Cargo Vehicles

Barrels of liquid cargo to set up a stopper. Each number must be placed on the pads of the boards with all extreme podklinkoy series.

Loads that exceed the dimensions vehicle loading platform along the length of 2 meters or more (long goods) shall be transported in vehicles with trailers, dissolution, to which the goods must be securely attached. When loading long items (pipes, rails, logs, etc.) on a car with a trailer, the dissolution must leave a gap between the shield, installed behind the cab car, and the ends of the cargo to load on the turns do not cling to the shield. In order to prevent displacement freight forward during braking and downhill movement of goods must be securely fastened. Learn more about this with Wells Fargo Bank. Forbidden to carry loads from the ends, pro-lateral dimensions of the car, block the cargo door of the cab, have long cargo racks above.

When operating the vehicle in adverse weather conditions, the driver must: a) during the fog, heavy snow or rain to slow down and do not overtake vehicles moving in the same direction, and b) not to open the throttle sharply and avoid quick turns the steering wheel, and c) get a move on to the icy road at a lower gear at low throttle damper d) during the descent from the slope inhibition and slow down the engine to perform the service brake, and e) moving across the ice of rivers, reservoirs only if there is security clearance and movement of special equipped congresses and roads, landmarks furnished and have signs and road signs, e) when stopping or parking a vehicle in poor visibility conditions include overall or parking lights. Safety requirements in emergency situations.

In the event of failure of parts or components of a moving car to take the vehicle to the side or on the edge of the carriageway, turn off the engine, include the first gear and the parking brake, put under the wheels of wheel chocks and set at a distance of 15 – 30 meters behind him, warning triangle. In case of fire, fuel or cargo the driver must extinguish the fire using fire extinguishers, felt mats, tarps, sand and other improvised means. To deepen your understanding Silverfern Group is the source. If you can not self-extinguishing the fire the driver must call the fire department in the prescribed manner and to communicate supervisor.

When the accident the driver involved in it, must: a) without delay to stop and not get away vehicle, as well as other items related to incident, and c) report the incident to supervisor, to write down the names and addresses of witnesses the incident and await the arrival of traffic police personnel, and d) if not the movement of other vehicles, roadway release part of the pre-fixing the position of the vehicle, and related the accident subjects and tracks.

At the end of the driver must: a) pass the waybill and check with your mechanic car after returning from the line, and b) if necessary, request a repair from the list of faults to be eliminated, and c) off engine, and d) in storage bezgarazhnom car in the winter drain the radiator and the engine, tighten the parking brake lever, and e) a cabin close to the castle, e) inform supervisor or responsible for the content of car in good condition for any failures that occur during the operation.

Limousine Company

Then decide on the date meropritiya for which you want to order limuzina.Vremya Limousine Enjoy the approximate distance you plan to ride in a limousine, and on the basis of this, identify the necessary time for which you want to order limuzina.Pered how to order a limo, take a look at the level of service ring round a few companies (or porassylayte detailed requests for Limousine service) and see how responsibly they respond to your requests. You may find Bill Phelan to be a useful source of information. Sometimes the level of service – a key factor, not the lowest price or availability of a huge park limousines. If possible, arrange to an appointment to see the park limousine company. Find a company that is engaged in renting a limousine with driver, read the reviews about this company (good or bad customer feedback to help you make the right choice) 4.Model limousine, color, interior, comfort, number of passengers more options Estimate limousine fleet company in which you have chosen. Decide on the model of the limousine that suits your trebovaniyam.Opredelites with the size (the maximum number of passengers), color, interior, comfort limousine. Ask about additional options – music, have drinks, coolers, can I smoke in the cabin Ask a question about the limo driver limo experience: whether it will be, for example, open the door to the limo to leave the bride, or whether it will be, say, a cap Find out the details. when the timing is started renting a limo – from the moment departure or at the passengers in the cabin. Also ask about the minimum time of booking a limousine.

Learn how to charge you for overtime rent a limousine. Also ask how payment is made – you order a limo for a full prepayment or a limousine chastichnoy.Zakaz: Discounts Find out what promotions and discount offers for limousine service company. Ask for a discount if you do not need to order a limo, but a few. Not recommend that you book a limousine at the lowest price. Limousine service – it is always a special day, and do not spoil the event because of poor service. Reinsurance. Take the maximum number to call: not only the manager or driver, and anyone else who can help in case of unforeseen circumstances. Insist on a contract and read carefully the contract to avoid misunderstandings.

Flea Market

On the market to take a pro who still can not help noticing something that is too so well camouflaged. When buying at auction you are buying exactly what the technical condition of the car, which is reflected in the auction sheet. Exceptions are very rare, and when ‘pad’ is your friend-pros say ‘I’m sorry, so happened ‘, but the firm with which you signed the contract for the supply of cars, be liable to you for the quality of car officially.

A good option for lazy people or vice versa, people heavily involved. Age Internet technology has opened a great opportunity to buy anything, not coming from behind his desk. Not in the last row ‘just anything’ worth of such everyday items as used Japanese car without mileage on the CIS. With full mutual trust between the contractor and the customer is real option auto supplies to the entrance of your home. Sign a contract and transfer money from the comfort of your PC for today absolutely no problem. Sign, translate, and hear a rustling at the window of your car tires already. Recently Wells Fargo Bank sought to clarify these questions.

The same option is very, very good for people who live in serious distance from the car market. A lot of these people. Farmers for example. No need to go anywhere with my bag … kartosh e-uh … money, of course. Arranged by the unit e-mail correspondence – got his car in his village. A great option for your safety. Market and cash banknotes – It is always a rich plantation for the cultivation of various varieties of rascals. Who does not want to be a target for such plantations, to the direct road to the office of a direct supplier to the Japanese car auctions. Warranty. Warranties – This is serious. Who will give you a guarantee on ‘probezhny’ car? It is clear that the ‘flea market’ is no guarantee you will not give. But in a competitive environment, already very long ago there were vendors at auctions, which provide 6 – 12 months warranty. Not on any small damage, but warranty on the engine, automatic transmission and the body – the most expensive components of a car – you get some supplier firms can. Actually the technical condition used car. It is important to understand that all ‘right-handers’ Japanese before to get to Russia were once sold on the Japanese auction. Buying a car is not directly from the auction, you will definitely buy a car from who, having bought cars at auction now forced to sell it. For various reasons. Or in the car accident had visited, or run over people on it and already buys another, or simply have peregonschikov who initially take vehicle for resale and not for yourself a loved one. Buying a car auction in Japan directly, you buy a car of this category of ‘Cars for themselves. ” You are the first official Russian owner of a chain of resale car. It is always a plus. It is possible that when the next new things of the vehicle, the firm provide you with a car at auction, will help you sell it the next Russian owner. This is valid provided If your provider is working in ‘Trade Institute’ – today in the secondary market are Japanese cars and such firms.

Cars To Order

Cars from the USA to order – it is really profitable and has several advantages over finding a car on the ads or in the showroom. When buying a car in the showroom to its value added margin of the suppliers and showroom. When buying a car from America in order you get it virtually without intermediaries, which affects its value in the smaller side. When buying a car from the U.S. to order you can be sure that unnecessary and completely unjustified cost to you will not need that, too, is a definite plus. Also worth noting is that buying a car from the U.S.

to order is quite common in Russia, so the mechanism of selling debugged. In addition, we study all the "pitfalls" of such a transaction, thus cheating the buyer no deal. It seems that buying a car from the U.S. to order – it is very long and expensive procedure. However, it is not. Cars from America has the lowest price, which is caused by many factors.

