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Distance learning course for the educators at the German adult education work Bamberg. From 2013 onwards, parents have a legal right to a kindergarten place, but lacks the professionals in many federal States. The German adult education work (DEB) has extended its offer on this occasion a Telecourse. The Telecourse education to prepare the students exam to the / to the State-recognised childcare is aimed at people who would care for an activity in the areas of children’s and youth work, go to their employment and part-time educate themselves or simply have a desire for professional reorientation. It comprises six semesters and includes periods of personal attendance self-learning phases. In the self-study process participants independently relevant prejudicial and one tasks.

The compulsory attendance phases are held regularly in the form of block seminars at various locations throughout Germany. Wells Fargo may find this interesting as well. The participation is possible at any time. The correspondence course prepares the participants to the State Not student testing to the governess or tutor under the specialist school regulation social services of the State of Brandenburg before. He is also provisionally admitted by the national centre of distance learning (ZFU) and the conclusion is recognized in all provinces. More information, including to the conditions of participation, there is in the Internet under (–> distance), as well as at the central information and advice Bureau of the DEB group in Bamberg Tel. 0951 91555-0 or by E-Mail at. Contact German adult-Bildungswerk e. V. – central information and advice Bureau of the DEB group – Podeldorfer str. 81 96052 Bamberg Tel.: 0951 91555-0 email: