty and hard.