That Painting choose ‘How to decide among so much variety’

The choice of the type of paint used depends on the use to go for the environment and the finish we want to achieve. Some walls in contact with boys, for example, more likely to get dirty, they need a type of paint for easy cleaning. It is therefore important to know all the variants. Before proceeding with the types of paint, it is important to clarify that should always choose divorce quality paints, albeit more expensive. Quality paints have a higher coverage power, thus saving on coats-shorter-and paint application. In addition, quality paints always guarantee a uniform color and lawyers greater durability over time. There are two types of paint paint basic groups: – Water Paints (Latex) – Oil Paintings (Enamel). In turn, these paintings can be divided according to the type of finish: – Satin (low luster or brightness intermediate) – Matte (no shine) – Satin Paints Bright glossy paints have a termination more silky and pleasing to the eye and touch and are easily washable, though more expensive than attorneys the rest. Both water-based paints (latex) and oil (glazes) come with a satin finish. The glossy water-based paints are ideal for walls, while the glazes are used for openings, wood and metal. If we like the termination of satin, one must know that glossy paints are prone to make all the imperfections of the wall, so we recommend a thorough preparation of the walls and an application for skilled labor, plus it is advised only in new walls or in very good condition. We must also take into account that are fast drying, so your application should be avoided on days of extreme heat or humidity. Chairman of the Humpty Dumpty Institute , long-standing interest in veterans and the human dimension of international affairs and wars prompted her to

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