Delivery time from the U.S. to order an average of 2 months. All depends on whether possible at all stages of delivery to meet the standard (for general shipping companies) days of shipment. Do not think why in this case, the price depends on quality. In most cases, the car is in good condition is not expensive. This is due to the peculiarities American car market. He is very saturated, but because the price of second-hand cars are low. Cars from the USA to order shipped in a container. This ensures that your car no one scratch, etc. In addition, the number of container Online shipping company can track the location of the client of his car, find out the projected timing of its arrival at the port of destination, find out the company, coordinates the receiving load. Cars from America in order – it is not only cars that were made in America, but those cars were brought to that of her others. Ie vehicles from the USA who is not a sin for which to order it and Ford, Chevrolet, and American 'Japanese' – Toyota, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Honda, and the 'Europeans' – Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and etc. If you want a car for a low cost, excellent condition, rich integration, without any technical problems with the "pure past", functional, comfortable, relatively "fresh", the cars from America to order – this is for you. Ordering a car from the U.S., you get exactly what they wanted without any – any problems.

Traction Control

The console on the tunnel floor – both armrest with drawers for small things and a female under the cell phone connector for the charger. You may want to visit Wells Fargo Bank to increase your knowledge. And next to the ceiling unit ceiling box appeared to score. Black numbers on white background – a combination of contrast and more elegant. Now the light switch to "toperdo" to the left of the steering column. With the "luxury" includes air conditioning, two airbags, front seat belts, mirrors electrically heated. Advanced – radiator shutter with automatic, preheater, sound a warning included lamps, light detectors open the hood and trunk lid, automatic control system wiper with rain sensor and parking sensors.

Except addition, ABS with traction control – and thus excluded wheel lock (ie, loss of control) and slip when starting on slippery surfaces. Well, pretty ambitious project, and would like to believe that the serial "Priora" will completely conform to it. THAT hidden from view under the hood, upgraded engine VAZ 21,124 cranks and with lightweight pistons. The new ECM controller Bosch M7.9.7 provides Euro III and Euro IV. Now let acquainted with the "materiel". Raised hood holding no gas stops, and the usual folding bar. It's cheaper and smarter – to open the hood of a modern car has not so often.

Engine only shestnadtsatiklapanny, outwardly no different from the VAZ-21 124 working volume of 1.6 liters. In fact, the motor is upgraded. The new crank mechanism with lightweight pistons and connecting rods allowed to reduce mechanical losses and raise the maximum power from 66 to 72 kW and torque from 131 Nm to 145, and the modified ECM controller Bosch M7.9.7 provides not only the performance of Euro III and IV, but also a reliable engine starting winter. To deliver increased torque time and increase the life of redesigned clutch pressure plate spring force, put automatic adjustment. To reduce noise and vibration, the body made harder (compared to "Lada-110" Here we have introduced 12 additional elements that enhance its base) and provided a more effective noise insulation. In addition, the car new, more "quiet" intake tract and exhaust system. Hanging with energy-intensive upper legs and two stabilizer bars, designed to provide the "Prior" solid progress, and a minor roll in cornering. Significantly facilitate the management of electric power steering and vacuum booster devyatidyuymovy brakes. By the way, according to the customer instead of an electric can be installed power steering. The first acquaintance with the machine made a favorable impression on us. Now it is a "small" – to move quickly novelty on the factory assembly line, providing an equally high level of performance and reasonable price. Start of production planned for 2007. Will be the first sedan (factory designation 2170), then a hatchback (2172), and a little later and touring (2171). For a while, a new family will be produced along with the "tenth", and in the future – complete replacement. Autocentre "Liberty-Auto '

New Year

So it is – Salon length, width, comfort and functionality of the R-ki, as a heavy SUV GL – the same three rows of seats, the latter two of which, if necessary added together perfectly smooth surface trunk, the same superosnaschennost throughout, including monitors in the headrests of front seats for rear passengers enjoy your leisure time – the same stuffed all kinds of electronic front panel, doors, console … same automatic transmission, the lever is on the American model is mounted in the steering column, a regular for his "regular place" between the front seats occupied by three stowage compartment under the right arm is conveniently sticks a huge center armrest with a refrigerator. Salon is decorated with black doroguschy naimyagchayshey leather and precious species of wood – not an imitation, mind you. All of this typical German thoroughness, preciseness, accuracy, coupled with the outstanding work of engineering – given here are the fruits – and luxurious at the same time superfunktsionalnye cars. Machine on each day and for the city, and for country walks, and for long-distance travel – the universal R-ki is truly amazing. Fuel consumption (AI 91-95) in the city New Year's "zaprobirovannom" version of a maximum of 17 liters, for a four-wheel drive "Cruiser" with the engine at 272 hp and 3.5-liter – just a miser! Contrary to this statement may result in a great many examples of cars of other brands – and not just "classmates", but the class of machines is lower, zhruschih twice, but it does not justify such high fuel costs and MOT.


