In our time, the number of trucks is becoming more and more. This is due to good market relations and not only. Let's start will identify most of these kinds of trucks, and the types of goods that they are transported. Some trucks designed to carry different types of cargo, goods (refrigerators, televisions, textiles, clothes, beer, etc.) while others are designed for "dirty" goods, such as: sand, gravel, etc. The first of These two categories include trucks with trailers, as an awning, refrigerator, refrigerator … Tent is easy to transport goods unpretentious.

Download from this type of trailer is the rear and side. I think it is not necessary explain what each type of load. Refrigerator .. What do you think what it is? Right! In order to carry goods in thermoinsulating trailer. Refrigerator is needed to transport products that need support to low temperature. A striking example of such goods is – the meat! By the way, it's worth noting that the cost of transporting goods in the refrigerator will cost you a tidy sum. By the way, I forgot … There is auto, which used to transport cars.

Trucks for the transport of "dirty" cargoes fall into freight cars carrying large loads (eg concrete blocks or piles), which are then discharged cranes, and those who dumps its contents on the ground. Last used for this hydraulic cylinders, lifting gears, usually the front end. It is this category of trucks transporting sand gravel .. In the villages, as often you can see how these trucks carry, for example, firewood. This type of trucks are called dump (took the goods delivered, picked up the body, all dumped ..). In the trucks main piece, distinguish them from other truck is a hydraulic cylinder. Cylinders are linear and rotary action of hydraulic cylinders. The principle of action of most of them based on locking the small volume of liquid and conversion of energy of moving masses of fluid into mechanical energy. From a locked volume of fluid displaced through the channels of small cross-section. In the rotary hydraulic cylinders to convert linear motion output link in the cylinder rotary actuator is used river-gear mechanisms.