Rental Cars

Rent and rent a car in Minsk, Belarus. Rental car – it's fast, easy and inexpensive! Car hire is essential not only for important ceremonies and events that require special ceremonies – and therefore extra costs. We, JulyPol & Car, aim to dispel this stereotype, because we provide a service 'd minsk rent a car'! Our cars will make your life easier, more convenient and more economical – in fact rental cars are cheaper than a taxi, even when short-term lease. Each year, car rental is becoming increasingly popular service, and we are proud that being on the editorial scope of car rental can keep pace with the times and provide our customers first-class service at affordable prices. If you are a citizen of Minsk, and you need a temporary replacement for your car – we do deliver your car and we are glad to help you survive the temporary inconvenience. If you come to our city for a while and you need a rental and car rental – will be glad to meet you at the train station to help get to the hotel and will be at your disposal for as long as you need us.

The risk of theft, accident, vandalism, theft equipment for rental without crew fully insured. (Subject to the minimum procedures, which will tell our manager, just a car rental in Minsk, the most profitable and safe). We only ask to take minimum security measures – to put it on the alarm, lock the car, etc. For active people has long been a car not a luxury but a means of rapid transportation in mega-urban space. In a business trip, in period of technical repairs and unforeseen circumstances due to the lack of a reliable friend – Auto creates a lot of inconvenience. There are several ways to avoid discomfort, take the car to use another, relatives, take a taxi or public transport, however, rent a car in the car rental companies 'JulyPol' – the best option izbezhatvoznikshih unpleasant moments. Source: Andi Potamkin.

Do not think that renting a car- difficult, requires a lot of documents, draw long, expensive. We are a team JulyPol, aim to dispel the stereotype! You can order a car via the Internet (it will get a discount) or by phone. You need to provide a minimum of identity documents and the right to control the car. You'd be surprised the amount of cash costs associated with renting a car, much less than you use a taxi.

Car Alarm Systems: Characteristics And Selection Criteria

Every owner of a car is forced to think about how to protect and preserve their property. There are two basic approaches. Saving Money This is, of course, insurance. It is a popular option, especially for those who do not faced with the refund process. It may be noted are the negative aspects: returns only a fraction of the cost (leaving the gate motor show car, believed to be losing 15-20% of original cost) and not returned immediately (GAI, references, time to study the insurance case). At some time you run the risk of becoming a pedestrian.

Preventing theft of car is equipped with security complex electronic and mechanical means to alert owner of an attack on the car and to prevent unauthorized trip. And here is complete without fly in the ointment – security system can not resist the hijacking of an arbitrarily long time. Increasingly common combination of these ways that can only be welcomed. Insurance company can choose among many, examining their rates and terms of payment, when buying a car loan the bank can narrow down the possible list to a few or even single company. Choose your security system is not less difficult. Some with fully rely on the opinion of the manager in the showroom. Other, more interesting and thoughtful, trying to understand what they offer and choose the option that best meets their needs. How to choose the structure and components of the security complex? What to look for? In order to choose between one or another device, need to understand on what faces are differences between what the differences are important to you as a future user, and what can be ignored.


Yes, my friends, I've seen a lot in the automotive world, to a large extent had to go, to experience the delights of all the foreign auto industry – brand badge and flashed before his eyes, could hardly remember the particular four-wheel their representatives and record these impressions on the site … It seemed that now I can neither surprise nor strike nor a single machine, and even more so stock up in the heart. Because it is already defined own priorities, and a kind of "pedestal of my avtofavoritov" has already lined up. But no! Surprise was in exactly a New Year's Eve, as it were, the final year of test drives, and finishing at the highest and most prestigious brand Europe – Mercedes. Guys, I'll tell you honestly that this feeling of puppy enthusiasm has not caused me any other car.

And he may have something to choose, but even dear to my Volvo S80 – no, not dimmed in my eyes, did not become worse or unworthy of the palm – no, just … she has moved into second place, with whom is not exactly get away. A first won – on the right, dignity, quality and so forth, away, away … – Mercedes R-Class, as declared by the manufacturer minivan. Elongated cigar-shaped, muscular yet elegant mersedesovski in the body of the car rather like a short, but long off-road than on the minivan. In principle, I would just as well call it – a good synthesis, half-breed, a cross between a jeep and a family minivan.