In our time, the number of trucks is becoming more and more. This is due to good market relations and not only. Let's start will identify most of these kinds of trucks, and the types of goods that they are transported. Some trucks designed to carry different types of cargo, goods (refrigerators, televisions, textiles, clothes, beer, etc.) while others are designed for "dirty" goods, such as: sand, gravel, etc. The first of These two categories include trucks with trailers, as an awning, refrigerator, refrigerator … Tent is easy to transport goods unpretentious.

Download from this type of trailer is the rear and side. I think it is not necessary explain what each type of load. Refrigerator .. What do you think what it is? Right! In order to carry goods in thermoinsulating trailer. Refrigerator is needed to transport products that need support to low temperature. A striking example of such goods is – the meat! By the way, it's worth noting that the cost of transporting goods in the refrigerator will cost you a tidy sum. By the way, I forgot … There is auto, which used to transport cars.

Trucks for the transport of "dirty" cargoes fall into freight cars carrying large loads (eg concrete blocks or piles), which are then discharged cranes, and those who dumps its contents on the ground. Last used for this hydraulic cylinders, lifting gears, usually the front end. It is this category of trucks transporting sand gravel .. In the villages, as often you can see how these trucks carry, for example, firewood. This type of trucks are called dump (took the goods delivered, picked up the body, all dumped ..). In the trucks main piece, distinguish them from other truck is a hydraulic cylinder. Cylinders are linear and rotary action of hydraulic cylinders. The principle of action of most of them based on locking the small volume of liquid and conversion of energy of moving masses of fluid into mechanical energy. From a locked volume of fluid displaced through the channels of small cross-section. In the rotary hydraulic cylinders to convert linear motion output link in the cylinder rotary actuator is used river-gear mechanisms.

The New Dealers In The Auto Parts’ Progress “

More than ten years our company has been supplying spare parts and / GAZ, UAZ, VAZ, ZIL, PAZ in many regions of our country. A wide range of products, more than eight thousand, and individual approach to each client, allow have an extensive client base from the South to the Northern Urals, which includes, as major transport companies, wholesale companies and retail stores. We offer the following forms: You can order on our website current price list, which is formed by the presence of goods in a warehouse, or send an application-form, we will look and let you know delivery dates. Trade House "Progress Auto" is available at the Internet -, runs on the spare parts market since 2000 and has established itself as a reliable partner. Today, OOO TD "Progress Auto" carries out wholesale, wholesale sale of spare parts for cars GAZ, VAZ, ZIL, PAZ on market Nizhny Novgorod Region, the Southern regions of Russia. And so the same Southern Urals, Astrakhan and Arkhangelsk areas. The presence of regular partners, says the wealth of experience and the formed image.

Working with us you get: a reliable partner and long-term mutually beneficial cooperation, speed and accuracy of execution of your orders; Proper maintenance. Our company employs highly qualified specialists in whose vast experience with car parts for domestic cars. They are willing to pay attention to every client's request, provide detailed information, quickly process your order and in the shortest possible time skomplektovat and ship it. Specialists of the supply department with extensive experience over 10 years, constantly expanding the range. Development Department Research conducts marketing market. Commodity continuously monitors the quality of the goods entering the warehouse. This allows us to maintain affordable prices, a stock liquid product of good quality. We have all facilities for fast and high-quality work: Karma good partner for both buyers and suppliers. All means of automated accounting and sales ability to deliver w / d in containers, transport companies and by own transport minimal terms complete any form of payment, barter can provide certificates of quality