Cars To Order

Cars from the USA to order – it is really profitable and has several advantages over finding a car on the ads or in the showroom. When buying a car in the showroom to its value added margin of the suppliers and showroom. When buying a car from America in order you get it virtually without intermediaries, which affects its value in the smaller side. When buying a car from the U.S. to order you can be sure that unnecessary and completely unjustified cost to you will not need that, too, is a definite plus. Also worth noting is that buying a car from the U.S.

to order is quite common in Russia, so the mechanism of selling debugged. In addition, we study all the "pitfalls" of such a transaction, thus cheating the buyer no deal. It seems that buying a car from the U.S. to order – it is very long and expensive procedure. However, it is not. Cars from America has the lowest price, which is caused by many factors.

Delivery time from the U.S. to order an average of 2 months. All depends on whether possible at all stages of delivery to meet the standard (for general shipping companies) days of shipment. Do not think why in this case, the price depends on quality. In most cases, the car is in good condition is not expensive. This is due to the peculiarities American car market. He is very saturated, but because the price of second-hand cars are low. Cars from the USA to order shipped in a container. This ensures that your car no one scratch, etc. In addition, the number of container Online shipping company can track the location of the client of his car, find out the projected timing of its arrival at the port of destination, find out the company, coordinates the receiving load. Cars from America in order – it is not only cars that were made in America, but those cars were brought to that of her others. Ie vehicles from the USA who is not a sin for which to order it and Ford, Chevrolet, and American 'Japanese' – Toyota, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Honda, and the 'Europeans' – Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and etc. If you want a car for a low cost, excellent condition, rich integration, without any technical problems with the "pure past", functional, comfortable, relatively "fresh", the cars from America to order – this is for you. Ordering a car from the U.S., you get exactly what they wanted without any – any problems.

New Year

So it is – Salon length, width, comfort and functionality of the R-ki, as a heavy SUV GL – the same three rows of seats, the latter two of which, if necessary added together perfectly smooth surface trunk, the same superosnaschennost throughout, including monitors in the headrests of front seats for rear passengers enjoy your leisure time – the same stuffed all kinds of electronic front panel, doors, console … same automatic transmission, the lever is on the American model is mounted in the steering column, a regular for his "regular place" between the front seats occupied by three stowage compartment under the right arm is conveniently sticks a huge center armrest with a refrigerator. Salon is decorated with black doroguschy naimyagchayshey leather and precious species of wood – not an imitation, mind you. All of this typical German thoroughness, preciseness, accuracy, coupled with the outstanding work of engineering – given here are the fruits – and luxurious at the same time superfunktsionalnye cars. Machine on each day and for the city, and for country walks, and for long-distance travel – the universal R-ki is truly amazing. Fuel consumption (AI 91-95) in the city New Year's "zaprobirovannom" version of a maximum of 17 liters, for a four-wheel drive "Cruiser" with the engine at 272 hp and 3.5-liter – just a miser! Contrary to this statement may result in a great many examples of cars of other brands – and not just "classmates", but the class of machines is lower, zhruschih twice, but it does not justify such high fuel costs and MOT.


In our time, the number of trucks is becoming more and more. This is due to good market relations and not only. Let's start will identify most of these kinds of trucks, and the types of goods that they are transported. Some trucks designed to carry different types of cargo, goods (refrigerators, televisions, textiles, clothes, beer, etc.) while others are designed for "dirty" goods, such as: sand, gravel, etc. The first of These two categories include trucks with trailers, as an awning, refrigerator, refrigerator … Tent is easy to transport goods unpretentious.

Download from this type of trailer is the rear and side. I think it is not necessary explain what each type of load. Refrigerator .. What do you think what it is? Right! In order to carry goods in thermoinsulating trailer. Refrigerator is needed to transport products that need support to low temperature. A striking example of such goods is – the meat! By the way, it's worth noting that the cost of transporting goods in the refrigerator will cost you a tidy sum. By the way, I forgot … There is auto, which used to transport cars.

Trucks for the transport of "dirty" cargoes fall into freight cars carrying large loads (eg concrete blocks or piles), which are then discharged cranes, and those who dumps its contents on the ground. Last used for this hydraulic cylinders, lifting gears, usually the front end. It is this category of trucks transporting sand gravel .. In the villages, as often you can see how these trucks carry, for example, firewood. This type of trucks are called dump (took the goods delivered, picked up the body, all dumped ..). In the trucks main piece, distinguish them from other truck is a hydraulic cylinder. Cylinders are linear and rotary action of hydraulic cylinders. The principle of action of most of them based on locking the small volume of liquid and conversion of energy of moving masses of fluid into mechanical energy. From a locked volume of fluid displaced through the channels of small cross-section. In the rotary hydraulic cylinders to convert linear motion output link in the cylinder rotary actuator is used river-gear mechanisms.